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What is your opinion on the Charmie ship?

things i have no interest in talking about:

  • timmy and armie being devoutly in love with each other 
  • timmy and armie’s sexuality
  • timmy’s friendship with the weeknd 
  • timmy wasting his life away on drugs
  • what elizabeth Has Done Wrong Now
  • cmbyn promoting pedophilia 

A witch

Okay, this is from the three sentences fanfiction for realtrashwitch that escalated a bit… I probably fucked up the tenses pretty bad but… Yeah^^ have this weird thing!


She had once been a powerful witch living deep in the magic forest. She’s had everything she’d ever wished for but as we all know, life doesn’t play fair. As a last resort she settled down in the dumpster behind the local Chinese restaurant, waiting for the sweet revenge she so much deserves.


Her life is a mess right now. She lost everything but life still keeps and keeps on taking. It’s a struggle staying sane. The universe seems to do anything to bring her down, to beat her up. Wants her to surrender. Give up everything.

But she is still fighting, clinging to even the smallest glimpse of hope life will allow her these days.

She’s always been a friendly witch.

Nice and gentle, doing everything to please everyone who’d visit her seeking knowledge or help.

She has never been afraid of being taken advantage of, thought she had built up enough protective walls, some kind of immunity. She thought the past had taught her a lesson.


Her cozy cabin hadn’t been big or luxurious but it has been her home.

A single circular room with a small fireplace in the centre, hundreds and hundreds of baby plants on the windowsills, the cupboards, the floor, her worn out chocolate brown table. An old bed with numerous colorful pillows on top of it. Well read books were scattered all over the place, candles and other utensils hide in the cozy chaos.

And of course the animals. Her only permanent roommate was Vela, a giant fluffy something. One day the white cat decided the witch’s hut would make for a great home and stayed.

But the two of them were never alone.

Everyone was welcome in their home.

Deer, squirrels, hawks, mice, robins, rabbits, even some lost wanderers came by looking for temporary shelter.


Now she’s sitting here, the bustling of the restaurant’s kitchen resounding in the narrow alley. Her only company is Vela, who refused to leave her side and the occasional staff member stepping outside for a smoke or to take out the trash.

They know she’s sitting there, living there but they never try to chase her away. Maybe they pity her. Maybe they just don’t care.

Her life has become a not-so-merry-go-round of bad thoughts. What did she do to deserve this? She’d always tried so hard being her best and kindest self.

She’s constantly digging up awful memories she had buried so carefully in the past. She pushed them away, tried to suppress them but now they come rushing back.

With nothing better to do than thinking she keeps on beating herself up about things she didn’t do.

It hasn’t been her fault. She hasn’t done anything wrong. But bad things still happen. ***

After moving to the woods it had always been easy believing in good things.

Life was great.

Of course she collected her fair amount of painful experiences in the past but she escaped and now she’s free.

She built a life of her own.

Beautiful, peaceful, gentle.


She’d been harvesting some carrots when she felt it coming. A dark presence creeping through the trees and the undergrowth.

It kept on surrounding her, scaring away her companions, cutting her off.


It must have been them. Nothing had ever been enough. They kept on taking.

They kept on taking, feasting on her and her abilities until she hadn’t had anything left to give.

She hadn’t realized their ill intentions, thought she had left abuse behind.

It had been too late.

She tried to save herself from being drained again, from losing everything she loved.

Too late.


Her mossy green hair had shimmered in the caressing afternoon sunrays. A book in her hand, Vela on her knees.

She’s been expecting someone for days now.

The leaves behind her rustled as they were parted by impatient hands.

“I want you to teach me.“


for the full experience please listen to this song while looking at these photos.

i know i say it all the time but this is literally the most perfect house i’ve ever seen, my absolute favorite. it was a submission thank u so much!

$510,000/3 br/5700 sq ft

East Lansing, MI


alchemy: the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. however, it is not an all-powerful art. it is impossible to create something out of nothing. if one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given. this is the law of equivalent exchange; the basis of all alchemy. in accordance to this law, there is a taboo among alchemists. human transmutation is strictly forbidden. for what could equal the value of a human soul?


I couldn’t decide which I liked the most so have all of them