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If Noiz's parents weren't rich, he'd work at Hot Topic. Just imagine him in retail hell. "Excuse me, can you open up the piercing case?" someone asks. "No," he replies. They only keep him because he fits their aesthetic and brings in a lot of customers because attractive.

“he fits their aesthetic” NOIZ IS THE PERSONAFICATION OF HOT TOPIC. i love it so much!!

In an alternate 1980s America, disgruntled delivery labourers who lost their jobs due to rising grocery store usage form the most significant terrorist group since the Weather Underground: the Milkmen.

Enraged at never again being able to provide frothy white goodness to millions of Americans, they commit acts of grand theft auto on unsuspecting dairy trucks, throwing unsuspecting drivers onto busy laneways & laying explosive charges on the connected silos. Several thousand motorists lose their lives in the Calcium Catastrophe of ‘83, when ten stolen vehicles flooded a major intersection in Los Angeles. Riding chariots of belching smoke & cheery-hummed bells, they spread carnage and destruction everywhere they appear.

The Shenandoah Valley witnesses 67 torched farms, along with hundreds of thousands of liberated dairy cows. Eventually, the National Guard converges at a remote enclave within the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Over 300 lives are lost, as storm troopers are trampled by the hooves of cream-spewing aurochs. Ted Kaczynski takes note in his later attacks in the 90s, adding Limburger pellets to his mail bombs that suffocate the victim before fission finishes them off.

I love Seokjin's hands. I do. I love them. I just want to hold them and let him know I love them. I want him to know it every day.