eventually all the pieces fall into place


Day Six: Bonds
AU: Soulmates | Reincarnation


[Accompanying Writing by @kaijoskopycat]

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An immortal Viktor waits for Yuuri to reincarnate every lifetime - in each of these lifetimes, Viktor will find Yuuri, but Yuuri would have no recollection of Viktor. Viktor would court Yuuri all over again and over time, Yuuri would come to fall for Viktor as he does every other time.

Towards the end of his lifetimes, Yuuri would secretly plant objects that would remind him of Viktor in places his reincarnated self would stumble upon and eventually, he would piece together the information and be convinced to go out and search for ‘Viktor Nikiforov’, the man who loves him timelessly.

Take Me Home - [Eggsy Unwin x Reader]

**OKAY GUYS DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN KINGSMAN 2: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE! The prompt includes direct spoilers to K2, so seriously… stop fkn reading if you haven’t seen it lol.



You’ve been warned!!! <3**

[OKAY. This was SO much fun and I hope I made it angsty enough for you lol. Thanks for the fun prompt, I hope your’re happy Anon!!

Prompt: “Hey! Can I request an Eggsy Unwin x reader? Where she’s his gf and instead of Merlin she steps on the mine but later on turns out she somehow survives? Like hella angsty but with a happy ending!♥️♥️♥️”

Pairing: Eggsy x Fem!Reader with Some Harry Hart up in there!


Warnings: Angst, cursing, :D

Read on Ao3!]

In all of Eggsy’s life there had never been a time where he felt truly broken… Beyond repair broken, with no pieces large enough to even attempt piecing him back together. Until one day a little over two months ago, when he lost everything.

When he lost you…

What was left of him— which to be clear wasn’t much, was shattered. Eggsy was empty. Lost… he felt like nothing. He felt nothing… and it only seemed to be getting worse.

The worst part of it all was that he knew you shouldn’t have joined them. He knew something bad was going to happen if you did… because this Poppy bitch meant business, and she’d already killed everyone else.

He knew you should have just stayed back with the Statesmen or even back home in London… you two had just got a new flat, and it wasn’t even blasted to shit somehow. You’d be safe there. But you weren’t safe… and now that home was just a reminder of you; of what he’d lost and what he couldn’t protect.

Eggsy felt haunted because all he ever wanted was to protect you. He wanted you to be far the fuck away from this mess… But you wouldn’t have any of that. and of course you wouldn’t.

‘Where you go, I go.’ You always told him… but that wasn’t true. Not anymore.

He let you win that argument, didn’t he? Because he didn’t like being separated form you anymore than you liked it… Because he loved you, and boy did he love you something fierce.

You were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, just like a piece of art. The kindest person he’d ever met with the sweetest smile and the biggest heart… You were perfect to him in every single way. Even the things you hated about yourself, he loved deeply and would never dream of changing.

Loved… Were…

All these fucking words to describe you used in the past tense rotted him from the inside out like a piece of fruit shoved and forgotten about. It molded and curdled him into a dark mass of absolute nihility.

But he would have to get used to using them eventually, wouldn’t he?

Because you were gone… because he didn’t fight you on this one, and you were somewhere you never should have been.

Because he was stupid enough to fall for your fucking trick, and because he stepped off that damn mine and because you took his place…

And now, you were dead.

You were gone. Ripped from this world and he was stuck having to live in it without you… Feeling the guilt of it all heavy like a truck plowing through his chest. Was this all just some kind of cruel joke?

Why else would the universe give you to him… give him everything he’d ever wanted— show him happiness, a future and then just steal it all away? Like it was easy or part of some fucking plan…

Every night since that day, he would be thinking about that.

Thinking about that and missing you until it hurt. Thinking of all the things he should have done differently… Praying to whatever God was out there that he could just have you back.

Begging the universe– anything… anyone that he could just fucking kiss you again.

That he could tell you how goddamn much he loved you.

But he would never have that chance again. He would never smell your skin again, he would never taste you again… he’d never get to run his hands through your hair, or hold your hand or feel you at all ever again.

Maybe if he could stop thinking about all of the things he’d never get to do, he would be able to live his life. But each day that passed only reminded him more and more that his life and will to have one; died back there when you did.

The only thing keeping him sane were his responsibilities. Eggsy had his mum and Daisy to worry about, The Kingsmen— what was left of them anyway, and he had Harry back for fucks sake… But still with all the things he had, he couldn’t stop thinking about what he lost. You.

Without Harry though, he honestly couldn’t say where he’d be right now. Probably having drunk himself to death or gotten himself killed by Dean or some other shit looking to cause damage. Hell, part of him even wanted to get the piss kicked out of him… that was the only way he felt anything.

Most days Eggsy’s insides were twisted, and he hardly ever smiled anymore. But he did what he had to… Going through the motions as best as he could, missing his fire and wanting it back. Listening to everyone telling him how one day it would just be alright and how each day would be easier than the last. And even he knew that eventually it had to be true. Didn’t it? Why else would people keep saying it if it weren’t what happened…

And as much as he wanted to believe it, it only seemed to get harder— worse. He couldn’t stop feeling like this. He couldn’t stop fucking missing you and now, he wondered if he ever would.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Eggsy yelled and every layer in his voice screamed in agony as he kicked an end table, blasting it to slivers around your bedroom.

