ever after high headcanon

Day 1: Snow


I’m gonna try to draw something for every day, and I’m gonna randomly generate the couples so that some rarepairs get some love too! Ahh I’m so pumped for this!!

I’m enjoying this I’m gonna make y'all madder

Courtly is a raging lesbian

So are all of the Wonderlandian girls

Except bunny she’s homoflexible and only interested in one male who is Alistair

Alistair is bisexual

Lizzie, Kitty, Maddie? LESBIANS

Your faves? LESBIANS

Apple? Darling? Raven? LESBIANS



Faybelle? Briar? closeted LESBIANS


consider this

-sapphic demigirl apple white who’s dating queer darling charming

-autistic aro lesbian maddie hatter who never. stops. stimming.

-bisexual transgirl raven queen 

-transboy dexter charming

-intersex girl (trisomy x) briar beauty

-autistic lizzie hearts (fav echolalia phrase? “off with their head[s]!”)

-all of the wonderlandians are autistic ok

-pansexual rosabella beauty

-intersex trans guy hunter huntsman who’s dating agender ashlynn ella

(please add on to this i love queer/neurodivergent headcanons send me some)

What if Faybelle wasnt always the cheering meangirl? I have this headcanon that since it was kinda the dark fairys thing to not be invited anywhere, none of Faybelles classmates ever invited her to birthday parties and no one ever asked her out to school functions. So with such little interaction outside of her home and school life. (which, lets face it, was probably not too good in the first place. School, not home.) She probably had very little idea on how to behave, since the only piece of advice for being snubbed was to ruin someones day. So I think Faybelle had a lot of social anxiety and awkwardness as a kid.
Then she discovered cheering and not only helped her magic, but it helped her come out of her shell. Because now she could raise her voice and have fun. There were kids she could hang out with almost everyday and for once Faybelle felt like she had friends, because she was invited to all of her teamates birthday parties and they liked the rhymes she came up with.
But then with this newfound confidence, people mistook it for vanity. Commenting that she was finally acting like her mother. Which Faybelle didn’t understand in the slightest. So she took her frustrations out through cheering and slowly drove people away, because the evil comments kept coming and Faybelle kept getting angry. Her cheer friends started to distance themselves, because this new angry Faybelle was honestly freaking them out because she started to get more irritated and snap at them for not getting things right.
So Faybelle started to be mean as she went into her highschool years, because if thats what they wanted, she would gladly give it to them. People had never gone out of their way to be kind to her, so she returned the favor, and she soon found how liberating it was to be bad since that was what people expected from her, and she would never get in trouble for doing exactly what she was supposed too.

I love thinking about the possibilities with  Cedar becoming a real girl? Things to consider:

-Cedar can feel things now so she loves touching stuff and petting Nevermore and Carmine (Cerise’s pet wolf)

-She panics when she gets the hiccups for the first time 

-Cedar getting sick in general for the first time

-She loves sleeping but sometimes forgets she needs to now

-it takes her a bit to get used to her new weight and gravity, especially with swimming

-she is really good with applying makeup

-she accidentally does things that hurt her now like absentmindedly sanding herself

(feel free to add more)

Dexpid is dead… Sparchess - will - die… and…

…and we can’t do anything… x’(

…but…WAIT !

We can do a thing ! - YES ! - …We can avenge these poor ships which can’t probably never exist on the series !

give them a bit of justice in this unfair world !

YES !and also a bit of sadism just because it’s too funny èwé !

…YES, WE CAN DO IT èOé ! …in headcanon way…

Ever After High Theory

Alistair is the tallest because he’s not actually from Wonderland. His mom, Alice, abandoned him in Wonderland, and he grew up much like Tarzan. Alistair actually grew up with Kitty, so he views her as an older sister, he adapted to the Wonderlandian way of life, and got to know the animals that inhabited the land, and even became best friends with a Bandersnatch. Alice isn’t dead, she’s missing.
Points that Prove my Theory -He’s obviously different from everyone else in the place he lives, as in he’s taller than all his friends.
-His story is about him getting lost in Wonderland, but he’s already there.
-His parents are missing, hinting at something bigger is going on.

My Ever After High 💕

Just a few of the ways I mentally tailor Ever After High to make it all my own…

To start, the central characters of My EAH have never been Apple and Raven. Instead the primary focus of my headcanon world is on Ashlynn and Cerise, who I like to imagine are the absolute best of friends forever after (given the nature of the secrets they’ve respectively had to keep, among other things). Instead of rooming with Briar, I imagine that Darling is Ashlynn’s roommate, and is also very close friends with Cerise, who she admires for her athletic abilities. All three love spending time in the Enchanted Forest (Ash and Cerise going on peaceful hikes and picnics, Cerise and Darling racing and climbing the tallest trees).

Cupid rooms with Fayebelle (instead of Blondie) and is best friends with Holly. Cupid flies Holly down from towers when she accidentally locks herself in, and Holly (who the show has shown has a penchant for baking) bakes Cupid cupcakes made with a whole lot of love. 💕

Melody rooms with Meeshell (who retains her surname of L'Mer), and loves to feature her in her original songs. She makes custom mixes for her true love, Justine, as gifts and to dance to at her shows. Likewise, Justine will often accompany Melody to her gigs and perform original choreography along with her music.

Kitty, Faybelle and Duchess are a trio of troublemaking besties who, in addition to wreaking unspeakable havoc, also like to just hang out and be girlfriends (doing each other’s nails, gossiping and whatnot). I also like to imagine that Faybelle and Duchess’s voices are far less nasally and irritating than they are in the animation. Also, contrary to canon, I like to imagine that Duchess has a very powerful singing voice with incredible range.