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These are the four best pictures ever taken of grayson bailey dolan ever this is not up for discussion don’t @ me

TMNT Bodyguard!AU

Donatello/Part One.

Donnie needed a break.
It wasn’t that he hated his job (because he didn’t) or his family (because he loves them), it’s that he was tired. Tired of not being taken seriously.
Ever since he was small, his intellect had been supior to his peers. His brain was constantly buzzing with ideas and inventions and theories of all sorts. He would take things apart and put them back together, better then ever. He didn’t study information, he swallowed it whole. Donatello was a genius. But gifts can be curses as well and his seemed to be.
His curse? His gift was useless to those around him.
His family didn’t care much for his inventions or ideas. They cared about the company. They cared about tradition.
So, even though he never meant it to be this way, he was often at odds with his brothers. Well, maybe not Mikey, but Raph and Leo? They all seemed to fight all of the time.
And Donatello was sick of it. He just wanted one day where someone, anyone, wouldn’t brush off his ideas. And if he couldn’t get that, he would take a consolation prize instead:
A break from his family.
So when Leonardo told him that he had a job for him, he said yes without even asking what it was. It had been quite a while since Donnie had been on a mission, perhaps it was what he needed to clear his head.
“You know that scientist you were talking about? Dr. L/N?”
“He’s been kidnapped. They’re trying to keep it under wraps until they find him, but someone needs to look after his daughter. They asked for one of us.”
And that was that. Donatello was handed a file, picked out some of his men, and piled into the van. He was trying to seen calm, but inside? He was freaking out. Dr. L/N was brilliant but strange. His inventions and ideas were unlike any other. But he was very reclusive apparently, and lived alone with his adopted daughter, Y/N.
No one had ever so much as seen a picture of her, her father was too paranoid. Some people said that the doctor was going crazy but Donatello didn’t think so. He thought there was something more to the story, more to the family. And maybe Y/N could tell him.
It had been a few hours of studying files and planning out patrols but by the time the found the old house, Donatello felt prepared. Dr. L/N lived deep into the woods, his large cottage tucked far away from the prying eyes of others. Donnie looked up at the wooden building, wishing he’d been able to get a floor plan, when he noticed something in a window. Or rather, someone.
A girl staring down at them, half hidden behind the curtains. She didn’t move for a moment before suddenly leaving his view. Minuets later, the front door opened (after several loud clicks) and Donatello met his mission.
She was…pretty. Really pretty.
It wasn’t that Donnie hadn’t seen attractive women, it was that she was different. Her long hair tumbled around her face, giving her eyes a wide curious look. For a moment, neither of them said anything. They simply looked at one another. Donatello wondered if she was maybe scared of him…but something in her expression told him no.
She looked like she wanted to ask him something, but then thought better of it. Instead she smiled shyly and opened the door wider.
“Would you like to come in?” she said.
And Donatello suddenly got the feeling that something was about to happen. Maybe something fantastic.

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Positivity: When I went to my an appointment today, there was a little bit of talk about how I was transgender because of the questionnaire registry stuff and because to the person I was talking to was respectful (even though at one point admitted they didn't know much about it) so I was able to ask to use my pronouns for the first time ever and it was taken well. They even said to correct them if necessary and asked how I'd like to be referred to when they tell a co-worker I'm in the other room

Aw! That’s great - Matthew

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favorite poems about knights? ( bonus points for not including arthurian )

no why would you do that, all my favorite knight poems are arthurian :(

in fact tough luck, you’re getting this: 

Edwin Arlington Robinson, “Siege Perilous”

Long warned of many terrors more severe
To scorch him than hell’s engines could awaken,
He scanned again, too far to be so near,
The fearful seat no man had ever taken.

So many other men with older eyes
Than his to see with older sight behind them
Had known so long their one way to be wise,—
Was any other thing to do than mind them?

So many a blasting parallel had seared
Confusion on his faith,—could he but wonder
If he were mad and right, or if he feared
God’s fury told in shafted flame and thunder?

There fell one day upon his eyes a light
Ethereal, and he heard no more men speaking;
He saw their shaken heads, but no long sight
Was his but for the end that he went seeking.

The end he sought was not the end; the crown
He won shall unto many still be given.
Moreover, there was reason here to frown:
No fury thundered, no flame fell from heaven.