As he looked around the space, he saw you in everything.

Your clothing, your makeup, and books… Your dog curled up on your pillow, missing you nearly as much as he did. Everywhere he looked there you were, but instead of comfort it only offered him despair. Reminded him how terribly he’d failed and that now there was just a hole where you’d been. A deep dark hole that was void of all light, that just sucked every ounce of a person he used to be relentlessly.

“I’m sorry…” Eggsy whispered to the dog as he jumped, and partially to you— even though he knew you’d never hear it.

In that moment he was about to lose it again. He felt the blinding excruciating pain pressing into him like daggers and he almost couldn’t breathe. His insides burned so hot that he couldn’t fucking stand it and it felt like his heart was on fire. He couldn’t fucking—

“Eggsy,” Harry started lightly from behind him, pulling Eggsy from his thoughts of remorse and guilt abruptly knowing very well where this was going.

How long he’d been standing there, Eggsy wasn’t sure… but clearly it had been long enough by his tone, and it wouldn’t have been the first time he’d walked in on a moment like this; so there really was no use in deflecting, was there?

“What?” Eggsy asked back quietly, breathing heavily with his back still turned away as he stare at your Golden Retriever, Prince. Harry didn’t speak he just sighed deeply, and Eggsy definitely felt the shift in air on his slow exhale.

Finally he turned towards his old friend with brows in a straight painful glare. His eyes were dark and his skin was pale and inert… Eggsy hadn’t been taking care of himself in the slightest, and even though it’d only been a couple months; he looked like he aged years. Harry had noticed all this of course but how could he help someone that didn’t want it?

“Listen, Eggsy… I’ve go—“ He took a step forward, holding a sympathetic look behind in his eye.

Harry may not have known you very long, but it was long enough to tell how special you were to Eggsy. That and it would take a fool not to see how much you meant to each other. The way he looked at you alone was more powerful than any sign of devotion Harry’d ever seen. And nothing hurt Harry more than seeing the way your death had effected him, and he had been determined to do everything he could to help…

“Jus stop it, yeah? Don’t need this shit from you too, Harry…” Eggsy shook his head briefly in defeat, still holding his brows roughly; trying to hide the pain that crept up and through him as it poisoned his mind further.

“I’m… sorry. I know this is all very difficult for you, but if you’d listen to m—” Harry started, looking intently to Eggsy… If only he’d just listen.


“No, you stop… Do you think she wants this of you? To see you like this?” Harry was trying to remain neutral in his voice, but he couldn’t stop the undertones that came forward as he point about the disheveled room. When Eggsy didn’t say anything, he continued this time a little softer, but with just as much feeling. “I don’t think so. Actually, I know for a fact she doesn’t.”

“You don’t know shit, Harry. She’s fuckin’ gone, ain’t she? She don’t want nothin’ anymore…” The ache of his words began spreading further as he pulled his face painfully. Eggsy didn’t like talking about you that way… but he had to. He had to accept the fact that you were gone, and that you weren’t coming back.

Those words rooted themselves to his bones as he pulled his mouth into a tight frown before continuing; interrupting Harry again as if he hadn’t even heard him starting.

“I can’t do it, Harry…” He said lightly, any once of poise he had left was collapsing around him, and after a moment he could see your smile again… “Jus can’t.” and now he was seeing your eyes sparking, happy and dancing between his own like wildfire.

“It feels like,” Eggsy paused again, his brows lightening as if he was searching deep inside his stomach for the answer. His eyes fell in defeat as he felt your skin against his again… “like everythin’ is just… gone. Like I’m nothin’ now.”

Harry didn’t know what to say at first, but after a moment he took in a deep breath and stepped closer to him. He placed a hand to Eggsy’s shoulder, squeezing it affectionately pulling his attention forward.

“You will never be nothing, Eggsy… You feel like this because you love her. I may not have know her very well, but I can tell you: she loves you too. And I can also say she won’t want to see you like this.”

“What the fuck’s wrong with ya? Why you keep bangin’ on like she’s here… like I’m ever gonna see her again- like she’s alright.” When he started, he was almost angry but mostly he was really fucking confused.

You’d been gone for two months and 17 days. And he may have kept it together for the most part around everyone else, but right now… he was going to lose it. All of his emotions were passing tightly to the cap of his control and as he continued his composure was crumbling just like the rest of him.

Eggsy stepped closer, with a fever in his eyes. “What the fuck you on about, hm?”

He was ready to go off on Harry truthfully; even though he knew none of it was Harry’s fault, but when you’re grieving nothing really makes sense, does it? Just as he opened his mouth again, he heard the front door open…

“If you’d just have listened to me…” Harry said softly, and Eggsy had no idea what to make of it.

When he looked from Harry to Prince, the dog shot his head and ears up in a most familiar way as he sniffed the air several times, then stood on the bed…

Eggsy’s own face switched to something in between bemusement and terror as he watched Prince jump from the bed and run from the room excitedly. Each quiet clicker of his nails pattering down the stairs filled him with more anxiety than the last and when he looked to Harry, he was already smiling softly.

In that moment Eggsy felt like gravity and time had lost all form and meaning…

“Who’s that?” He asked with his chest heavily rising and falling as a muffled voice carried from the bottom of the stairs as if on waves.

“You know who it is.” Was all Harry said, and in a flash Eggsy pushed passed him; running down the hall and the flight of stairs quicker than light.

