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Rebelcaptain // The Philadelphia Story AU

Jyn Erso is the elder daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia socialite family, her mostly absent father, Galen, being the founder and president of Empire Dynamics Engineering. Two years ago she was married to Cassian Jeron Andor, a ship designer and a member of her social and political set. But he failed to meet her exacting standards of a husband: he was too focused on his anti-fascist activism to the point of also being an absent part of her life, and after her childhood, she refuses to settle for a life where she has a house but not a home. Now she is set to marry Orson Krennic, a nouveau riche “man of the people” and rising star at Empire Dynamics.

On the weekend of her wedding, Holo-wood Magazine, a celebrity tabloid, sends reporter Bodhi Rook to cover the wedding. They have the help of Cassian Andor, who has been working for Holo-wood in Mexico, and introduces Bodhi as a friend of Jyn’s cousin, Chirrut, and his husband, Baze. Jyn is not fooled though, and calls out Cassian, but he tells her that if she doesn’t give Holo-wood the scoop they want on her wedding, they will publish an article about her father’s work on a weapon of mass destruction. This in itself is not true, but the technology he is working on has the potential to be misread this way. To protect her family, she allows Bodhi to cover her nuptials.

While Cassian’s outward motives seem mercenary or vengeful, he knows that if Holo-wood publishes the story on Galen, it could not only ruin the family and their reputation, it may also drive Galen further away from his family because he will attempt to distance himself to protect them. Cassian knows that this is the last thing Jyn wants. He still loves her, and in the years since their divorce, he has found that the cause is not enough, and there’s an emptiness in his life that keeps him up at night.

The night before her wedding, Jyn gets drunk with Bodhi and goes for an innocent swim. Orson catches them and is appalled and threatens to call off the wedding. He doesn’t like seeing “his woman” consorting with people outside their social set, and in his anger, he also tells her that he expects her to be more demure once they are married. Realizing that Orson doesn’t know her at all and she him, Jyn breaks off the engagement.

But it’s morning already, and the wedding guests have all started to arrive. Bodhi offers to marry her to save face because whatever happens it will be news, but she declines politely in front of a melancholic Cassian who has witnessed this all.

As the wedding march begins to play, Jyn throws on a dress over her swimsuit to go in and tell the guests that the wedding is off, but as Cassian hands her a dress, they look at each other and realize that they still love one another, and that there is no one else in the galaxy who understands them in the way the other does. In a fit of inspiration, Jyn proposes and Cassian accepts. They remarry and spend their second honeymoon the same way they did their first—sailing away for two weeks on the ship Cassian had built for her two years before: The Welcome Home.

so I know a lot of people have been speculating about the possible lion swaps in s3 and later on, and it might just be pure coincidence but, 

in the first episode of s1, after Allura mentions each lion’s characteristics (well technically not Blue’s), here’s what we see:

  • Black: Shiro > Keith > Lance with the focus being on Shiro
  • Green: Pidge only
  • Blue: Lance then Allura
  • Yellow: Hunk only 
  • Red: Keith and Lance

like I said, it might be nothing but I found it quite interesting that we might’ve had foreshadowing in the very first episode

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prompt: when things get better slowly, instead of all at once

we spent so long as moonbeam-
eaters that we don’t notice how our hands
unfold like sunlight until one morning
in the kitchen as we laugh over cinnamon
toast it strikes us that there are no wounds
here anymore, that the months don’t
splinter us with their songs, that every poem
we’ve written has been adding one rung
to the ladder quietly. // a buried seed
doesn’t dream about its red petals, only soil,
only the rain. look at how we prosper
inch by inch, our green bodies changing
into creatures of sharp beauty.
and tell us, has there ever been a more
radiant healing?

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i started to think out of the blue about that video where a magician(the one who wore glasses and that looked pretty young)impressed liam with some tricks and DUDE my eyes started watering (at least i didn't cry lmao)because i miss him so much, i miss his voice, his dorky self you know? Like i'm so fucking jealous of people who stan the other 4 rn (especially zarry)??they're getting everything and i'm here dying!! in my own tears. I love the fact that he's a dad now but pls give us something omg

honestly i’ve been jealous ever since niall dropped this town on us like obviously i’m happy for the other boys doing their thing and their stans getting to see and hear from their faves but… stanning liam is just having one big question mark above your head bc?? is he gonna drop something? what kind of music can we expect? does he know that he has fans who are waiting for him to literally do anything? and how soon is “soon”?
of course being a new dad is the main thing in his life rn and i honestly hope and wish he gets to spend a lot of precious time with his son bc kids grow up way too fast but on the other hand i get closer to death every day i don’t wake up to solo liam music

and to end this on a lighter note, here’s some gifs of the video you were talking about


ive been trying to find that taako aesthetic in dark souls but tbh it kinda doesnt work since i tend to run around with an oversized shield and sword but hey, i try

make this pain worth it. | part 1.

