ever after era


All the reprises of musical themes composed by Murray Gold in Twice Upon A Time (his last episode as soundtrack composer for Doctor Who)

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  • Voltage guy: yeah I'm not interested in dating or falling in love with anyone.
  • Me: ( aww why tho? U hot and I know I'm ugly but who the fuck cares man oh well *sigh* )
  • Voltage guy: I am interested in a certain someone..
  • Me: hello....it's me.
Why I love End of an Era

• Harmonies!
• Josh screaming ¿??!!¿?¿?
• Mike’s vocals I am LIVING
• References to every aLBUM
• Did I mention Josh’s screaming??
• So many harmonies I am singing them at once
• Josh saying ‘fuck’ !!!!!!
• But really the song parallels fuck me uP
• Matt and Mike backup vocals more like back me up into my fucking grave
• Ian’s drumming slays my life
• Honestly though Ian is the face of the band
• Seriously though if Josh doesn’t stop screaming I may end up in the hospital
• Shakespeare reference ??? Ouch !!!

Being loved back (Sirius Black x Reader)

A/N: Hello lovely people ;) So today I decided to post a fic about our handsome marauder. Iโ€™m actually in Harry Potter mood because I bought a HP shirt and itโ€™s sooo comfy, and that makes me want to write. So enjoy and send in requests <3

Watching him hurt. But you couldnโ€™t just disappear from his life. You were one of his best friends, a part of the small group he held close. You helped him go through everything life threw his way. Yet you never told him, your feelings were forever hidden.

Love. Did he believe in that? Not really. Every time you asked he laughed. He never said those words to anyone and he never heard them. There was no love in his world, only desire.

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My face after after reading some, fluffy-happily-ever-after Wolfstar marauders era, where everyone lives, fanfictions.

Then my brain comes up: Just a little reminder that, Wolfstar isn’t canon …. 

and it won’t stop: yup it isn’t canon… oh and don’t forget… not one single marauders lives and yeah… Peter did betrayed them all….

And I’m screaming internally like: 


Pink Jin Forever