When he was a few steps from the bottom his eyes were wide, and his breath was rushed leaving his lungs in short hurried puffs.

And there you were…

Clear as a summer day, there you were.

You pushed yourself slowly from the ground, losing your balance a bit as Merlin steadied you from the doorway. Having mechanical legs wasn’t exactly something you got used to over night…

When Eggsy looked at you, his gaze was transfixed as if he was seeing a ghost. Under the circumstances he really had been, hadn’t he? You were dead… weren’t you?

“Hi, Eggy…” You offered, locking eyes with his; your voice soft, quiet and lined only slightly with apprehension.

Your own eyes filling full of tears you didn’t even try hiding. You were so fucking scared you were almost shaking, and all you wanted was to feel him again… to touch him. But what if he didn’t want you? What if he didn’t trust you anymore…

Eggsy stepped slowly from the stairs with his lips slightly parted; still sporting that look of awe behind his azure eyes. “I… wh…” He tried a few times, but nothing came out.

But in a flash he shoved passed whatever skepticism he had been feeling and grabbed you. Hugging you tighter than he’d held anything, squeezing like you were water slipping between his fingertips. He grabbed your face between his hands and decorated every inch of your neck and face with tender yet panicked filled kisses.

He half expected you would disappear before his eyes, or that he was just hallucinating you… But he could feel you.

You were real and you were kissing him back; and at this point you both were crying happy tears so powerful you felt it in every molecule.

“You really here, luv?” Eggsy asked under his breath as he held his forehead to yours, breathing in that sweet smell of your skin, scanning those beautiful eyes he loved so damn much.

“Are you?” You asked sweetly with a smile, letting each salted tear slide its way down your cheek.

God, was he glad to see you. So glad he didn’t even care to listen to the part screaming that he’d just made you up. He didn’t even care if part of him said he’d finally just gone mental… that this was it. That he’d completely fucking lost it.

Even if he had made it all up, it really didn’t fucking matter: because you were there with him.

There was even a part inside that resigned to his fate, knowing it would never be possible for you to be alive, well and with him… But when he looked up the stairs to Harry, he knew.

You were alive– somehow. And this time? He was not going to let go. Not ever.

“Where you go, I go.” Eggsy whispered in your ear before kissing you fervidly, finally feeling whole again.

Bts reaction to finding out you had a sad past:

Anon requested: Bts reaction if they find out that their s/o never really received Lot of love in her live and had to go through a Lot of difficult times surrounded by hate ?

Its done and here it is. What I wanna say is that I am really bad with sensitive topics like that so I am wishing I didn’t mess up too much here.


Originally posted by sokjinkim

Being the oldest member, I’m sure Jin will be the most understanding. Not only will be know the right words to choose, but he’s also going to be by your side 24/7. You’ll forget all your unfortunate days as long as he’s around, that’s his charm.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Don’t let the silence fool you, he’s keeping it in mind. Yoongi admitted to have faced countless difficult days, so he can understand the 100% what you’re talking about, he just wants to spare his words for the right time. Although, he is defiantly going to be saying I love you more, just to prove that while everything in your life may be temporary, his love is permanent.


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Once you started telling your story, hoseok’s eyes began to tear up and there is no end to the hugs. He is a sensitive one so he took it upon himself to give you all his heartu *I had to do it, sorry*, never giving you a chance to go back to the old days.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Another one who is understanding exactly what you’re talking about, but while yoongi decided go keep his comforting words to himself, namjoon poured his heart into a delicate kiss. “Let me erase all those memories”


Originally posted by pervingonkpop

Mixed emotions. Should he crack a joke to diffuse the atmosphere? Should he hug/kiss you? Should he be saying words of comfort? Eventually he’ll end up doing all three together. But one thing for sure is that you’ll be falling asleep in a tighter embrace every night

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

He’s everywhere. In your place, at work, on the phone, taehyung will never leave you after knowing that you had no one to keep you company as you grew up. It broke his heart into pieces and now he feels like it’s his responsibility to fix things.


Originally posted by jayfatuasian

“Let it out baby” he doesn’t want you to have regrets over the past, and while that is something he can’t change, he is going to fight hard, like his hyungs, to keep that smile he fell in love with on your face at whatever cost it was.
Imagine getting back together with Nick

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you and everyone else enjoys this) 


Imagine getting back together with Nick

“I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” Nick sighed loudly so he could be heard over your own shouting.

“What?” You panted, breathlessly.

“I said I don’t know if I can do this anymore,” He repeated, bowing his head as if he couldn’t dare to look at you.

“What does that mean?” You asked, going to reach for him but he flinched away from you, “Nick?”

“Was this a mistake?” He questioned.

“I didn’t think so.” You replied, trying not to cry.

“But what if it was?” He countered.

“I love you, Nick,” You reminded.

“I love you too,” He said, “But…”

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Request: Can you do a song fic with either Dark or Ethan with Colors by Halsey?

Genre: angst, fluff

You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise

You’re spilling like an overflowing sink

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

And now I’m tearing through the pages and the ink

Dark could be a very passionate man when the moment was right, and once you realized that you were determined to see the absolute best in him. You didn’t know how he came to be and never planned on asking, but the aura of wrath that clung to him could slip away. It was the rare moments of vulnerability that forced you to stay with Dark, to keep the deal of companionship with him despite his harsh words and manipulative ways.

