ever in your favour

If I am silent it’s because there is thunder inside me.
Or I’m just chillin, it depends. May the odds be ever in your favour.
—  An Introvert
  • {Leaving a note for Dahyun and Chaeyoung}
  • Jihyo: Today's WiFi password can be unlocked by texting a photo of a clean kitchen to me.
  • Jihyo: Said photograph MUST contain one box of crackers on the counter by the stove (to prevent re-using any previous photos)
  • Jihyo: Thank you for playing. May the odds be ever in your favour.
  • Jihyo: Love, mom- I mean, Jihyo
May the odds be ever in your favour.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Jensen
Word count : 1,899
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 7 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The more Jared spent time with you and River, the worse things seemed to get between him and Genevieve. And the worse things got between them, the sadder and lonelier he looked, which had you inviting him over more to be around River. It was a vicious circle, but River could make him smile when everything else just seemed to weigh him down.

River had invited Jared and Jensen over for a Thursday night game night, since Jensen was heading to Texas next day. Pizza was ordered, Root beer for River, beer for the guys, and Jared had smiled and presented you with a bottle of wine. “Stop trying to butter me up.” You chuckled. “I won’t go easy on you.”

“What makes you think I need you to.” He grinned, as him and Jensen stepped in.

“Dude. Our son is turning 9 soon. Video games are where we live.” You smiled. “No matter what he chooses to play, I’ll kick your ass.”

“Bring it.” You hadn’t seen a smile like that on his face in a long time, and you didn’t miss how happy it made River to see it.

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guys seriously if you like podcasts like welcome to nightvale and the penumbra podcast then ive literally found the best tv series ever. its called dirk gently’s holistic detective agency and it the weirdest most wonderful thing ever, like do yourselves a favour and get your arse over to netflix stat 

A few things I am thankful for on this fine Saturday:

Justice League trailer

@whenisayrunrun doing the Lord’s work and gifting us with Little Favour gifs. THANK YOU.



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May the odds be ever in your favour! 

⟶ it’s just a weakness.

‘And the female tribute for District Six is KATHERINE DANIELS!’

The woman’s words echoed in her mind and everyone’s staring at her. Absolutely everyone. She’s sure she can even feel her brother staring a hole into the back of her head. She can’t breathe and she’s taught herself to go numb, she’s taught herself over and over and over. Swallowing the lump at the back of her throat, she slowly makes her way to the stage and climbs the three stairs, flinching away from the escort’s touch. The woman steps back and Katherine’s eyes are glassy, but she won’t let herself cry. She doesn’t even register the male tribute’s name until he’s stood beside her and then there’s a sick pull at the pit of her stomach. Hendrix Cohen. Of-fucking-course it would be Hendrix Cohen going to the Capitol with her.

Ophelia tells them to shake hands, but Katherine ignores the escort and just moves past them to get inside for them to be escorted to the train. There’s no goodbyes to their families and the blonde prefers it that way. She wouldn’t be able to handle it ; she knows it won’t be her. She can’t say goodbye to her brother or his wife or their little ones. The girl feels sick as Ophelia keeps talking as they’re transported to the train and her movements are slow ; to her, anyway. Katherine sinks into a chair and stairs out the window. There’s every manor of liquour and food surrounding them, but all she can think about is vomiting all over the gorgeous carpeting beneath their feet.

“Stop. Talking.” She hears herself snapping up at the escort and the woman looks horrified. Well, she looks horrifying. Bright green hair and pale as snow skin with a ridiculously billowy dress on. “Stop…fucking… talking.” Katherine’s voice is cracking now and she looks away again as the train starts moving. The blood is rushing in her ears and she closes her eyes. 

| @anotherfxinglovesong

Hunter Games

Kaila: This is going to be fun.

Lilly: God, help us.

And the teams are…

Kaila: Distric 1 is my favourite. (Lilly: she is a pervert. Even God can’t help her.)

Lilly: Distric 4 is the OTP. It’s the best. (Kaila: Yeah…Right…)

The one who kills Pariston will have our unconditional love.

Happy Hunter Games! And may the Nen be ever in your favour.

The Bloodbath:

As the tributes stand on the podiums, the horn sounds.

Leorio, Komugi, Biscuit, Neferpitou, Kaito, Palm, Shizuku and Phinks run away from the Cornucopia.

Machi breaks Killua’s nose for a basket of bread (Machi: No one will ever steal my bread!!!) ( Lilly: BECAUSE OF THAT NOBODY LOVES HER!DON’T TOUCH THE LIL’ BAE) (Kaila: But I love her! She is my waifu!)

Chrollo, Illumi and Nobunaga work together to get as many supplies as possible.

Kurapika, Alluka and Ging clutch a first aid kit and runs away 

Hisoka snatches a pair of sais (Lilly: HOLLY SHIT. DANCHOU, RUN!!)

Feitan (Lilly: also known as Fei-Fei) and Pariston (Kaila: The bitch) takes a sickle from inside the Cornucopia.

