ever notice that the names in season 1 are a lot lower down than the others

Lapidot: Snowing Experience

Day 1 Prompt: Fall/Cold. Well…since here is already snowing, I figure out, why not make snow?


First prompt for the Lapidot Week 2, @lapidot-week

It was yet another day at the barn, but this time…it was very different. Inside of the barn, Lapis was playing with the living pumpkin that Steven created, and the name of this little pumpkin is none other than Veggiehead, a name that was given by Peridot. After a while, Lapis could feel that the temperature of the barn was getting cold and she was shivering from a huge wind that crossed through an open window. She look up, and noticed that some white balls were falling from the sky. Lapis immediately stopped playing with Veggiehead and headed towards the door and slam it open revealing that the whole atmosphere that she knew changed.

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