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Ok theory #1:

There are 15 songs on rep, right? Well 2 (LWYMMD & TIWWCHNT) are probably about Kanye or Kim or Katy or something but that leaves gasp! 13 songs which I personally believe are all comentary on love and relationships (or a certain relationship 😏)Now the argument could be made on IDSB being a shade song but I’m saying that it’s not for 13’s sake. So if you look at these remaining songs it kinda becomes a puzzle. Now I’m still kinda working out the possible order but this is what I have so far: 1) gorgeous , 2) getaway car, 3) delicate, 4) ready for it?, 5) so it goes, 6) dancing with our hands tied, 7) dress, 8) I did something bad, 9) king of my heart, 10) New Year’s Day, 11) don’t blame me, 12) call it what you want, 13) end game. Now look at like at like this tay’s in a failing relationship but then she meets this GORGEOUS person right and starts liking them right away but doesn’t really know how to deal with it but eventually she leaves the person she was with and escapes in a GETAWAY CAR with this new person. Now she really likes this new person and doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with this person because it’s still new and DELICATE. Finally they get to the point where taylor asks them if they’re really READY FOR IT? for all that comes with being with dating her. So I’m assuming (cause it’s such a stretch to infer) that they said yes and Taylor’s like SO IT GOES. They really accept that they are in a committed relationship and the “pieces fall right into place.” However they decide to keep this relationship a secret and are therefore DANCING WITH [THEIR] HANDS TIED trying to keep the world from finding out, and in secret their relationship continues to grow and progress (DRESS but I coudnt figure a clever way to fit it in) and they become evermore infatuated with each other. But Taylor realizes that [SHE] DID SOMETHING BAD by keeping their relationship such a secret, (In other words she dug a big hole to hide in and got stuck in it) but she can’t bring herself to regret it because it allowed her time to spend in this relationship without outside influence. This person, however, has, overtime, become the KING OF [HER] HEART and taylor decides that they are 110% worth facing the world and ruining her reputation over. No longer is she debating over whether or not it’s chill to like this person (like in delicate) but now she’s full blown in love and starting to believe that this is the one. She has not only found the person to kiss at midnight but the one who she wants wake up to every NEW YEARS DAY. She then goes on to reject how she hid in the past, now she just really wants people to know how happy she is with this person, but the people around her however are calling her crazy and insane for wanting to come out to the world, but Taylor all like ‘DONT BLAME ME it’s my hearts fault that I love this person so much’ and at this point she stops giving a fuck. She doesn’t care anymore about what anyone thinks. In fact she straight up says to just CALL IT WHAT [WE] WANT to cause she’s just so happy and in love that she just doesn’t care about any and I mean anyone’s opinions. And finally she knows that she wants to marry this person, that she want to spend the rest of her life with them, that she wants this relationship to be ENDGAME.

Woo *deep breathe* that took a while. I have a couple more ideas floating around but🤷‍♀️

Can I have a Sleepy Hollow Shyan AU though like

New York City police constable Shane Madej, although an excellent investigator by all means, is far too insubordinate for his own good. He speaks out of turn one too many times, and is forced to investigate the mysterious beheadings plaguing the small town of Sleepy Hollow as punishment. But once he arrives at Sleepy Hollow, Shane—a man of science and reason—finds it absolutely ridiculous that all the locals believe the killer is an undead urban legend: a so-called “Headless Horseman”.

Shane doesn’t bother to hide his disdain for the local’s beliefs, and most of the locals return his disdain—wary of this pretentious constable and his odd methods for investigating. They’re suspicious of his bag full of mysterious chemicals, his hand-made contraptions, his books filled with diagrams they can’t comprehend, and most of all his lack of faith. Everyone in town doesn’t seem to want Shane there. Everyone—except for Ryan Bergara, the son of one of the Horseman’s victims.

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New Home

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @fiercefray:  Love the new jacket! You look as fabulous as ever! (One shot): your first day at home together after you and Scott move in together (TW)

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Hazbin Hotel with Sinner’s Key: The Mad Tea Party

Chappie 1: Late for An Important Date

Inspired by Brandon Roger’s “Mad tea Party” youtube videos.


Sinner’s fan-character concept belongs to me. Special thanks to @tremendousmiraclecherryblossom​ for co writing and editing!

(your Sinner wakes up in their bed, but finds themselves looking up at the sky instead of the ceiling of their room in the hotel. As they get up they find they are in a poorly taken care of field/garden, and they realize they’re no longer wearing their pjs, but an outfit similar to:

(Note; the colors and card suite can be whatever you want for your Sinner’s alice outfit. In case it isn’t that visible, left one is clubs and right one is hearts for the ref pic above.You can also change the shoes, sleeve length, style of the outfit etc X3 )

Sinner: why am I wearing this and where the f*ck are my pjs?

(as they’re looking around, they hear noises. Following them they find some familiar faces around a table…Angel, Husk, Vaggie, Niffty and Crymini to be precise, in weird looking costumes)

Sinner; …what’s everyone doing-? How’d they get the ENTIRE dining room table outside?! (they approach)

Angel: (shoots his head up….and grins) Well WELL!! G’MORNIN’ SLEEPIN’ BEAUTY!!

Niffty: heehee!! Wrong story Angel!

