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MEME BOY HEADCANONS Jared's Instagram page is pretty much filled with really obscure memes that no one really gets. That doesn't stop him from posting them.If he wants to get someone's attention, I feel like he'd be that kinda person that'd like spam people. Just... Evan's phone just keeps buzzing and it's like 8:30 on a Saturday morning. He checks it to see about 100 messages from Jared, varying from 'answer me tree fucker' to 'do you ever wonder if penguins have feelings?'

MEME BOY HEADCANONS PT. 2 Jared claims to be an ‘edgelord’, but in reality he’s the biggest goddamn softie on the planet. “My favourite drink is bleach.” “Bullshit. It’s a white chocolate mocha!” Even though Jared’s Jewish, his favourite phrase is ‘Jesus Christ!’ Jared attempts to learn how to play the guitar by getting Zoe to teach him. It doesn’t end well.“How the hell do you do this??!!” “Jared, that’s only a basic G chord.” “What the!!” *terribly out of key guitar sound, followed by a scree


ok so, jared is always like posting jewish memes ?? and he sometimes photoshops evan into memes to be the reaction. so the meme will say something like “when u hear your moms car pulling up and haven’t done any chores yet” and it’s just a photo of evan, mid run and then the photo beside it is him face planting the floor and jared thinks he’s. hilarious.

the murphy’s, alana and evan have become numb to the memes. they just accept that he won’t stop ever.

evan is. Worried ?? so it’s three am and he can’t sleep because he’s feeling a bit sad about whatever, and then his phone vibrates A MILLION TIMES AND he thinks something’s wrong so he grabs it and nearly drops it and it’s just jared sending fucking pepe memes or asking him why lampshades exist or if eating glass like the baby grinch does is actually possible.

also, jared never stops calling evan tree boy. EVER. and evan, the poor fella has to just take it and say “I FELL OUT OF A TREE ONE TIME” or “you’re just jealous of my tree knowledge”

jared ‘i’ll say i’ll knock you the fuck out if you even look at me but in reality i’ll just smile and wave before falling to the ground out of fear’ kleinman.

“zoe your guitar is broken”

“no jared you’re just not doing it right”

“shut the fuck up”

meanwhile, evan sits in the corner, observing, wondering what he did in a past life to deserve a real life meme as a friend.

do you like nonbinary werewolves? irish accents? shorties who love to pick fights with people twice their sizetragic pasts™ and angsty surviving twin tropesrunning barefoot through the forest at night? how about wolves who are in love with the moon, and long to touch the stars? do you want a friend who is as loyal as they come? have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an honorary member of a werewolf packif so, then KENZI might be the queerwolf for you! please LIKE / REBLOG if you are interested in interacting with a sarcastic little wolf who has a bad temper, control issues, and swears like a fucking sailor.

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Have you ever wondered how Touka got her natural black hair? Like, Arata's hair is dark blue and Hikari's probably blonde or white. I'm kind of curious🤔

Don’t even try to find logic in that, anon, Tokyo Ghoul has 0 logic with hair colors lmao, look at Eto 


Hairstyles and realizations

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>

That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.

german songs that are mood in no particular order

- Über den Wolken
- Er gehört zu mir
- Ab in den Süden
- Schöner Fremder Mann
- Das Rote Pferd
- Traum Von Amsterdam
- Tanze Samba Mit Mir
- Rosemarie
- Ich Will Spaß
- 99 Luftballons, natürlich
- Katherine, Katherine
- Sternenhimmel
- Verlieben, verloren, vergessen, verzeihn
- Que Sera, Sera (not german but quite famous in germany huh)


Peter Capaldi being an absolute cinnamon roll and thanking each individual person involved with his happy birthday video! (x)

Thank you to everybody in the world who was kind enough to think about me and send me best wishes on my birthday! Unfortunately,  I can’t get around everybody, and say thank you personally because otherwise there’d be no time left to make Doctor Who, which is what we’re in the middle of doing at the moment. But in the meantime…