ever after high eah


Happy New Year everybody! Thank you so much for the support, I’m so thankful for all of you! Hope this year is a wonderful one!
This is my C.A. Cupid cosplay from Ever After High, I took some creative liberties but it’s mainly based off of the heartstruck cupid doll! Fun Fact: Darling and Cupid are the only duplicate EAH dolls I have 😊Fun Fact #2: Cupid’s birthday is in like November but mine is on Valentine’s Day! 💕


some art i made for my favorite dying franchise


I only wanted to draw them with casual clothes and then BAM highschool au with a clumsy, cute and talented Cedar who is 100% gay for her mysterious but kindness short hair half-wolf crush Cerise? u know what forget it idk what I’m writing anymore