ever since i first watched the movie for the first time i believe

Why I Don’t Complain about Arrow

*This is not a diss towards anyone. It’s just me sharing my thoughts.*

Believe it or not, there was a time when my family didn’t watch TV. We didn’t even watch the Super Bowl. (Though Julie Andrew’s movies were watched A LOT.) I won’t go into the details, but the TV didn’t get used much until the winter of 2008, and then it was only on for football. (Please don’t feel bad for us; we still had a great time.) In the winter of 2014, we started our first TV show, which was Arrow. We binged the first two and a half seasons, and we’ve been watching ever since. 

A while ago, when the negativity about the show hit it’s all-time high, I asked myself a question: why do some people find every little problem and complain about, and I, along with my siblings, just roll with it? After a long time thinking about it, the answer came. 

It’s because we treat this show like it’s a privilege. We know how it is to not have TV in the house, we know how it is to wait four days until we are allowed to watch an episode. Every episode that we get to watch is considered a privilege in my house. 

My dad gets done with work early on Wednesdays, which is always great, but in the fall and spring, it means we work hard outside until it’s dark. Sometimes it’s splitting wood, sometimes it’s clearing forest…we’ve done all sorts of crazy things. But we know that when we get home from swim practice, we get to watch our show, because we worked hard. Those forty-two minutes are so much fun in my house. We laugh, I cry. After they’re over, we go upstairs to our bedroom and talk until midnight about our theories, favorite moments, and how hot Oliver was. 

Complaining doesn’t happen because we love watching Arrow every week. It’s a special event. Why get upset about it? There’s other things to be annoyed at; a wedding not happening or a new boyfriend isn’t a problem. Do we get mad about characters? Yes. One of my sisters has an entire folder of screen-caps dedicated to making fun of Susan. 

Not everyone is in this situation. We’re not all still living under our parents’ roofs, and not everyone has a family like mine. But regardless of how, and where, and why we watch this show (or any show), we need to take a minute and remember that it is a privilege that we get to watch this. We need to be thankful that there are writers, directors, stunt men, and actors willing to sacrifice years of their lives so that we can tune in every week to watch. 

Yes, I know that some people think there’s major problems with the show. I’m sure there are. But I just chose not to see them. I love Arrow, and I love that swim practice before, knowing that I get to watch it. As the rest of the season starts up, just remember this, okay? We are so privileged to watch this. A lot of people have never watched anything on a television, but we have the opportunity to. 

And that’s something we should be forever grateful for.