Gon runs away with a lighter and some rope.

Nanika takes a handful of throwing knives.

Neon grabs a sword.

Meruem breaks Shalnark’s (Lilly: SHAL-SHAL, NOOOOOO) Nose for a basket of bread (Meruem: THIS BREAD IS FOR KOMUGI)

Day 1:

(Lilly: Meruem is going to kill someone~)

(Lilly: As the great son of Poseidon says…WHY? ) (Kaila: You know I don’t get Percy Jackson’s references…) (Lilly: IT WAS FROM THE TRIALS OF APOLLO, YOU DUMBASS) (Kaila: I still don’t get it) (Lilly: ¬¬)

(Lilly: But aren’t you a thief? ) (Phinks: Shut up, woman) (Lilly: DANCHOU WILL NEVER NOTICE YOU) (Kaila:UOOOOOH)

(Illumi: Shit, that means Hisoka is near)

(Lilly: Again I should say…WHY?) (Hisoka: It looks like Chrollo was a little rough this time ♤.) (Kurapika: If you say something more, I swear I’ll kill you.) (Lilly:OOOOH. It says everything.)

(Lilly: “Lalalala~ I’m fishing~ WHERE DE HELL IS KOMUGI?!”) (Kaila: Please,stop)

(Nobunaga: OH,SHIT! A KID!)

Night 1

(Kaila: They can’t hear you, bitch) (Lilly: DIEEEEE)

(Lilly: Stories about Hisoka)

(Feitan: Stay away from my fire, bitches) (Hisoka: You’re so meanie ♧)

(Kaila: You’re good-for-nothing…) (Ging: Why don’t you try to do it?) (Kaila: I’ll pass)


Day 2

(Lilly: Good)

Night 2

(Hisoka: He is really cute when he is sleeping ♡) (Chrollo: That’s it, I’m leaving) (Lilly: Stay away from my Danchou!)

(Lilly: I’m glad that the two rats are dead… But why Nanika? Why not Milluki?)(Kaila: Because he doesn’t participate on this edition)

Day 3

(Chrollo: Feitan, where are my books?) (Feitan: Dunno, ask Machi but stop chasing me, Danchou!)

Night 3

(Lilly: He sees Hisoka everywhere, it’s normal)

(Killua: Why I’m doing this?) (Hisoka: Because you love me ♤) (Killua: JAJAJAJAJAJA No, I hope you die) (Lilly: I hope he dies too)

Day 4

(Kaila: He was so confused that he hurt himself)

(Kaito: Look, it’s Killua) (Illumi: Killu? Where- Oh… He scaped…)

(Kaila: *slow clap*)

Arena Event

(Lilly: ._.)

Night 4

The Feast

(Kaila: aka photos of Gon) (Lilly: You’re nuts…) (Kaila: Who? Hisoka or me?) (Lilly: Both)

Day 5

Night 5

Day 6

Night 6

(Lilly: (O-O))

Day 7

(Kaila: wait wAIT WAIT! WHY ARE YOU IN A TEAM? YOU SHOULD BE COMPETING!) (Lilly: Calm down) (Kaila: I CAN’T)

Night 7

(Lilly: NONONONONONO no nO Nope

Day 8

(Lilly: Wait… That means…)

(Kaila: Yes! I knew it! I had faith on him!) (Lilly: …) (Kaila: Can I put a flower crown on his head? Can I?) (Lilly: Go ahead…)

(Kaila: So beautiful ♡) (Lilly: Die…)

Well, that’s all ♡

If you managed to finish this and you liked it, we can do another round with other characters! Just request the characters you’d like to see and we’ll do the rest!

See ya~


As a Latvian I’m proud of my country especially when we create a chef d'oeuvre. (I mean can you hear Agnese’s Rakovska’s voice?!)

For some time now I haven’t been all that exited about Latvia’s performances in the Eurovision song contest, but this year thanks to Triana Park I can’t wait. So thank you, Triana Park for this beautiful song that I can’t stop listening to. 

May the odds be ever in your favour. ❤︎

P.S.: The video is just sublime ❤︎


G: I don’t recall ever you doing a favour. 

H: Oh you did. Your faulty brain may have forgotten, but I remember. I’ll never forget. 

G: Even if I did you repaid me a long time ago. I’m the one that got help recovering something he’d forgotten. So don’t come back carrying some debt to be repaid. Bring back a bottle of booze, not to drink alone, but to be shared in a big group. That’s more than enough. 

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This is war, carp. It was not my porpoise, but it seams that's how it has to be. It gils me to do this, but it dolfinitely has to be done. Good luck, may the cods be ever in your favour. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧




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Do you have a rec list for Ten x Rose movie AUs? Thanks!

Here you go! I’m sure I’ve missed loads- let me know if there’s one that should be on here!

Teen or below ratings
Adult ratings

The Earth has existed for billions of years and I am lucky enough to live during a time when humankind can watch David Tennant play the Doctor being possessed by Cassandra. I mean, there are no words that could ever describe how thankful I am for this

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