amazing!  i think everyone fell in love with this beautiful soul with the voice of an angel last night…  so real and intimate, they made everyone feel a part of the music and welcomed us into their journey as musicians and human be.ings.  so refreshing to see how originality is born, nothing pretentious about real music.  the vma’s should take note… was an amazing shoot for me.  thanks to ashley and her friend for being gracious and allowing me to step in for a few songs…  hope you enjoy the shots!

Courtney Love at The Commodore Ballroom

Fuji XPro 1 with 35mm f/1.4 ISO 1000 f/1.4 1/250

So this photo is one of my favorites, as well as being one of my first concert photo captured with my Fuji XPro 1.  I had been shooting on the street for about a year with the XPro 1, learning the quirks and how best to get the shot.  As repeated over and over, the best camera to own is the one you have with you.  Acquiring the XPro 1 allowed me to leave the heavy DSLRs at home and also let me be a bit more stealth when I was shooting!  My friends were thankful as i wasn’t always pointing a huge lens at them.  People relaxed around me, life became less serious, they found they could hang out with a photography gearhead nutcase without feeling like they were fraternizing with the paparazzi.  First accessory i bought was the Pitch Black Barton 1972 leather strap.  Dope!  The XPro 1 became a piece of jewelry, a fashion statement, i found myself dressing better to compliment my Fuji fashion.  Flavor Flav got nothing on me! Yeah Boiiiiii!  

I had invited a friend into the pit at the Courtney Love concert and handed him one of my DSLR’s.  This left me with only one D7000 to cover the show.  I felt naked.  Luckily, i had the Fuji XPro 1 with me and i had on an outfit that held its own,  This would be the first time using the XPro 1 with all of its quirks in the pit.  Figuring one good photo, maybe with all of the focus issues would be a good ratio, i would concentrate with the D7000 with 24-70 f/2.8 and when i had all my shots would use the XPro 1 and hopefully get that shot.

Well i got that shot.  The shot of the night was with the Fuji XPro 1.  Look at the DR!  The smoothness of her skin, and its not smooth… she was wearing a huge amount of makeup.  She was moving and rocking out at full volume!  The XPro 1 locked focus and hit a home run with this one…   I was sold.  Btw, Courtney hasnt lost any of that amazing voice.  If anything she has gained a soulfulness to her timbre that gives a greater depth to the words of her songs.  Hey, maybe smoking is good for you.  As she lit up on stage, the crowd exploded with love for the queen of rock.  This was the best concert of 2013 for me.  Not only was the music and the crowd amazing, I fell more in love with my Fuji XPro 1, a more soulful love.  We were going to enjoy some music together…