Sinner; what-? Why’re you guys all dressed like that?

Angel: …huh, I could aks you th’ same thing! (looks at a piece of paper) OY! HUSK!! We didn’t cast (Sinner’s name) did we?

Husk: ..this is our Alice, I dragged their bed out here and got them in the stupid dress/suit.

Sinner: (clutches self feeling violated) that only raises more questions.

Angel; th’ F*CK?! I thought CHARLIE was gonna be Alice?!

Husk: …it’s not? ….Wait. …that’s not Charlie? …f*ck (pours some tea)

Niffty; she was busy! but like Husk said, (Sinner’s name) was available!!

Vaggie: you mean “vulnerable”?

Niffty: Yeah that! :D

Angel; ….ah hell with it, kid looks better as Alice an’ makes a better Alice! Anyway, Grab a seat (Y/S’s nickname)

Sinner; … (sits) is this some sort of..cosplay?

Vaggie; More of a cult. before you ask, it was Angel’s idea.

Crymini: YEAH! He found this cool @$$ art book he showed us! Some f*cked up psycho version of Alice in Wonderland-

Vaggie: MY “Alice Madness Returns” art book you took from me TWO WEEKS AGO!?

Angel; …Well no sh*t how ELSE were we gonna get yeh to come?

Vaggie: … (takes a huge gulp of tea)

Angel; WELP!! (to Sinner) don’ know about th’ rest of these party poopers, but I’M having too much fun in “Wonderland,” whatta about y’alls? :D

Niffty: (singing) YEEEEEEESSS!

Sinner; uh…wait…what are you?


Sinner: Ok…

Vaggie; yeah, she’s a flower, Angel’s running this as the Mad hatter, I’m the cheshire cat…

Angel: we “Purrsuaded” Husky here to be our March Hare ;)

Husk: free drinks. That’s all I’m sayin’

Angel: (bends over, floofs chest, and wiggles hips) along with other benefits.

Husk: … (continues drinking)

Sinner; (looks over to Crymini) ..what the hell are you?


Angel; an’ with the intros outta th’ way and FINALLY findin’ an Alice, here’s to havin’ more children fallin’ through our rabbit holes. (raises cup).

Niffty: YYYAAAAYYYYY!!! (splashes tea all over the place)

Husk: stoppit Niff, yer waistin’ all the booze!! (Tea splashes on husks face, he remains silent and licks it off)

Sinner; So wait, this isn’t tea?!

Vaggie; it is, some of it’s just spiked.


(they all shove each other into new chairs. Niffty dances away as Sinner accidentally ends up in Husk’s lap)

Sinner; O.o uh-

Angel: awwww I wanted Alice t’sit on MY lap!

Husk; Well they’re on MY lap, and I’m too lazy to get em’ up (burps)

Sinner; Ew >^<

Angel; Oh YEH!? Well it’s MY party, MY RULES! An’ I want em’ on MY lap!

Husk: Nope. too lazy.

Angel; YES! Gimmie Alice!

Husk: Nope

Sinner; Uh, do I get a say in-?

Angel/Husk: NOPE.

Husk: grab a drink an’ have a smoke kid, it’s gonna be a long one.

Sinner; I don’t smoke OR drink! ..isn’t there anything to eat?

Niffty: COOKIES!

Sinner; Oh good-

Vaggie; they have drugs in them

Sinner; …which ones-?

Angel: ALL O’ THEM! O3O

Sinner; (crawls off Husk’s lap under the table, hoping to get away…and into Niffty’s empty seat, as she’s rolling around the ground) ok, NOW I think I’ll have that drink…

Vaggie: Welcome to the club (pours sinner a cup) Angel and Niffty are hogging all the cookies anyway. (looks over at Angel) How’s the “special K” Hat-hole?

Angel: Ugh, f*ckin cookies don’t taste strong enough, puttin’ me in a bad mood (looks at Husk) …whut th’ f*ck you lookin’ at hare?

Husk; what?

Angel: ..yer ears look like a f*ckin’ bat did em’

Husk: You’re the one who shoved me into this hat.

Sinner; (takes a big sip of tea…only to spit it back out) YUCK!!! What kind of tea is this?! It’s NASTY!

Vaggie; it’s herbal, there was NO WAY I was letting these ADDICTS spike up caffeinated tea

Angel: Kid, when you have this tea, CREAM AN’ SUGAR DON’T DO SH*T! YOU GOTTA SCOTCH IT UP! ..also I blame Vaggie


Husk: Well if he HAD gotten it, we wouldn’t be stuck with THIS CRAP

Angel: You callin’ me LAZY?!

Crymini: (to Niffty, who’s still on the ground rolling around) NIFFTY STOP PHOTOSYNTHESIZING AT THE TABLE!!



Angel; y’know whut? You wanna be the damn Cheshire Hatter or some sh*t? FINE!! YER PARTY NOW! (plops the hat onto her head, beginning to march off)

Husk: (Clearly intoxicated) HEY B*TCH! TAKE YER *HIC* DAMN CHAIR WITH YOU! (throws chair at Angel, which hits him in the leg)

Angel; OW!! YOU MOTHA’-!!

Vaggie: What the hell Husk!?

Husk: B*tch thinks she can just walk out and leave me here with her f*ckin’ mess?!

