eventually all the pieces fall into place


Day Six: Bonds
AU: Soulmates | Reincarnation


[Accompanying Writing by @kaijoskopycat]

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An immortal Viktor waits for Yuuri to reincarnate every lifetime - in each of these lifetimes, Viktor will find Yuuri, but Yuuri would have no recollection of Viktor. Viktor would court Yuuri all over again and over time, Yuuri would come to fall for Viktor as he does every other time.

Towards the end of his lifetimes, Yuuri would secretly plant objects that would remind him of Viktor in places his reincarnated self would stumble upon and eventually, he would piece together the information and be convinced to go out and search for ‘Viktor Nikiforov’, the man who loves him timelessly.

Imagine Alfred is on his way back to the States on the Titanic. The boat ends up hitting the iceberg and sinking. Ivan is part of a pod of mermaids/mermen that are migrating from the freezing water they’re currently in and see the people frantically trying to stay alive. Ivan ends up grabbing Alfred, who had stayed on the deck trying to find women and children to guide to the life boards before they were sent away. Alfred is close to drowning or freezing, whichever gets him first, and he’s positive he’s going to die, until he feels something remarkably warm grab him. Ivan takes him away from the wreckage and Alfred clings to him, shivering and begging for help. Ivan isn’t sure what to do the help Alfred further, because people are dying all around them from the cold and shock and finally Ivan finds a piece of the ship floating nearby and places Alfred on top of it. He stays by Alfred and wakes him up when he falls asleep. Eventually a ship Ivan was able to flag down a ship and get Alfred rescued. Ivan felt torn leaving Alfred and not being able to see if he makes it, so he follows the boat to the US and waits to see Alfred again.