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An Open Letter to my Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I pray that your patience with me will be as much as the love you’ll have for me. I’ll be the most challenging person you’ve come in contact with, but I promise you I’ll be worth it. I have so much I need to work on for myself and my only hope is that you’ll be supporting me in any way you think we will benefit as a team. I promise to love you and everything about you, I promise to be your number one supporter and cheerleader. I pray that as I work on myself, you’ll be working on yourself so that we can be the ultimate team God would want us to be. I’ll admit I’m very self conscious and stuck in this “being way too passive” phase. But I’m working on it for me, for us and our future family. My promise to you is that I’ll work hard now, working and getting a degree that’ll lead into a career so that we maybe able to take care of and provide for our future kids. I can’t wait to meet you and start our journey together. But until then, just know I pray about your well being and that we will have the patience and strength to endure each other and all other trials we shall face. I pray that we’ll have that fairy tale love and happily ever after when the time is right, and we’ve become who we are meant to be to meet each other I pray you’ll walk in my life soon, so that we may start our journey together, but for now. I love you,

  • your future wife

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Do you have korrasami blog recommendations? I'm new to the fandom.

i got you buddy!!!

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these are some of my favorite korrasami blogs. i’ve been following most of them for a pretty long time and let me tell you top notch content run by some pretty incredible people. hopefully this is a good start for you. just bask in the glorious content friend. enjoy!!!!