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Scenario where Ryuji constantly comes over to Tae's clinic to flirt with Tae's assistant (who eventually becomes his S/O) with cliche pick up lines?

oooooooo of course kiddo, I’ll have fun with this

-Mod Ouma

Recently, Ryuji had found him self frequenting the backstreet clinic with the doctor of rumor. Ever since Akira had taken him on a field trip to purchase medical supplies for the metaverse, something, or rather, someone had grabbed his attention. Akira had told Ryuji about the shady doctor, but he never mentioned that the doc had such a cute assistant. Today was just another visit to the clinic to try and woo the adorable intern, and when he opened the doors, he was pleasantly surprised to find them at the front desk instead of Doctor Takemi.

S/O looked up from the medical documents as she heard the door creak open, revealing that familiar blond hair. “Oh, Akira’s friend right? What brings you in today.”

Ryuji gave a big grin, knowing they recognized him, “You can just call me Ryuji, and y-ya know, I’m feeling kinda uh, u-uh feverish.”

“Feverish you say?” S/O asked, setting down the documents that were still in hand. “Okay, please head to the exam room.”

Ryuji happily followed in suit, his cheeks burning redder by the moment. S/O sat themself upon the chair at the desk as Ryuji sat himself upon the table.

“So, what ails you, uh, Ryuji was it?”

Ryuji nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Ah uhm, w-well lately my body’s been feelin’ uh, really hot y’know? And my heartbeat seems pretty whack.. Doc I think I might be suffering from a disease called Lovesickness.”

S/O looked over their shoulder at him in surprise. “Oh? And just when do these symptoms occur?”

The blond boy gulped, anxiety eating away at him as he blurted out his next words. “Wh-whenever I th-think of you, of course.” He tried smirking, despite the fact that his stuttering rendered it ineffective.

S/O simply chuckled. Normally with any other patient, they’d simply get annoyed and ask them to leave, but this was a special case.

“Well Mister Ryuji, I think I have just the cure for that.”

They strode over to him, their white doctor’s coat flowing behind them, before stopping right in front of him, faces only mere centimeters apart.

“Wh-what is i–” 

He was promptly interrupted as he felt their soft lips upon his, a moment he’d only ever dreamed of.

After a few seconds had passed, S/O had finally broke the sweet kiss. “Feeling any better?”

A dumbfound Ryuji finally snapped out of his little daydream, and if you thought his stuttering couldn’t get worse, you were wrong. “Th-th-thank y-you. I Feel so much b-better now, heh.”

S/O gave a knowing grin and walked back to their desk as if nothing had happened, and scribbled down something on a piece of paper before handing it over to him and dismissing him from the office. “Do come again if you ever feel ill.”

Ryuji waited until he arrived home before reading the note that the assistant had given him. He plopped down on his bed, unfolding the small piece of paper to read.

You’ve been diagnosed with love sickness, and your prescription is me. Call or message me if you need a home visit XOXO

- Assistant Doctor S/O

At the bottom of the note S/O had written their contact info which Ryuji immediately plugged into his phone. Needless to say, he visited the Backstreet Clinic quite more often.

Value and Worth, Chapter 4

Harry James Potter was a good Auror. At least, he was the only one within his rank to ever have taken down a Dark Lord at the age of seventeen.

Ron had done it as well of course, but since he had quit to help George out in the shop, Harry owned the title for himself. And, as a good Auror, Harry could sense the shift in mood at his workplace.

A select few of his colleagues had been assigned a new project—a secret project. One that prohibited them to disclose any or all information about their orders. This wasn’t unusual, he himself had been tasked with missions no one but his superiors and partner could learn. However, there was no denying that it was different this time, and what got Harry’s attention was the fact that these colleagues …sent him looks. Looks that differed from the regular ‘look it’s the Boy Who Lived!’ whispers they usually accompanied. 

Perhaps it was all due to Harry’s imagination, but Harry had been getting these new looks for a month. Which was approximately the same amount of time as Hermione had disappeared for her new research.

Interested? Read the rest here.

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2017 World Championships || Yuzuru Hanyu, “Hope and Legacy

126.12 TES + 97.08 PCS → 223.20 (world record)