ever after high eah

I am watching Ever After High with my Dad and it's the most hilarious shit ever (after)
  • daring : *does his usal shit*
  • dad : the fuck is that guy
  • ***
  • *darling kisses apple*
  • dad : wait, they're lesbians ?!
  • me : yES
  • dad : wow. wicked.
  • ***
  • dad : why do they all even were such high heels ????
  • ***
  • dad : oh it looks like snow white's coffin
  • me : dad. it's literally snow white's daughter in there.
  • dad : oH
Question 4 y'all

So I’m making my Chase custom and I’ve got a eah doll vest top (Hunter’s) which is perfect for him but not the right colour. I really want to colour it black or red (or both!). It’s currently green. Any advice on what I can do? I think I’ve heard of people using a polyester dye or somethings for this kind of thing, not sure if that’s right? Can I use acrylic paints? This would be easier and more convenient as I have loads of em and no dye. Would acrylics work?
Pleeeeease help me hahaha :)


I only wanted to draw them with casual clothes and then BAM highschool au with a clumsy, cute and talented Cedar who is 100% gay for her mysterious but kindness short hair half-wolf crush Cerise? u know what forget it idk what I’m writing anymore