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For @seungchuchuweek’s Day 5 Prompt: Mythology/Folklore!

Featuring an au I’ve been working on for a while, set vaguely in a Tang dynasty-like China. Seung Gil is a Kumiho* and Phichit is a furry

*nine-tailed fox

And through the flames, she sees you, Magnus, alive.

(ʘᗩʘ’!!) “oh my god” !!!

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Mermaid and Sailor boyfriend; after they get Tweek out of the tank this is how they keep him hydrated.

Damian totally hid a pig in his room. No one saw it, not even Alfred, because Damian is a sneaky MF, but Damian just HAD to get it away from that farm, it was too precious to become somebody’s meat! 
He went about 2 weeks before Tim went into Damian’s room to look for his coffee pot (Damian’s just that evil.) it took a while to get used to the fact that there was an ACTUAL pig in THIS room, then he remembered it was Damian, so… When the demon finally got home, Tim slyly dropped a hint that he knew about the pig. Damian did a double-take, he was so caREFUL HOW DID DRAKE FIGURE IT OUT?! After Damian was done yelling at Tim, he started attacking him, telling him that he couldn’t take away Terrance (the pig), but Tim wasn’t going to take him away, he was going to help him hide Terrance… For the small price of every weekend with that cute lil guy. Damian was reluctant to accept the terms, but if he hadn’t Terrance would go back to the farm, and Damian is smart enough to know what happens to farm animals eventually. Now Damian has to keep feeding Terrance his scraps from dinner everyday so he knows who his favorite is. (Tim feeds him cake)

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hello! I've just stumbled upon all your wonderful and amazing work/art/animation you've guys have created so far. BUT! I need to know when skeletonblood is coming out or an update on how far you guys are now! p.s. draw and post more kookaburra

( I don’t like tldr, I think its fucking lame. So do read or don’t read that shits up to you guys. But it would be very kind if you did. )

This is a really big question actually, and we have had it posed like several times in forms of asks, and just like things we stumble upon on the net. Yeah “Skeletonblood” is still happening. SB ( as it’s abbreviated ) is an iteration of a film concept of the same name, and was what Douzlia was built on. Back then when it was just me ( Alex ) I reworked the scripts and designs of the for film ver. into a game to make showcasing Doulzia’s visual approach and narrative sensibility to an audience in an actualized form conveyable and, relatively more manageable for myself to handle.

Transitioning into working with Doulzia’s first core staff member Suzuka, I reworked the Idea a second time to make drawing imagery and also working with themes and concepts synergetic between us ( actually ending up with something much closer to SB film ver ).

Along the way many people entered the fold ( whether they are in the staff page or not ) we have made so many friends. Douzlia became a huge global network of really intelligent yungs. I could never thank those people enough for all the love and support they give us through this. I’m enormously thankful always.  

Since then a lot of unpredictable things have happened that changed my projection for our future. It looks likely we will be able to follow our goal with a much more straight path to animation then what I initially could see, which we are all very fortunate for and also excited about. Of course still following it in our quasi amorphous Doulzia way.

Still the skeleton of 2 games both SB and another sibling game “Tadaima” are in our back pocket, and both will likely manifest in the future ( in some form ).

uhm haha this is weird to explain here, please keep reading I’m almost done…

For now what those game projects boil down to is a place for us to pull from as development material that will spill into all Skeletonblood related animation ( Like Open Mike and Paul White’s “Dang is Invincible” ) and eventually into its own animated film. Beyond that the characters and ideas inside SB are important to us, and so for a while they will be majorly involved in representing 90% of our presence as a studio.

- Alex 

oh and Kookaburra bit is mega noted, here is a potential redesign draw Suzuka did during “Dang is Invincible” production that I told myself I would only release in our first book, but will put out here cause you were damn sweet. 

The Pokeani Cast as Youtubers

Ash:  Starts as a small-time gaming Let’s Player who aspires to make it big. After a particularly viral episode on a game that proves to be ridiculously popular, he gains a massive following. Eventually teams up with Gary and Paul to make a triumvirate of Let’s Plays/Reviews. Has attempted speed-runs on livestreams but tends to trip over himself time and time again. You can always hear Gary laughing in the back. He tried running a Pokemon Battling vlog channel, but kept getting distracted by the battles to make anything of them.

