ever art

Boy do I love pushing EAH characters into their destined roles and completely ignoring the Choose Your Destiny premise.

I’d call this a doodle but it’s like, ever so slightly more than that. Just imagine there’s some intricate pattern on her coat.

I was looking through my OC tag and saw that I have barely any information about any of my OCs so heres the beginning of a set of character sheet no one asked for

So Nell is kinda the deus ex machina character of my OCs (not quite, but he’s as close as it gets..). The world they’re from is complex and has a complete mythos that I don’t think anyone wants to read (lol) but long story short he’s the most powerful and least powerful of my OCs, depending on what “form” he’s in.

He’s been sickly his whole life and as a result of his powers and being held captive for his whole life, he kinda looks quite unhealthy/pale. He was born with red hair but it has since lost its color. He’s probably in his early/mid twenties but hes an old soul honestly..he’s kinda the grandma of the group of characters.

In the world they live in, he’s literally known as “the Balance” because of mythos stuff that I might post one day, maybe.

Mostly i think he’s just pretty (also @shea-gardienne likes him a lot for some reason)

And one more pic for @bungee-gumu!!! I present to you, a “Positive Pancake”! See, I will start to give these to whoever needs a bit more happiness and smiles in their days! Thanks for everything! And here’s your pancakes! (Don’t forget to share with Skylar, June, and all the rest of your awesome OCS!!!)


a taako and a slightly more saturated taako bc i am still trying to figure out how to draw this dude


This is why I can’t have nice things.

…while these dorks were smooching, Hunk singlehandedly defeated Zarkon and came to their rescue right after, the universe is safe, and they all lived happily ever after with kids with bright eyes and mullets and stuff. >.<


skirts are cool !!