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I am a blonde Goth and other Goths I know tease me because of that. My parents won´t let me dye my hair so I´m stuck like this and I don´t know what to do. It makes me feel like a poseur.

Oh gosh, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this.

I understand where you’re coming from, since I spent multiple years as a brown-haired goth and I won’t be able to afford to upkeep the purple very long, so eventually I will be back to my natural hair. As sad as it is, there will always be those who will make fun of us who don’t fit the stereotype, but the important thing to remember is that they’re wrong. Your hair colour has nothing to do with your ability to enjoy goth music or anything in the scene, and having blonde hair doesn’t make you a poseur. Loads of the original goths in the 80s rocked natural hair, including blonde and many of them chose to have that colour as well! It can’t be denied that as far as fashion goes we are inclined to all things black, but the “all-black-everything-is-a-must-for-a-goth” stereotype is not a part of the original concept and you should not feel or be made to feel bad for not following it.

We’re all different but we still stick together and that’s what makes the subculture great! And maybe in a few years you’ll be able to start expressing yourself through things like dyeing your hair but in the meantime try to find those small things that make you feel more comfortable with yourself. Even a new, more alternative haircut might help or finding a really cool hair accessory. You could also try to compromise with your parents and ask them if it would be okay to try out a hair dye that washes out in a few weeks and doesn’t require any bleaching so no permanent damage is done. (There are loads of brands and loads of colours to choose from: Manic Panic, Directions, Stargazer, Arctic Fox, Schwarzkopf… Just look up anything that’s semi-permanent.)

Hopefully things will look up for you soon! Remember that any gother-than-thou people who tease you because of your hair are in the wrong doing that and you are not a poseur for being blonde!

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Are you still doing the pairing + AU thing? If yes, could you do Sizzy + high school AU? And if not, don't worry about posting!

I’ll always take these - they’re really fun to do! 

p.s. sorry it’s taken so long for me to get around to this - school’s started and I’ve slightly busy already. But to kinda make up for it, I kinda went a little crazy with this. 

  • If the school has a music club, Simon’s a part of that. And if not, he makes his own little jam club with Eric and the guys. And eventually, they start a band and sometimes Simon will bring his guitar to school with him. 
  • Isabelle could technically be a part of the popular crowd but she doesn’t really care too much. And anyone who glances over at their lunch table could easily see how bored Izzy looks. Besides the only people she can handle besides her brother is Jace, Helen and Aline. And possibly Sebastian and Jonathan. 
  • One day during lunch during the fall months and they’re sitting outside, Isabelle glances over and is intrigued by the boy sitting on a bench a few feet away from them strumming on his guitar. 
  • Isabelle and Simon get paired up as lab partners in Chemistry and it’s great for Izzy because while she’s not exactly terrible at Chem - she’s not exactly the best either. But somehow, it just comes naturally to Simon and Isabelle finds herself understanding Simon’s explanations more than their teacher’s. 
  • Max is the first person to warm up to Simon when Izzy brings him home for a study session one day after school. And of course, Max being Max, asks if they’re together. “No, we’re just lab partners turned friends.” Little do they know, they each have a crush on one another. 
  • When Simon’s band starts getting little gigs, Izzy always shows up to support him if she’s free. She may find herself growing closer with Clary as well and it’s Clary that also notices the little secret glances and longing looks between the two of them when the other isn’t looking. 
  • They’re just hanging out one day, when Simon just blurts out “will you go out with me?” but because he’s rambling, it doesn’t come out clearly and so she just kinda stares at him with an amused smirk on her face and Simon just turns completely red and turns away. “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to ask me out, you doof. And the answer is yes.” 
  • Of course Maryse ends up loving him. Though it takes Robert a while to come around just from him being your typical dad and not liking anyone his children bring home. It’s the principal of the thing, okay. 
  • +Bonus: Simon makes a mix tape with a song he wrote for Isabelle when he finally asks her to prom 

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Necropolis pages will be posted to this tumblr, every Wednesday, for a long time. The pages are collected in order here.

Whenever I finish a volume, it will be collected as a print graphic novel by Image Comics in North America, and Casterman in France.

Those are the salient points. Explanation and lesser details under the cut.

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Here and Now. That’s what I call this one. I don’t usually draw people because I’m bad at that and clothing. But I loved the idea of Ichigo and Rukia both in traditional Japanese garments under a flowery arch looking happy and at peace.

I will probably scan this an clean it up digitally and color it eventually. I don’t do digital sketches well, pencil and paper work much easier for me.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get anything up. I may have been a little too ambitions, but this fandom makes me smile every day so I want to give something back.😘