Crymini:*awkward cough*

Niffty: ….is that what happened to Husk’s last Sweetie?

Sinner: Uh oh-!

(Angel snarls, eyes flashing pink before he picks up the chair and races towards Husk)

Husk: Oh Sh*t-! (flies off, Angel chasing him around)


Niffty: YAY FREE CHAIR!! (sits Husk’s chair as Angel chases Husk around. She takes a sip of Husk’s extra-spiked tea)

Vaggie; NIFFTY DON’T-!

(Niffty gets a blank expression then falls out of said chair)

Sinner; Niffty?!

Vaggie; Niffty! Are you ok?! Niffty-?!?!

Angel: (As he and Husk stop their chase) ooooo… …that’s not good.

Crymini:; Sh*t….we shouldn’t have let her eat those damn cookies!

Vaggie: sure dress the PSYCHO-DOLL like a character from an acid trip film and offer her drugs. I couldn’t POSSIBLY see that ending badly.

Sinner:: Uh, Vaggie? Y’sure she’s-?

(Niffty suddenly opens her eye, which is dilated and red, and gets up hissing!)

Sinner; WTF?!!


Crymini: RUN!

Niffty: (demonic screeching, starts chasing random misfits around the table. Vaggie hides under the table with Cry only to have Niffty flip it over. Vaggie hisses at her, trying to calm her down…but Niffty continues chasing)

Husk: (getting chased) F*CKIN’ SPOOK B*TCH! (he and Angel set up a table while Niffty chases Cry and Vaggie)


Sinner; ME!??!?

Angel; YER ALICE! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SAVE WONDER-F*CK!! (Niffty grabs chair and throws it into the table) SAVE US ALICE WAAAGH!

(Sinner-Alice charges at Niffty, grabbing her and spinning her around, trying to pin her, tackle her etc. eventually Niffty, mid chase/struggle, knocks Sinner off, and they find themselves falling…falling…)

??: (Your Sinner’s Name)? Wake up!!

(Your Sinner wakes up in their own bed!)

Sinner: Wh-?! What-!?

Charlie: (leaning over them) Are you alright?! You were kicking all over the place!

Sinner; er…yeah..I had this weird dream* ….nevermind. Um, why are you in my room?

Charlie; OH!! Well, actually, I wouldn’t have come in if I hadn’t heard you thrashing…but I wa going to slip this under the door (hands them a piece of paper)

Sinner; ….”Come to Angel Hatter’s-*” ….Wonderland…tea-party?

Charlie: originally the invite was for me, but something came up..which is a shame, because I was going to be Alice!

Sinner; Like…this party is a cosplay or role play?

Charlie; yeah! But since I’m busy, I told them that maybe YOU could take my place! Niffty even made out a costume for you! (Holds up (Sinner’s fave color) outfit like the one from the dream) What you think?

Sinner; ….will the tea be spiked?

Charlie; knowing Husk will be there? Most likely…personally, I’m hoping that will be the only thing Angel’s planned for this party. This sounds dangerously less destructive than his usual antics.

(As Sinner is looking over their outfit, they notice something tucked in the pocket of their apron…an EMPTY mini liquor bottle with a sticker on it that says “Drink me <3” In Angel’s handwriting)

Sinner; …’I think I’ll need that drink


SO!! What did you guys think of this crazy Wonderland-esqu Hazbin Hotel fan script?! Thanks to @tremendousmiraclecherryblossom for co-writing with me, and of course fanart and your own spin/ideas on this little fan concoet are welcome! X3

Chappie two coming soon! ..what/ You think this was the only one? X3 (Giggles evilly, sipping some peppermint tea…only to immediately spit it out) ANGEL!!!! DID YOU SPIKE MY TEA?!?



I Just Want my Fork Back

“Y-you have to hold them l-like this.” Sakura adjusted how the chopsticks in Corrin’s hand was being held once more. They had been going through the same routine for almost an hour. It was a rather good thing that Sakura was so patient.

Corrin let out a loud groan “I just don’t get it! How does an entire kingdom survive when they are using these complicated sticks to eat?” She waved the chopsticks around and once more messed up the position of her fingers.

Sakura let out a soft sight. It was understandable that Corrin was having such difficulty using Hoshidan utensils. She had grown up in Nohr from a very young age and was too used to silverware. Chopsticks, among other things, were a whole new experience for her.

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Masterlist - By Pairing - Katniss/Peeta - Updated 11/16