Gary: Catapulting to from his already big name on other social media, Gary starts his own Let’s Play channel. It’s pretty laid back with him just playing games for laughs, but gets more serious when he sees Ash climbing towards him in terms of subscription numbers. After some contention between the two, they make nice, even eventually deciding to team up with Paul to make a mega channel that becomes one of the staples of the youtubing community.

Misty: Outdoors vlogging (usually around water-based environments), with her showing off cool habitats for Pokemon (especially water-types). Knows Ash offline, so sometimes she’s able to convince him to act as cameraman for her more physically demanding excursions. You can hear him complaining from behind the camera oftentimes in these cases. She edits out the numerous encounters with bug Pokemon.

Brock: His channel is one that’s changed a lot over the years. It started off as a AMV channel with a heavy romantic tilt. Then morphed into an amateur cooking vlog. While he kept doing these at least once a week, the rest of his uploads shifted towards fairly well edited animated videos of Pokemon Breeding Lectures with him narrating in the background, and occasionally appearing on screen to demonstrate the concept. As of late, the content has taken a shift towards the medical side of Pokemon, and it’s stayed there ever since. The cooking show is still a staple of his channel though. Always expect cameos from his various siblings.

Tracey: A purely animation channel (sprinkled with creator vlogs). He started mostly just animating talking Pokemon, but eventually began animating people as well. He likes to animate his friends and fellow youtubers, such as Misty and Ash and their pokemon. He struggled to make a name for himself at first, but the resurgence of the popularity of animation on youtube, he’s found himself rising to great and well-deserved popularity. He now regularly has guest youtubers voicing some of his characters.

May: Not the most focused channel in terms of themes, but an entertaining one nonetheless. Aptly named: May’s Expeditions. There’s a lot to be found her from short videos of her Pokemon doing cute things, to hastily shot backstage hijinks at Contests, videos of her on the road between contests, and plenty of Noodle shop recommendations. Drew is an “unwilling” participant in many of these. Loved by her fans for her energy and positivity, not to mention some of the hilarity that ensues.

Max: Pokemon Battle analyses and strategy training guides. He started off a bit dry, and had a hard time accruing followers since he felt he needed to be very rigid in order to appear legitimate. However, as his own experience in the field evolved, and recognized that some personality was essential to the viewing experience, he’s become a well-recognized channel. May sometimes co-hosts when he does coordinator specific segments or videos. Bitter rivals with Conway’s channel that showcases the same content.

Drew: Initially just a Pokemon Contest care channel, but his uploads became more and more irregularly scheduled as he gained more and more presence on May’s channel. He converted it to a promotional channel for his exhibitions when he became a member of the Coordinator’s Association.

Dawn: Has three channels actually: One for high fashion and all things associated with it (for both people and Pokemon); and one related to tips and helpful lessons for starting coordinators. She eventually created a new channel along with Serena who had a similar channel for Performers. Given the many parallels between the two, and how well they worked together as a team, they felt it was only natural that they collaborate. Serena regularly guest stars on her fashion channel as well. (Credit to @sceptlle for their post that inspired this one in its entirety, as well as the originator of the idea for the Dawn-Serena channel).

Zoey: A politically active vlog talking primarily on LGBTQ+ issues and broadcasting problems in society, the Pokemon League, the Coordinator’s Association, and their associated media outlets. Regularly uses her channel to promote and direct people to rallies in an effort to bring about change. The rest of her videos are meant to educate people, both in the LGBTQ+ community and outside of it, about issues that affect its people.

Ursula: A vlog channel chronicling all the finer things in life… if you have the money for it. No, it’s not youtube red, but it’s definitely talking on subjects that you probably couldn’t even care about unless you had the money to procure them. She talks about her yachts, her mansions, extraordinarily expensive makeovers, clothing, and anything else her heart desires. There are the rare vlogs that has her somewhat quietly devolve into a more poignant subject that isn’t entirely selfish, or at least reveals a bit about the girl behind the rich girl veneer that she showcases readily to the world.

Conway: The archrival to Max’s battle analysis/strategy channel. It doesn’t quite find as much success in terms of subscriptions, but those that view his videos regularly swear by his tactics as being some of the most sound advice a pokemon trainer can receive. He tends to leave a lot of comments on Dawn’s videos.

