ever after high characters


I’m happy to finally have finished my Ever After High Snow girl backgrounder. NOTE: I had made one previously that I sold on ebay, so this is my second one. This doll was made using a mirror beach Ashlynn doll. I used a mixture of three different colors (Sunlit blonde, White Chocolate, platinum blonde) and one color of blue (Arctic Frost) to create the look of this backgrounder. The dress is the one thing I’m not completely happy with. I had to create a pattern from scratch, and even then I couldn’t get the draping to match. I found, with a dress this small, and with the fabric I used it was almost impossible to get the fabric to drape, so I just gave up. The fabric is all hand painted by me, due to a lack of snowflake printed fabric in the right shade. Her headband, wrist cuffs, necklace, and the crystals on the shoes were all crafted using Fimo clay. The boots I believe belonged to an MH Abby doll. I did cut out the sides of the boot using an x-acto knife so the tights would show through. IF you have any questions about her creation, feel free to ask.


trapped in a mysterious video game, the wonderlandians have to find a way out and master all levels.

In “Crazy Race” you will be part of the craziest roller skating event, ever after. Join Bunny, Madeline and Kitty through various courses whether on land, underwater or soaring high above the clouds, collecting coins and activating their special race abilities to win the big price.

In “Epic Madness” the magician Alistair, warrior princess Lizzie, knight Chase and bounty hunter Courtly have to discover dangerous dungeons, solve riddles and fight against the evil bosses which wait at the end of each level.

Will they find what they are looking for? And are they going to be trapped in this video game forever?

I think these two are the sweetest characters I’ve ever encountered and feel so fond of them, by their originality and style and personalities
Alistair Wonderland, son of Alice and Bunny Blanc, daughter of the white rabbit, brought to you from ever after high
I ship them so badly, apart from adoring Wonderland since always


Marie Antoinette Darling Charming

FINALLY!! After sitting on my sketchbook for weeks I finally got the time to publish this drawing of Darling Charming as Marie Antoinette. A couple of things here: I’m so happy with the expression of her face, it’s exactly how I pictured her in my mind! Her hand, on the other side, well I simply fucked it up. I will fix that if I ever make this digital. I might color her some time in the future.