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a few remus lupin headcanons
  • Waltzes into massively important exams fifteen minutes late, doesn’t study, does a really slapdash job on the exam, and still manages to do reasonably well in school. He does better in the subjects he actually cares about. I see him having a mild interest in ancient runes (and defense obvs), but there’s always this nagging feeling of ‘none of this is really going to matter since i’m never going to be able to be employed in the wizarding world’. He likes the quiet pride that comes from finishing an interesting book, though.
  • McGonagall gets him to snap out of it during his career advice session. “Mr Lupin, I will personally make sure you have job security for the rest of your life if it’s the last thing I do.” (Remus cries in front of her and is embarrassed about it for weeks.)
  • Has literally never done anything ahead of time. Always saves things for the last minute. Most of his “lesson plans” around the time of PoA are just him mentioning information that he has off the top of his head about the dark creature in question. He probably skimmed the textbook once, but he’s a fountain of knowledge and minutiae, and he has a ton of practical experience (and loves letting the students get a bit of practical experience as well) so he’ll offhandedly mention “i once saw a boggart turn into half a slug” / “there was this one time a rogue mountain troll went amok at a tibetan monastery” / “back when I was investigating a series of lethifold-related deaths in Borneo” and the whole class will be like, UM…MORE INFO PLEASE?!
  • What did Remus do between the wars? Traveled the world with a wizarding tent and his suitcase, obvs, seeking out dark creatures for research and to save as many people as he could, partly due to intense survivor’s guilt. Basically, he actually did Gilderoy Lockhart’s job.
  • His lectures are peppered with muggle pop culture references. Dean Thomas’ immense crush on him only deepens as time goes on, and he’ll often go like “ayyyy” and point at Lupin and Lupin will give him a little wink complete with THOSE SMILE LINES DEAN LOVES, like “yeah that was for you, dean”
  • He was a truly awful prefect. He lost his badge within 20 minutes of opening the envelope, barely showed up to any of the mandatory meetings, and often ditched patrol to do seedy things involving a magical map. On the plus side, his prefect-ness was a great asset to the Marauders, and he would use his dubious influence to get them out of trouble.
  • Owns a plain-ish wooden pipe. Was usually stoned during his hogwarts years, because it helped with the pain. (I think he’s always in some amount of pain, just because you can’t exactly tear your bones and muscles to shreds every month for 30 years and emerge completely fine, but it gets worse the week of the full moon. He walks with a cane on bad days.)
  • James and Lily gave him the ‘professor rj lupin’ suitcase as a joke, and also because they accidentally lost his luggage when they all went on holiday together right after they graduated hogwarts. Sirius used to call him RJ to piss him off.
  • In all aspects of his life, he strives to be as unmemorable as possible. He dresses plainly (except for during his buzzcocks phase in the 70s, but I guess counterculture was sort of the norm for youngsters back then), speaks evenly, doesn’t have a very commanding or menacing presence. He’s just sort of…there. And I think all of this is very, very deliberate on his part. He wants to draw as little attention to himself as possible, wants to appear as mundane and human as he physically can. In PoA, Rosmerta remembers James and Sirius as “ringleaders” of their friend group, because James and Sirius have very memorable personalities, and they’re loud and boisterous and about as subtle as a slap in the face. Remus is quieter, darker, snarkier, extremely funny, extremely clever and outgoing… but only around people who know him. James and Sirius and Peter all get to see this side of him, because they know him, they know the secret, and there’s no point trying to avoid leaving an impression. But Remus always has to live with the terrible knowledge that he’s not human, he’s the worst kind of dark creature imaginable, he’s the very thing that he’s learning how to defeat in his defense classes. I think all of this self-loathing bubbles to the surface during the shrieking shack scene where Remus is like, “time to just own it. I’m throwing in the towel. I’m going to fucking murder Peter Pettigrew.” which was a really bad move because Sirius is still at large, and if they kill Peter, they can never clear his name. Never let anyone tell you that Remus is the logical, rational marauder.
  • He and Sirius would often launch into impromptu acapella renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody while living at Grimmauld place together. Mrs Black hated it.
  • He would fall asleep in front of the fire in the common room all the time and James and Sirius and Peter would always get into these weird competitions to see who could put the most random junk on Remus Lupin. He would wake up covered in little screwed up bits of paper and playing cards and wizard chess pieces, with Bertie Botts Beans in his nostrils. Eventually Lily got in on it too.
  • He and Lily and Snape shared a boat on the way across the lake to get sorted. He didn’t meet James and Sirius until a bit later, during the feast. He was a little intimidated, and also jealous of their immediate friendship. Little did he know that James and Sirius were secretly fascinated with him. When Remus somehow managed to get James and Sirius out of a detention their first week of classes and cause Slytherin to lose house points at the same time, they shared a look and were like “come on, buddy, welcome to the club. See James, I knew we picked a good one. Yep, we sure did.”
  • He was sorta friends with Lily first and second years, but their friendship petered out over time as Remus started hanging around James and Sirius and Peter more. By the time they were prefects together, Lily was always like, UGH, not LUPIN, he SKIPPED THE FLOOR MEETING yesterday to get STONED ON GILLYWEED in the forbidden forest. But then she remembered that he was actually a genuinely funny and kind person. When she found out about James’ loyalty to him despite his condition (luckily, being muggle born, she had very little of the wizarding prejudice against lycanthropes) she was like DAMN I WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE even though they are OBVIOUSLY LOSERS
  • Has never lost a bet. Always ends up winning card games and strategic-type things. A veritable strip poker god. Pits James and Sirius against each other, and then they both end up owing him money.
  • James and Sirius are the ones to really instigate the pranking, but Remus is the one who upholds it. He never forgets. James will be walking on eggshells for weeks after pulling a very elaborate prank on Remus, who will lull him into a false sense of security over time. “Huh, guess he’s not going for retribution here,” James thinks. “Maybe he forgot?” And then WHABAM GOTCHA when James is least expecting it.
  • Also, in this vein, the more frustrated his enemies become, the more cool and passive-aggressive Remus becomes. It is absolutely infuriating to lose to him in anything, because he’s so calm about it. Snape in particular often loses his fucking mind trying to one-up Remus. Remus practically feeds off of that negative energy. The more fanatically irritated Snape gets, the more impassive Remus becomes.
  • Sirius inherited his family’s intense hatred of “half-breeds”, and often went on prejudiced tirades during his first few years at school, when he hadn’t realized the extent of the Black family’s fucked-up-ness. Remus always held his breath and didn’t say anything (not that it would have done him any good at that point). James was the one who actually called Sirius out on it.