Andrew Minyard was born to die. It was the sad, harsh truth of his existence. It was something he lived with everyday, a weight like the world on Altas’ shoulders. He was carrying his demise. It wasn’t even scary, the thought of death. Maybe it’s because death could be compared to a parasite; it lives inside you, festering, forming, until it takes you apart slowly and then you become rot and ruin and dust, until you decay from history itself.

Andrew Minyard knew he was going to die well before he was supposed to.

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What if Mulder hired a limo with champagne to take Scully out on a date ? :D

The only time Mulder has ever requisitioned a limo and champagne, it was on the Bureau’s dime and Scully was wearing a sparkly black headband and no underwear.  He checked.  Twice.  After that night, they both agreed that it would be the first and last time they’d ever do that in the back of a limo.  

Anon, I hate to break it to ya, but Scully isn’t impressed by limos and champagne.  Just ask Tad O’Malley.  These days, she doesn’t mind riding shotgun in a beat-up pickup truck with a familiar Navajo blanket lining the bed and a good bottle of Sangiovese.  

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99 sam&louise

Based around this set of posts, with the outcome changed slightly (because if people remember, sam came home a heartbroken mess) 

99:  “Why didn’t you stop?”

Sam had fucked up big time. And that was saying something.

Just when he was finally at a good place in his life, it backfired on him. Except he had nobody else to blame but himself. He thought that Summer could take a joke, but it was evident that she didn’t this time around. Had he crossed the line? Most definitely.

Louise had calmed down and was willing to talk to him via text message, but it was evident that she was still furious with the way he had been acting. Who could blame her? Hands shaking, Sam typed out a message,

‘I hope you know how much you mean to me, Lou. I’m sorry’

Louise was quick to reply,

‘Are you really though? Or are you just saying that to try and get me back?’

That was a good question. Was Sam actually sorry for what he’d said to his sister, or was it just in fear that he’d lose Louise otherwise?

‘I think I am. I’ll even apologise to Summer if you want me to prove it.’

‘Hm. Well, I have to ask you something.’


‘Why didn’t you stop?’

Sam’s heart sunk at this.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You could have just left it by asking Summer why she was on her own, did you really have to go on and say those nasty uncalled for words to her?’

As much as he hated admitting it, Sam knew that he was in the wrong. He never knew when to stop. It was always his fault that he pushed people away. Even those who he held closest to his heart.

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What frustrates me about seleeknd is that she is doing almost exactly what Taylor did with tom but no one questions the authenticity of it. The cynic in me wonders...

What does the cynic in you wonder? I’m pretty sure both relationships are real. The media just doesn’t crucify Selena in the way they do Taylor, unless it comes to Bieber. 


aloe (with friend succulents), dark purple opal basil, great of italy basil, thai basil, adzuki beans, green contender beans, royalty purple pod beans, bee balm, broccoli, cantaloupe, cosmic purple carrots, celery, german chamomile, chives, cayenne chili peppers, coriander, pick barrel cucumbers, dill, eggplant, echinacea purpurea (aka cone flowers), fennel, fig, green bell pepper, small fancy mix gourds, hibiscus, blue hyssop, lady lavender, lettuce, marjoram, marshmallow, mint, white onion, flat of italy onion, dwarf washington navel oranges, oregano, parsley, peppermint, pineapple, purple plum radish, russet potatoes (since they sprouted in my cabinet anyway), rosemary, garden sage, marine blue sage, ultra violet sage, scallions, winter spaghetti squash, stevia, russian tarragon, taro, thyme, red delicious tomato, green vernissage tomato, black vernissage tomato, moon and stars watermelon

along with that, i have houseplants that were mostly either bought on a whim, gifted to me, or i took cuttings of and propagated so i dont have proper names for them like my edible garden!

peace lily, baby leaf fern, big leafy thing, “fig” tree (but will it grow figs???), speckled yellow fun leafy guy, english ivy, lil baby redwood tree from d*sneyland, massive 7″ long golden pothos of magic and amazement that has been propagated into 3 pots, california poppies, sweet peas, bachelor buttons, waxy cactus thing (jade?), ancient cactus (literally this cutting is from a cactus that was bought by my great grandmother in the 60s and the mother plant is currently living with my grandma), this cactus that has a ton of long and skinny arms and they have joints and break off into little “pills” idk that was the plant my mom gave out as a baby shower gift when she was having me so its old as hell, big ol palm from ikea, fire lookin fun leafy thing that likes sun, soft veiny leaf thing that likes shade, italian cypress, pretty tree bush from d*sneyland, rainbow moss, fish hook succulent from d*sney, blue globe agapanthus (dug up from outside d*sney lol fight me), moonflower, bush from literally right outside the apartment with the pink flowers