Paul: When asked why he didn’t make a Pokemon Battle Strategy channel, he replied simply with “Why should I share my strategies with my opponents”. However, the idea of a youtube channel lingered in his mind, and during a particularly slow off-season, he made a gaming youtube channel. Naturally, as Paul would, he put 110% into it, becoming something of a hardcore gamer and gaming completionist in his spare time. The channel tended to drop dead during the main tournament season, but it would always pick back up between those times. To try and keep subscriptions, during his busier times, he would deliver gaming infrequent game reviews instead, as they were much less time intensive that what he did in the off-season. He was known for his extreme critiques, but any praise seemed to garner the game to which he gave it much attention. Ash invited Paul on board his and Gary’s collaborative gaming channel, where Paul now handles most critiques and achievement challenges. His rants on this channel while playing are legendary, no doubt a product of Gary making small, nuanced efforts to provoke them. Memes have been made by virtue of this.

Cilan: His is one subchannel of a trio run by his triplet brothers. While the majority of his videos tend to focus on gourmet meals, Pokemon Battling, and his work as a Connoisseur, he routinely demonstrates that his a youtubing connoisseur of everything. You’ll find videos about trains, mysteries, fishing, and anything else he can claim to be an expert of. He routinely cameos in his brothers’ videos. Cress’ channel is a hyper-focused wine-tasting channel, while Chili’s is quite literally all over the place (and not in the organized way Cilan’s is). Chili’s youtube channel went dead for a solid year while Chili migrated over to Vine, which suited him much better. He’s since returned after the tragic death of that platform. Burgundy would like it known that she is ABSOLUTELY NOT SUBSCRIBED TO HIS CHANNEL.

Iris: It took Iris forever to make the channel, and forever to start posting to it, but when she did, it was of two themes: The outdoors, and Dragons. It’s usually shake-y cam videos of her watching wild dragon pokemon and her squeeing about them from behind the camera. She’s learned enough about editing to make collages of her travels set to serene music that many people looking for relaxation tracks tend to favour while writings/studying/reading. Cilan occasionally helps her on both the filming and editing side of the process and sometimes guest-stars. He’s usually not as enthused about the excursions as she is, especially if vine swinging is involved. She and Misty have been considering doing some collab videos, given some of the parallel themes between their channels. Encounters with Ice Types are edited out with extreme prejudice.

Burgundy and Georgia: Very, very, salty collab vlogs. Usually with thinly veiled jabs at Cilan and Iris respectively. Georgia sometimes posts her pranking videos on here, much to Burgundy’s objection… Unless Cilan’s the victim.

Trip: The photography slideshow video channel. He has probably the most videos uploaded of anyone on this list, all nicely themed and set to very appropriate music for the landscape/subjects involved. The only breaks in these are his weekly photography tip videos, which involve everything from dissertations on equipment to shooting styles.

Clemont: THE SCIENCE CHANNEL! It’s very stylistically reminiscent of Bill Nye’s old show, and he’ll show and tell you about everything from Biology to Engineering to Astrophysics. Bonnie is a frequent, almost regular, co-host and a crowd favourite, since she tends to bring a great air of comedy to the show that Clemont seemed to lack. Especially when she gets to point out his silly-absurdly-long-named-apparatuses, as well as her deadpan reactions to invention failures. Lots of 80s/90s graphics inspirations to be found here. Serena and/or Ash sometimes appear on these videos as well, fielding very different reactions to his lessons and works of engineering.

Bonnie: Despite her consistent presence on her brother’s channel, she actually has one of her own. Hers is quite literally a channel where she’s determined to make a video of her hugging every single cute pokemon known to man. That is to say, all pokemon. At her brother’s advice, and to fill out more content in her videos, she talks about some of their unique characteristics, and why she adores them so. Probably one of the cutest channels on youtube. All the ‘React’ channels want her as a guest.

Serena: In addition to her first channel which was simply a ‘How-to Pokemon Performer’s channel’, she’s now working with Dawn in the unified Coordinators-Performer’s Channel which showcases tips/tricks/lessons as well as promoting great causes that either support the these two disciplines, or utilize the disciplines as a means to raise money for other worthy causes. She also anonymously runs a quiet Ash Ketchum appreciation channel that has compilations of his battles and appearances on his and other youtube channels. Only Clemont knows about it, and it was because he accidentally walked in on her editing one. Of course, he keeps her secret, and occasionally passes along video clips of Ash to her that he knows she would like.

Mairin: Posts Chibi animated videos of her and Alain, supposedly based on real adventures and battles she and he have fought. Alain gruffly accepts this, despite some of the embarrassment it’s caused him (especially that battle against the Mega Slowbro). She sometimes works with Tracey, a fellow animator on youtube.

