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A Theory...for thought?

So in Class of Classics, we got to see the parents of Ever After High as highschool students. Sadly they all just looked like just simple younger versions without anything really different, even wearing pretty much the same clothing as they do in the present.

Except for the Evil Queen

Which fine, she is basically wearing the same outfit as Raven and her hair is the opposite color of Raven’s hair. Showing that the two are very similar. Simple yet effective.

But then made me think?

What of her?

I think we all just assumed that “Mira” was just a younger version of Evil Queen, but ultimately comes off as an entirely different character/figure than what we are presented with in the back.

Which is fine. Evil did mention she was going to “reinvent herself” with the modern kids. so in other words, she is someone new. and that’s fair.

But something doesn’t feel right

Snow White recognizes her.

So Snow White recognizes a figure that Evil Queen takes on that isn’t the evil queen.

What if…and this might be a stretch (like all my theories I pull out of my ass) what if this “Mira Shards” is a “reflection” of someone that both Evil and Snow White knew, someone related to Evil Queen in fact?

I remember the speculation of Mira before we knew her identity that she may have been the “Daughter of the Mirror” in Snow White, so perhaps we aren’t wrong.

I have my own theory and thoughts but I don’t have enough evidence to back up any claim.

                             A new student is coming to Ever After high… 

                       Say hello to the son of the Princess and the Pea!~ 

I’ve been working on Pearson on and off for a long while now. He was a lot of work and detail, from the earrings to the embroidered sleeves to the polka dotted socks on his feet. Easily one of the most complex customs I’ve ever done, but I’m in love with the results!

If EAH were to come back...

Based on a list that I previously made in the past, if the Ever After High webseries were to come back with new episodes and content and such, here’s the things that I want to happen (in my opinion):

-Still want Faybelle and Ramona to team up.

-I want more friendship interactions. I want Mattel to bring back Apple and Brair’s friendship. I want interactions between Blondie and Holly, Ashlynn and Poppy, basically OTHER interactions with the twins OTHER than with each other, Faybelle and Duchess interactions, Ginger and Cerise interactions etc.

-I want all the love triangles to be resolve (Bunny/Alistair/Courtly, Apple/Darling/Raven, Briar/Hopper/Ginger etc). For the most part, I think love triangles are pointless. 

-Is Darling Apple’s prince or not? Also, let’s find out what Dexter’s destiny while were at it.

-How about more development for Dexter? Daring and Darling already had their development!

-How about we have more character development in general for characters who aren’t Apple, Raven, or Briar? That includes the boys Mattel!

-The rest of the fairytale daughters and sons of the most famous fairy tales.

-I don’t want Duchess to be used as comic relief anymore. I want Duchess to be happy WITHOUT having to belittle others.

-How about more personality from characters other then them simply being goody goody or being an ass just for the sake of it?

-At least one (if not more) canon lgbt pairing in the series.

-More POCs.

-Actual confirmed pocs. Is Raven and Duchess Asian? Is Cerise Native American? Is Briar and Rosabella Latina? These are just things I want to know.

-Still want Magical Girls ^^

-I want to still see that baking competition with Ginger (and maybe other characters)?

-I want an official musical special between EAH (and I’m talking about with actual singing).

-I want Briar to be a main character again! She was basically replaced by Holly! It’s she’s Apple’s best friend?

-A villain school that contrasts with Ever After High (which would explain why some students didn’t appear yet in the series).  

-Also, I want to see more of the legendary fairytales/fairytale parents.

-I want an ACTUAL episode where we have all the parents instead of using that opportunity for a plot device (Epic Winter etc).

-If Rexter (Raven and Dexter) really is endgame, then I want more development from both the couple and Dexter himself. If not, I will never truly accept this as a endgame pairing. It seems to me the pairing was only endgame to sell more toys. Shocker…

-Even though it’s unlikely, I want more development from Headmaster Milton.

-If characters like Holly, Cedar, Cerise etc. really is going to replace already developed characters like Briar in the favor of the power princesses line, then I want them to have development also. Though I still think the writers shouldn’t of fixed something that WASN’T broken in the first place. Sorry, not sorry.

-The boys ACTUALLY contributing and being important to the plot and not be plot devices or being some accessory to the girls. Again, I know the show is aimed for girls, but that’s no excuse to mistreating male characters and putting them to be side.

-More on Courtly and her redemption. I want her redemption to matter outside of money purposes.

-A Ever After High graduation ceremony episode maybe?                            

-I want something from EAH that’s NOT only made for the sake of dolls.

Now I know that this show is aimed for little girls, but I still don’t think it’s an excuse. Ever After High has so much potential to be something great OTHER than being made to promote toys. I’ve signed a petition to bring this series back, but I did this because despite all it’s flaws, I still miss it. However, If Ever After High will still be the same as it was before, if it doesn’t improve in writing, then I don’t want it back.

Seriously, I’m not trying to act like an entitled brat who expects a lot from a kids series, but it’s just that EAH has a lot of potential to be something great (like I said). I just think a good series with great animation could go to waste if it doesn’t improve for the better.