A/N: so this one is Harry and Eggsy!! View it however you’d like! Enjoy! Let me know what you think?

It starts with a hand on Eggsy’s shoulder. Harry sees the slight flinch and shrug of his shoulders. Then it’s the squeeze of his knee that’s meant to be comforting. Perhaps Eggsy is more hurt than he initially believed and thus does not want to be touched. But then Eggsy is walking right beside him, paying no mind to the lack of space. So that can’t be the reason. Even when Eggsy sees the touch coming, he’s calm, only flinching when contact is made. Though not when he touches his arms or the one time Harry had affectionately ruffled Eggsy’s hair after he broke the mirror in training. No. Eggsy had responded eagerly, even pushing into the touch.

Harry looks down at Eggsy’s head in his lap. The recruits were given the day off to do whatever they wished on the property. The poor lad has walked into his office where Harry was completing paperwork at the table and proceeded to sprawl across the sofa, depositing his head in Harry’s lap. Harry stared for just a moment before immediately regaining his composure, asking, “What’s the matter, my dear boy? Shouldn’t you be off enjoying yourself?”

Eggsy mumbles, “Tired. Don’t wanna deal with the other recruits being wankers. If I try to sleep, they’ll just dump water on me again or some shit.”

Harry frowns at this. Eggsy has enough to deal with with his training, he shouldn’t have to put up with being treated poorly on top of that. However, he knows he can’t do anything about it. So he settles for allowing Eggsy this moment of reprieve. Harry continues with his paperwork as Eggsy begins to dose off.

As the day drags on and Harry’s paper work begins to dwindle, he becomes aware of the hand he’s been absentmindedly carding through Eggsy’s hair. Eggsy, still sleeping, nuzzles into the hand subconsciously, letting out a contented sigh. Obviously, Eggsy actually craves touch as the boy stands too close, deposits himself into his lap, and nuzzles into touch. Then why does the boy still flinch?

As Harry considers this, his hand continues carding through Eggsy’s hair, eventually dropping to fuss with the hair at the nape of Eggsy’s neck. And there’s the flinch. Harry’s eyes are drawn to where his hand lays. Why would this produce a flinch, even in sleep? Harry now really looks at Eggsy, trying to find any indication of why he continued flinching. That is, of course, when Harry noticed the small smile gracing Eggsy’s face. The pieces all fall into place. Harry was a fool. He was so worried that the flinch was due to his past, causing a lack of trust, aversion to touch, or flashbacks, that he never considered the very obvious truth.

Eggsy, the dear boy, is ticklish.

Harry smiles down at the young recruit, continuing his ministrations at the base of his neck. Eggsy shifts some more, smile becoming increasingly noticeable. His eyes open and look up at Harry and be can see a new warmth and happiness in those sleepy eyes. Softly giggling, Eggsy asks, “Haharry. What’re y'doin’?”

“Just thinking. But I do have to ask: do you enjoy being touched? Simple hugs, pats and such?”

“Yeheah. Who doesn’t?”

“For a while I was concerned that you didn’t because you constantly flinch when I touch you. Though now I realize that’s not the case. No, you flinch for a whole different reason. Isn’t that right, my dear boy?”

Before Eggsy can respond, Harry squeezes at the back of his neck, coaxing a squeal from him. Harry chuckles, “Well that may be an answer, but you didn’t answer me. A gentleman responds when someone asks him a question. So why do you flinch?”

“You fuhucking wank- AH!”

Eggsy’s insult is cut off by fingers quickly spidering over his neck. Struggling to articulate, he laughs, “Fihine! ‘Cahause I’m t-tihicklish! Fuhuck off!”

The fingers slow, going back to their earlier path through Eggsy’s hair. Eggsy melts into the touch as Harry snarks, “Oh are you? I had no idea.”

Eggsy tries to call him a wanker but is cut off with a pinch to his side. Deciding he’d best keep his mouth if he wants to go back to sleep, Eggsy remains quiet. Harry pounders, “It seems as though keeping you in line should now prove easier.”

Muttering a half-hearted “fuck you”, Eggsy nuzzles his head into Harry’s hand, happily drifting off to sleep. Harry continued petting his hair, reaching up to his glasses with his other hand. As soon as connection is made, Harry fondly whispers, “Merlin? I believe I have some interesting new information on our favorite trouble making recruit.”

Imagine Fili telling you about the life he wished you two would have had as you lay dying after protecting him during the Battle Of Five Armies

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It had happened so quickly that it took you a couple seconds to realize what you’d done. Time slowed as the pain started to shoot through your body. Looking down, you tenderly touched the tip of the blade that protruded from your chest. Blood was seeping from the wound and your fingers became stained with it as you tried to process it all.

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When you fail this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Failure is a like a longer detour where you can reflect and try again,you can use a better method until you find out how to make it work. Remember that eventually all the pieces will fall into place, you just have to tell yourself each time that maybe you should give it one more try. Never be afraid to fail and don’t give up!!