Alain: He never says his name or shows his face on camera, but everyone who knows him knows its him because his blue scarf falls into shot sometimes. Plays edge-y metal re-imaginings of songs from movies, games, and other media.

Sawyer: When people heard he was going to make a youtube channel, they expected a battle analysis channel much like Conway’s or Max’s. Instead, they got a Steven Stone fan-channel. It’s actually surprisingly well received, if a little niche.

Mallow: A fully dedicated home cooking channel! She tends to work on her own for the most part, but when it comes to her taste tests at the end of a show, she usually drags Kiawe (though Lillie sometimes falls into this role as well) into the hot-seat. The results are usually pretty mixed according to him. She’s known for her ‘unusual’ ingredient combinations or inspirations. She’s been approached for collabs by Brock and Cilan, but hasn’t decided on how to make it work since they live so far away.

Lillie: Of all the youtubers, Lillie is probably the most recent addition. She’s not found a big direction yet for her videos, but thus far, it’s been more focused on Pokemon Food, its creation, and which types like which kinds best. 

Kiawe: His is an obscure youtube channel, for which he’s partially grateful. All of his videos are fairly amateur attempts to capture his hidden passion: Dancing! He updates sporadically, and hasn’t gained a great subscriber base yet. He’s deathly afraid of what will happen if his friends find out about it, but can’t bring himself to take them down.

Lana: Her channel is actually fairly unique, in that she’s actually gone through great pain and effort to acquire scuba gear and an underwater camera so she can film the underwater environments of Alolan Pokemon. She hopes one day that she can simply use Popplio’s bubble’s to achieve the same effect, but is well versed enough to use the gear to film some fantastic videos. You’ll seldom hear her voice in these videos (only dubbing over the footage usually), but she tends to overlay some very serene and aquatically themed music on the videos. Misty is naturally a huge fan of this channel.

Sophocles: Sophocles runs a tech-y variety channel that runs more on livestreams than it does videos. He runs a regular ‘Tech Help’ Livestream, where he has people in the chat ask him questions that he answers to help with their various issues with computers, machinery, and the like. He’s also a big gamer, so naturally, he reviews and plays games live as well. Further, he’s a big figure of the various tech/gaming cons that take place on the various islands of Alola over the course of the year. He’s looking to expand that portfolio beyond his home region eventually. He reposts all the archived listreams to youtube after the broadcasts are finished to chronicle them for people to refer to later.

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I've noticed a disturbing anti-vax trend among some pet owners, mostly people in their 50s and 60s. The "logic" is familiar; except instead of autism, they're fixated on cancer. The story usually goes "the dogs never used to get vaccinated for all these things, and they were fine, but now everyone's dog dies of cancer." Do you run into this as well, or do I just need to hang out with different old people?

I’m more likely to run into “My breed of dog is special and extra-sensitive to vaccines” type of people, and as long as they’re willing to do titre testing for distemper, hepatitis and parvo after the third year, I don’t care. They can do titre testing if they’d prefer to do so, we are in a fairly low risk area for those three diseases.

There are several likely reasons why dogs seemed to not get cancers as much in the past:

  • They died younger of infectious diseases that we vaccinate for now
  • Purebred dogs had higher levels of genetic diversity (less overbreeding of specific popular sires with frozen semen technology)
  • Their nutrition has improved, so they live longer
  • They are getting hit by cars less.
  • People have a selective memory

I’m serious about the hit by car point too. My current boss used to see a fractured limb each week from a car-associated injury when he was a young vet. Now we might see six a year. While this is great for the local dogs because it means they’re not getting into traffic accidents as much, it is a little inconvenient when you’re trying to learn orthopedics.

The primary reason for the beliefs you’re encountering is likely folks selectively remembering what they want to remember. The simple fact is that if you’re preventing deaths from one cause, those animals will eventually die of something else.

It’s very telling if these people talk about their ‘old’ dogs who got to the ripe old age of 7 or 10. Meanwhile the dogs getting cancer are 10, 12, 14 or older.

Something kills all of us. Have the debate if you’ve got the energy, but in my experience they don’t want to listen to you anyway.

I had a realization that probably a good portion of my followers want to work for Dreamworks one day or some other animation company. So here’s a summary of the Dreamworks lecture when they came to my school

They showed like an introduction video showing their movies and shows, I teared up a little.

Anyways so they showed the process of making a film and some demo reels of people they hired. They also told us how difficult it can be to get a job at DWA. Like for animation they had about 500 people apply, only 25 were chosen from that to take a test, 10 of those got an interview, and like 6 got hired. So yeah it’s hard to get in.