Feel free to reblog and add more if you want.

imagine Ever After High doing Into the Woods as their musical...
  • all the students playing their parents’ roles
  • Apple being really confused about why she isn’t a lead and only has a walk on role
  • Brooke finally being able to be a part of the story
  • Holly playing Rapunzel and Poppy doing hair and makeup
  • Since they don’t know exactly who the princes princesses are, they would have Daring and Dexter be Cinderella and Rapunzel’s princes and they would sing Agony together
  • Cerise being Little Red and Ramona being the Wolf
  • there would literally be so many genderswapped characters too
  • like Tiny being the Giant
  • and Jillian being Jack

(feel free to add more!)

Ever After High: The Class of Classics - An Original Graphic Novel

It’s reunion weekend for the Class of Classics, and thanks to a magical spell gone awry in the Legacy Orchard, today’s Ever After High students have a hexclusive sneak peek into their parents’ stories. Raven Queen, Apple White, Cerise Hood, Madeline Hatter, and more go on a thrilling adventure through the past that reveals what their parents were really like in high school. These six spelltacular stories, together exclusively in this full-color graphic novel, will change everything you thought you knew about the Class of Classics!

Release in June 20 2017! Can’t wait! ^w^

ever after high classes

edit: i decided to update this and include more information about how the school works in general! 

after playing the quizzes through several times, going through profiles and watching the webisodes, and going through wikis ive comprised a list of all the classes i could find. i also added in clubs and out of school activities. under the cut cause this is lengthy! i thought it might also be useful to add in a description of how classes and timetables work in ever after high.

just so were clear, some of these classes are from the books. ive marked them with a ! just in case you consider them to be different canons from the webisodes.

if ive missed some stuff out / put in wrong info please do tell me! ill keep updating the list and adding to it. 

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i honestly spend entirely Too Much Time thinking about how fucked up some of the students’ childhoods in ever after high must be.

like, how many of them have shitty situations inflicted on them, knowingly, by their parents, for the sole purpose of continuing the story? and the pressure to conform exactly to their parents’ stories is evident in some of the families already; Apple’s conversation with Snow White towards the beginning of Dragon Games ep1 has some uncomfortable undertones. plus, ashlynn’s evil step-sisters? yeah, okay, they were really only a throwaway gag for one episode, but the implications are still there—that one of her parents with full knowledge of her story did this willingly, possibly even enthusiastically. we’ve seen how much people in ever after love their stories.

and how many kids have grown up knowing their destiny is to die? or be imprisoned? not the way briar and apple know they’re going to fall into a death-like sleep, because they also know they’re going to wake up. i mean like, ramona badwolf and ginger breadhouse and humphrey dumpty and, obviously, raven queen. how traumatizing must that be?? knowing basically from the day you were born that your story involves your brutal death or eternal imprisonment, often for the benefit of the hero.

i am absolutely overanalyzing this and i know it’s Not That Deep but i can’t stop thinking about it. these poor kids.

Fear lives in all of us, and in some, it festers into monsters and nightmares. Apple White’s fear for her future leads her down a path of desperation and her anxieties give her no options. She swore never again to seek the Evil Queen out, but in her lived a seed of doubt that has begun to sprout. She pleads to the Evil Queen to do something, to fix this aching hole in her that is only getting worse. The Queen offers her salvation; a jump-start to her story. The poisoned apple. Blinded by the Evil Queen’s trick, Apple takes the poison, but as it courses through her veins she realizes, too late, that it was a trick. 

When she opens her eyes, she is no longer the princess she once was. She is now Apple, The Evil Queen. In her is now knowledge and power she has never felt before and the hole in her is now a gnawing, gaping wound. A hunger settles over her and as if in a trance she seeks out the Evil Queen’s wand and with it’s power takes over the kingdom.

Raven is left powerless. No magic is in her. The relief she feels is dwarfed by the sheer destruction brought by Apple. Raven is certain she knows why this has happened and vows to set things right again, even if it means taking her powers back.

But Raven is not the only one effected. The ripple of displaced magic causes changes to the students of Ever After High. Some subtle, some drastic, but all unnatural. Can a makeshift group of lost students aid Raven in setting things right? Time will tell, but only if Apple doesn’t stop them first.


OMG that’s way longer than I intended BUT it gets the point across. I’ve been thinking a lot about evil Apple okay??? I just really want to see Apple get all bad and mean and stuff. Just. SUPER MEAN okay aaaaahhhh Raven’s gonna have soooo much internal conflict this girl is gonna go bonkers.

After the second Ever After High’s series books by Suzanne Selfors, a new serie of books will come in 2017…

EVER AFTER HIGH - Fairy Tale Retellings !!! 

Things have gone topsy-turvy at Ever After High! After Faybelle casts a spell on the midterm hexams, the students unhexpectedly find themselves inside the wrong storybooks!

BOOK 1: Cupid thinks it’s fairy fableous to be Cinderella-even if it’s just for the day! But when she notices her wicked stepsisters secretly sneaking out of the Prince’s Royal Ball, Cupid decides to investigate with the help of her friends, Hopper Croakington III and Madeline Hatter. Together, they discover that the stepsisters might not be as wicked as they seem… Can Cupid flip this story on its crown and make it a Happily Ever After for everyone? 

BOOK 2: When Cerise Hood and Dexter Charming realize they’re in the story of Beauty and the Beast, they both think it’s a royal fairy fail. Cerise would rather run outside than stay in a castle, and Dexter is worried that he’ll never escape his big brother’s shadow. But when they discover that they’ll need to make it to the end of the story to return to school, Cerise and Dex are determined to fit in-even if they’re better off being themselves. Will this team find their fairy own hextraordinary way to a Happily Ever After?