ever after disney princesses

Created with: Photoshop CC 2015
Project Duration: 8 Hours

Been working on this for a while now…  My own fan art in celebration for the up coming Tangled Before Ever After, and Tangled The Series. Inspired by the new song, “Wind in my hair.”


Meg doesn’t get enough recognition.

She sarcastic, clever, completely disenchanted with humanity, but still loving and selfless despite knowing she’ll get hurt.

She’s like what would happen if the Disney princess didn’t get her happily ever after.

I feel like of all the Disney characters I am most like her. (not that I’m actually clever, but whatever).

I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty stoked for the new Tangled ever after TV show!!! She is my favourite Disney princess after all!! I thought I’d post a photo of me as Punzie next to the real Punzie from WDW

Breaking news !

Punzie definitely confirmed as designer of her own wedding dress

(in the caption it says that she insisted to draw it by herself, and after many tries, she finally managed to find the perfect design. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever ? You can even see her mother in the background watching her.)


I got this really great playset from Hasbro’s Disney Princess line. It’s called “Belle’s Be Our Guest Dining Set”. So far I really love it! It’s perfect for my Ever After High dolls. The theme fits perfectly well with Rosabella, so I’m going to give the set to her.


Happy Monday from your resident queer princess!! Here’s a couple pics of me in my Darling Charming cosplay at ECCC (((and one of me hating on Descendants (ง'̀u'́)ง hehehe))). I had a really hexcellent time hanging out with @miraculous-valkyrie and @flowercape <3 best friends forever after <3