They gave a lot of tips too. Like for your demo reel, you’re lucky if they watch past 10 seconds, so put your best work first. Also do things differently. Like don’t just show animations of humanoids/animals, because you’re gonna eventually animate something weird like Bob from Monsters vs. Aliens. The same goes for rigging. Like don’t just rig people/animals, rig like a building to sway during an earthquake or something. Another thing, animating is basically like acting, so they recommend to take a class about acting so you know what you’re doing.

For character designs, don’t just have one style. They also said something about realism I kinda forgot. I think it was like aim for realistic designs for like background designs. Because people can argue that something may look weird as it’s their “style” but having a photo-realistic drawing shows that you know how to draw.

Also for modelers, don’t just put characters in T-poses for your demo reel, use variety. Basically be weird, be different.

They kinda ran out of time so there wasn’t much about lighting, effects, etc. But I remember they said like for lighting they don’t care about the quality of your animations, they’ll just look at the lighting only. They also pushed quality not quantity.

During the second portion of the lecture, they showed this one class they do at this other college. Basically it was to show that the students there started with like really bad concept art/ideas, but the final product was amazing. So like you can do that too. It doesn’t matter what school you go to as long as you have the passion to pursue it. There was also a list of the top ten mistakes students make… let’s see if I can remember them

1) Procrastinate. Don’t do it. Like if you procrastinate, then you don’t have time to get people to look at your work before hand and tell you how to fix any problems

2) I think there was one about asking for help

3) Use references. There’s no way you know exactly what something looks like without looking at a reference of it. Also your mind messes with how you perceive things or something

4) Not listening to criticism. Especially by professionals, they’re there to help you get better. Even though sometimes they can be brutal.

I can’t remember the others.

Some great things they also said: they hire students because they want to help you become the best you can be. The story is really important and they admitted that some of their movies sucked. Trying to work from the bottom up is really really hard, try not to do that. They named some other companies that are good places to work at.

James Potter Imagine 3 Part 1


Request: Hi!! Can you do a James x reader where the reader is Sirius’s twin sister and James really wants to date her but Sirius won’t let him cause he’s to overprotective so they secretly start to date and Sirius finds out and is really mad. Btw I love you and your writings SOOO MUCH!!!!:)<3

I’m super exited to write this one bc I’m a twin so i can relate. Im the older twin (by 2 minutes) so i also made the reader the older one.


You entered the Great Hall, smiling and waving at your twin brother, Sirius, before his friend (and your crush), James, waved you over to come and sit with them. You were just about to sit in-between James and Remus when Sirius grabbed your wrist and pulled you over to him, glaring at James and gesturing for you to sit in-between Remus and Sirius instead. You sighed and sat down.

“So,” James began, shooting Sirius a harsh glare before turning back to you, “Y/n, are you going to Hogsmeade this weeken-”

Sirius had gotten up and pulled James out of his seat, his round glasses falling off in the process, and dragged him out of the Great Hall.

You sighed and picked up James’s glasses. Whatever quarrel the boys had gotten into this time, you were sure you could talk them out of it and then scold your -technically- little brother.

You walked out the Great Hall, just about to round the corner when you heard Sirius yelling.

“We talked about this, Prongs!”

“I know! But I just-” he sighed and spun around in frustration, running his hands through his hair, “I really like her.”

“She’s my sister!”

“I know, I know! But don’t you think that you should let her be the one who decided whether or not she dates me? After all, it’s y/n I want to go out with, not you!”

“No! It’s my job to protect her. I wouldn’t even let that wuss Longbottom come near here. I know what you’re like James, and I don’t want you near my sister.”

Sirius stormed off and you ducked out of the way as he passed you. You let out a sigh of relief when he walked through the doors of the Great Hall and then peeked around the corner to see James running his hand through his messy hair, rubbing his eyes. 

“Why does she have to be his bloody sister?” James muttered to himself.

You stepped around the corner and held up his glasses, “I believe these belong to you?”

James squinted and then his eyes went wide, “Y-y/n, I didn’t- you see- see you there- uh-”

“It’s fine,” you walked over and handed him his glasses, watching as he slid them on and pushed them up his nose. You noticed the light blush on he cheeks as he looked around.

There was a ten second pause of the two of you standing awkwardly.

“Did you-”

“Yes,” you finished, already knowing what he was going to ask.

There was another short pause.

