ever sick

I wanna feel you close to me
I wanna hear you beg and plead
I want to see you sick for me
A new kind of love
No remedy


Lightwoodsdaily’s Appreciation Weeks ♡ Day 11
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“I’m sick of faking diary entries,
got to get it in my head; I’ll never be sixteen again”

Isn’t it crazy how people actually take the time to hate on others’ ships?? Like grow up and get over yourself you conceited jerks. The world is bigger than your problems.

Do you ever feel physically sick because you know you’re not good enough for anyone and can’t do anything right, no matter how hard you try.
—  source
Stuck On You - Bellamy Blake x Reader Imagine

Summary: After you end your relationship with Bellamy, he just can’t seem to let you go. Will he give up or will he win you back?

Bellamy stood at the edge of the loading bay. He heard the loud purr of the truck engine and knew it was approaching before it came revving through the hangar gates. As he watched it come to a complete stop, he tightly crossed his arms and waited for the passengers to disembark. Bellamy’s eyes scanned over the group, seemingly searching for a single person, and when that person was found, his eyes followed them.  

Bellamy’s breath got caught in his chest as he watched you step out of the large shipping trailer. He gulped anxiously and felt the perspiration forming on his palms, knowing that at one point, he would’ve been there to offer you his hand and guide you down from that trailer. And that your hand should still be his to hold.

You were the one that decided to end the relationship, citing that your own personal issues and insecurities stopped you from being a suitable partner. It was a real “it’s not you; it’s me” moment and though it seemed cliché, Bellamy went along with it purely out of respect but he never wanted things to end. Not even in a million years.

Bellamy straightened himself out, tucked his shoulders back, and stood tall as he wiped his hands on his jacket. He relaxed his heartbroken expression into one of indifference, one that gave the appearance of detachment only to mask the fact that he was so full of pain.

Bellamy approached you as you unloaded supplies from the truck. He immediately stepped in to grab a box that seemed far too heavy for you to carry alone.

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The cool thing is that you could totally use these as little snippet moments, like referencing the silliness to explain something else going on. Oh god, mid battle and Leia starts cracking up and Han is looking at her like she’s nuts but she just heard Ekkereth go BINGO across space and it’s the BEST

Okay but what if this happens during the final battle with the Emperor?

So Anakin is still undercover and Leia is pretending to be a captive and Luke is doing his best impression of a Conflicted Jedi™ - and the whole time Palpatine is just…expounding. The Alliance is doomed and Luke’s Jedi teachers have failed him and probably don’t trust him anyway and there’s only one way to save his friends and


Luke startles, a little too obviously, at the sound of Anakin’s voice in his head, and then has to play it off as some kind of angry response to Palpatine while he tries desperately not to laugh.

Nothing is free.

•Can’t afford to go to college? Don’t go. Or maybe work a little harder and get a scholarship.

•Tired of flipping burgers for minimum wage? Aim higher. Work harder.

•Sick of being in a shitty situation? WORK. HARDER. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Nothing is going to get set in your lap. No one owes you anything. You are not entitled to anything. WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT.