eventually i will figure out a coloring for this show


It’s my dog ~

I love how my art changes as I go; the beginning is always horrid.

I decided to start commissions online (not really on here though, more on like Facebook? Someday on tumblr. I’m just not sure how art/money transactions go with strangers. I’ll figure it out eventually) and needed some sample pieces to show what I can do. I’ll be coloring her tomorrow ~ just sketching took about 55 minutes


You didn’t answer me. About what?
    Did you call me, at all? No.
        Did you send me a letter?
            Postcard? No.
                Smoke signal?
                    A nice fruit basket?

anonymous asked:

What are people saying about jo??

idk just about how jo made a big deal out of nothing since she could’ve declined to send in a photo of herself and still been an author on the paper

which first of all i’m not so sure is true, considering the paper was probably going to be considered for the harper avery which is a big deal. eventually she would’ve had to show her face anyway, with ten times the hassle

and also like??? as if the effects of jo’s abuse don’t color her decisions every day. even if she could’ve gotten away without submitting a photo, does her paranoia even allow her to do that? i don’t think her fear of a very dangerous figure in her life allows her to take chances like that, and it frustrates me so much when ppl consider that “unnecessary drama” and insist on finding an issue with everything that comes out of her mouth


aaaaand this beast is done! I spent probably too much time on this but I’m pretty proud of the result none the less :)

this is the layout for my OC Carrie’s tattoos. Seeing as she owns a tattoo parlor and has a lot of tattoos, I figured it was important to eventually flesh out what they look like. I’m hoping to do more lineups of my characters eventually :0

her aesthetic is 50′s retro/biker, so I tried going for an american neotraditional look. It was fun messing with that style a bit ;)

edit: added some clothes options to show her general style. These don’t have to be exactly what she wears;  it’s more of a general guideline.

I accidentally some EmoFuri derps. I used Nakkt as the guinea pig and got super lazy with the coloring. I still haven’t figured out how to make custom animations; these are all bits and parts from the pre-made samples. I’ll figure it out eventually, though. Some of the animations have a lot more to them than what the .GIFs show, but when I try to export the files, the FPS drops to a crawl.

But EmoFuri tho.

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