“Do you want to-”

“Yes,” you finished again, smiling. 

“And Padfoot?”

“We’ll just have to date in secret?” 

“Sounds utterly scandalous,” James said, his usual smirk back after recovering from his embarrassment.

“Well,” you bit your lip and smiled back, “I am quite the rebel.”

“Is that so?” James was beginning to laugh.

“I am!” You objected, looking mock offended.

“Sure…” he laughed and shot back sarcastically. 

“Well, I feel very disrespected,” you said dramatically, smiling while fighting back laugher. 

You had just begun your dramatic storm off when James ran up behind you and picked you up from the back, spinning you around as you laughed, before putting you on the ground, allowing you to turn and face him. 

“You really think we can pull this off?”

He kissed you softly before pulling away and responding, “Of course we can.”

You heard Sirius’s voice from around the corner, most likely ranting to Moony about how some girl wouldn’t hook up with him. You and James shared a briefly panicked look before he kissed your cheek and said, “Meet me in the Astronomy tower at midnight,” before rushing off to go intercept his friends.


At 11:59 you quietly slipped out the Gryffindor common room, making sure the Fat Lady remained asleep. You silently rushed through the hallways, checking every corner before continuing, until you reached the astronomy tower. James was sitting on the ground, looking at the stars, when you walked in and sat next to him.

“Did anyone see you leave?” You asked.

“Moony, but-”


But,” he emphasized, calming you down and grabbing your hand, “he swore he wouldn’t say anything.”

“Okay, okay,” you sighed, “Remus is the most trustworthy out of y'all.”

James coughed, as a way of saying he should be the most trustworthy.

“I’m not changing my answer,” you laughed.

“Maybe this will change your mind.”

He moved closer to you and you stayed there kissing for a while. Later, when you pulled apart, you talked about everything from your family drama to your favorite animals. Eventually it was nearly 6 am, and the world faded into darkness as the two of you played cuddled together.


“What the fuck?!!”

You groaned and felt something under you. No… someone

You pushed yourself up a bit with your arms and saw James, his eyes fluttering opened. You blushed and got off of him and moved over, rubbing your eyes. You looked up to see your brother fuming with rage.

“Oh shit…” you said to yourself.

“Yeah, y/n! ‘Oh shit!’”

Remus was standing next to Sirius fighting back laughter.

James sat up and groaned, “Moony! You said you wouldn’t tell!”

Sirius glared at James, “Well, when you two lovebirds were missing for the first half of the day, Moony here decided he should go get you before I found you. But he wasn’t to reluctant to give you up!”

James was about to speak when Sirius interrupted him, “My sister! I told you to stay away from her! And you went behind my back? What kind of friend are you?”


“No, y/n!” He interrupted you, “You lied to me just as much as he did.”

“Well you don’t have to protect me!” You shot back, getting angry. Sirius was being somewhat irrational. 

“I do! I’m your brother!”

“I can take care of myself!”

He gestured to James’s general area, “Clearly you can’t!”

“I’m older than you!”

“By two bloody minutes!”

“If you’re going to be such a twat, just stay out of my life!”

Sirius’s eyes flashed with hurt and he stepped back. You put your hand on his shoulder.

“Sirius, I-”

He shrugged your hand off and walked out of the Astronomy Tower. 

Remus sighed, “I’ll go talk to him,” and left.

You turned to James, “I don’t want to hurt him.”

“I know,” he sighed, “mean either, he’s my best mate, but it is our lives. We get to choose who we date.”

“I know, and I just wish he could see that!”


You and James were sitting in the common room in front of the fire, your legs intertwined. You were trying to teach him how to properly tie his tie, which it turns out he had been doing wrong his whole life. 

“No, James,” you laughed, “like this.”

Like what?” He questioned, doing it wrong obviously intentionally while smiling at you.


He cut you off with a kiss and you laughed, kissing back.

There was a cough behind you and the two of your turned around. 

“Oh, Sirius, I-” you began, untangling yourself from James.

“Padfoot- We need to-” James cut in. 

“-Talk, I know.”

You and James both looked at him expectantly and he sighed.

“Alright, I know I’ve been… unreasonable, but-”

“Tell me about it,” you muttered to James.

Sirius shot you a death-glare and you grinned.

“-but, as I was saying, I suppose… I could learn… to deal with this arrangement if my sister and best mate are happy…”

He looked away and folded his arms. 

“Oh, Sirius! Thank you!” You jumped up and tackled him in a hug, making him laugh. 

