ever the survivor


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claiming that “trigger warnings are censorship” is the biggest reach i’ve seen in a long time. when will people get it thru their heads that giving advanced warning about content isn’t necessarily “no one should watch/read this thing ever” but also so that survivors can be mentally prepared. it doesn’t censor or change the content at all so??  i can’t believe i have to type this out lmao but anyways why does everyone hate trauma victims  

Where are all the resources for aromantic survivors though?

Aro survivors who feel broken, because their trauma stops them experiencing amatonormative relationships.

Aro survivors who are continuously reminded of their trauma by dealing with fluctuating, grey or spiking romantic feelings.

Aro survivors who can’t reconcile the fact the only romantic relationship they have to look back on was with the person who traumatised them and stopped them ever happening again.

Aro survivors who aren’t sure if they’ll ever recover.

Aro survivors who aren’t sure if they want to recover.

Aro survivors who are trying to negotiate a new relationship with boundaries and feelings completely different to how they were before.

Aro survivors who are constantly measuring their new relationship against their pre-trauma ones that seem so easy and simple now.

Aro survivors who are constantly doubting whether it’s fair to put partners through a relationship like this.

Aro survivors who some days cannot be in love, cannot be intimate, cannot have their partner/s near them, cannot bear for them to be affectionate, can’t even gather the energy to talk to them.

Aro survivors who are so romance-repulsed that consuming any kind of mainstream media is impossibly triggering.

Aro survivors who have to deal with everyone assuming they’ll get better.

Aro survivors who constantly question whether they can truly be over the ex who traumatised them if it still affects them this much.

Aro survivors who can only imagine romantic relationships with those who traumatised them.

Aro survivors who want to reclaim their romantic attraction.

Aro survivors who can’t go back.

Aro survivors.

Whenever I tell someone about my abusive ex boyfriend and they innocently ask me why I stayed (as all people ask) I immediately shut off and blame myself all over again and revert to a victim. Please don’t ever ask a survivor that. Just understand
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People had taken to their own rooms, with Rick and Michonne upstairs, Maggie and Glenn with their own space, too. It wasn’t so unheard of, for people to couple off into their own arrangements. Rosita and Spencer. Tara and Denise. Carol and Tobin. Beth narrowed her eyes.

Why not her and Daryl?