“You’re welcome, sis,” he smiled, ruffling you hair after you released him. 

“And Prongs,” Sirius smiled at his best mate, pulling him into a hug, “Don’t ever, and I mean EVER hurt her.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” James responded, smiling at you while patting his best friends back. 

Animate a Grump is a non-profit community project - inspired by Project Drakkhen - which aims to work with multiple animators from the GG Community to animate a full episode of Game Grumps from the Dan Era.

We hope to work together with the lovelies to help pick an episode and eventually to help animate the project ! This project will eventually be uploaded to a channel specifically created for this project !

* How does this project work?

This project will follow a few steps - the first being to open suggestions from the lovelies on which episode they think deserves to be fully animated. We will watch every suggestion and run a poll with the episodes we feel have the most potential and it will be up to you to vote on which you feel should win !

Once the episode has been chosen we will break it down into parts, and will open applications to animators from the community.

More info about later steps will be posted once the ones above have been fullfilled, but rest assured we will keep the community posted !

* How do I suggest an episode to you guys?

It’s easy ! Once you’ve decided on an episode you like, send it to us at ReanimateAGrump@gmail.com with your name / username that we can use in the credit segment at the end of the video ! You have until November 13th to send us an episode, after which we will not be accepting anymore suggestions.

* I’m not sure about something, where can I contact you?

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(1/2) Weird animal ethics question here. Recently, the shelter where I volunteer has been handling animals from a neglect case in which two guinea pigs were allowed to breed uncontrolled. There are now 250+ animals, all of which would be the result of repeated parent/child and sibling incest. The original pair presumably come from the genetic pool of guinea pigs bred in pet mills, and probably have iffy genetic health to start with. The plan is for these animals to eventually be rehomed as pets.

(2/2) My question is, at what point is the degree of inbreeding and risk of genetic illness so great that it would be more humane to euthanize the animals? How would you determine where that point falls, given these animals with unknown genetic history? (q tax: came for the weird animal stories, stayed for the interesting info and thoughtful discussions)             

So you’re talking about approximately 250 animals that might have significant genetic weaknesses.

And your options are either:

  • Desex and rehome them as pets
  • Euthanise them now

You are basically weighing up, right now, giving these animals a chance at life, or certain death. There is a large unknown factor with these animals too, namely how genetically different the original pairs were.

There is a chance that these guinea pigs will be perfectly fine as pets. Personally I would make the call that if these animals look healthy right now, and homes can be found that will accept the risk of their past circumstances, then why not give them a chance? If they become ill in the future, you can always consider euthanasia then. If people are willing to give them a nice life in the meantime, and they’re prevented from breeding, then why not?

So if they show signs of illness now I would address it, but if they’re not showing signs I would treat them as any other animal coming through the shelter.

Consider their current status, rather than their future possible states.


Richard Trenton Chase: Renfield’s Syndrome, Hypochondria, and Paranoid Schizophrenia

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Richard Trenton Chase (23 May 1950 - 26 December 1980), more commonly known as the “Vampire of Sacramento”  or the “Dracula Killer,” was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California by a father who abused alcohol and was domestically abusive to Chase’s mother and Chase himself and a mentally unstable mother. By the age of eight, he was already a near-nightly bed wetter, and by age 10, he was known to set fires for self-satisfaction and to brutally murder, dismember, and drink the blood of animals, fully satisfying the Macdonald Triad of Sociopathy often used by psychologists and criminologists to link serial killers through the common traits that they share. By the age of 10, Chase had also developed acute hypochondria, and the origin of this condition is unknown.

By Chase’s teen years, he became more susceptible to unusual and eccentric behaviors and ways of thinking. The reasoning behind his animal abuse and hematolagnia developed as a delusion that he was suffering from blood poisoning. He believed that he needed to drink the “pure” blood of animals–and eventually human beings–in order to cleanse his own tainted blood. To add on to this, Chase became a heavy chronic drug user in high school, which only served to perpetuate and worsen his violent, paranoid delusions and a desire to cure himself of imagined illnesses through vampiric and sometimes cannibalistic methods.

In young adulthood, Chase’s mutilation and blood-letting of animals continued as his acute hypochondria worsened as he fell into further delusions of impure, poisoned blood. As he began to take an interest in women, it was discovered that he was suffering from erectile dysfunction. Out of a delusion that his heart was somehow shrinking and causing his erectile inabilities, he began to drink even more blood, which was giving him blood poisoning, and raw organs in order to treat his hallucinated condition. Chase’s relationship problems and erectile dysfunction contributed to the sort of sexual sadism with which he later treated all of his female victims, whom he shot and subsequently raped post-mortem.

Shortly after his first murder at the age of 27, Chase was institutionalized for complications related to his paranoid schizophrenia, as he was experiencing a delusion involving his head rapidly changing size and someone trying to steal his pulmonary arteries. He was institutionalized for a short time, immediately returning to zoosadistic violence after his release.

Throughout his series of erratic murders by shooting, Chase vampirized, cannibalized, and sexually abused most of his seven total victims, often fueled by his desire to purify his own blood and organs and also to gratify his sexual sadism. In addition to the disorganization of his murder-rapes, Chase also made no effort to discard evidence or even to be stealthy. He only entered homes where the doors were unlocked, as he believed that locked doors indicated that he was not welcome in the home, and allowed himself to be seen in the neighborhoods. He also consistently left fingerprints, handprints, and footprints throughout the crime scenes. It is likely that this disorganization came as a result of his paranoid schizophrenia, as his thought process throughout his murders was fueled by paranoia, fractured thoughts, and schizoid hallucinations.

After Chase was apprehended, he blamed his crimes on his inability to have sex with girls as a teenage boy, on abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father and mentally unstable mother, and on his consistent hypochondriacal belief that he was dying. His delusional and paranoid thinking continued well into his incarceration. During interviews with former FBI agent Robert Ressler, he requested access to a radar gun with which to track Nazi-driven UFOs, and also handed Ressler copious amounts of macaroni and cheese out of the pockets of his pants, claiming that the prison kitchen staff were Nazis and were trying to kill him with poisoned food.

After countless urges by other inmates, Richard Chase killed himself on the day after Christmas in 1980 with an overdose of antidepressants. This medication had been prescribed to him by a prison doctor, and he had been hoarding the pills for several weeks in anticipation of his suicide.


Ressler, Robert K., and Tom Shachtman. Whoever Fights Monsters: My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBI. Reed Business Information, 1993. 

Turner, Jessica. Psychological Analysis and History of Richard Trenton Chase. Regis University, 2013.

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Hi!!!! How do you think BTS will be when you guys stay at a hotel with them? What's a day/night/stay in a hotel going to be like with them? (Namjoon is my bias but if the other members are alright, then please with them too? Thank you very much, hope it isn't too much!! TT TT) Stay awesome!! :>

Thank you!~


He would take on all the chores around the room. He would cook and prepare a delicious meal for the two of you. You would always have something to talk about whether it’s while you are eating or cuddling with his favourite Mario toy.

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Since he would have a busy schedule, you two would immediately go to bed. After you talk for a while he would absently stroke your head until you would eventually fall asleep.

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Arriving at the hotel he would probably break something (sorry). Both of you would have to go to the reception and spend most of the night in the hotel lobby. You would talk vividly about various things. When you finally return to your hotel room, you would share an even deeper conversation since you would be alone in a secluded room. Before going to bed he would tell you again how sorry he is that he destroyed something until you would both finally drift off to sleep.

*ignore the caption pls*

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The minute you would step into the room, Hoseok would turn on the music and the dance party begins. He would dance to MANY girl group songs and would try to animate you, eventually succeeding. This would continue through the night, resulting in the hotel staff reminding you that other guests need some sleep unlike the two of you.

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Staying in the same room as Jimin means a night full of laughter and cuteness. Both of you would laugh until your stomachs hurt and you cherish every minute you are able to spend with the busy Jimin.


He would have brought a LOT of sweets with him which he ate within the first hour you’ve arrived at the hotel. Him being completely hyperactive you wouldn’t have a single minute of peace, but you wouldn’t mind since you don’t get to spend a lot of time with the cute fluffball that is Taehyung.

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Jin, being the mom he is, booked two separate rooms for you, but that wouldn’t hinder our maknae sneaking to your room at night to spend some quality time aka playing games and watching anime.

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WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 87 ON!!  Don’t watch if you don’t wanna be spoiled for recent events in the manga!!

Ever since this arc ended I’ve wanted to make a Save our City video with it, and there’s no way I could wait for it to come out in anime form (although I’m very excited to see it animated eventually!!)

Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6
Manga: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia by Horikoshi Kohei
Song: Save our City by Ludo (shortened)

Bonus: play History Has its Eyes on You from Hamilton overtop of this video!  It works perfectly!