eventually all the pieces fall into place


Day Six: Bonds
AU: Soulmates | Reincarnation


[Accompanying Writing by @kaijoskopycat]

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An immortal Viktor waits for Yuuri to reincarnate every lifetime - in each of these lifetimes, Viktor will find Yuuri, but Yuuri would have no recollection of Viktor. Viktor would court Yuuri all over again and over time, Yuuri would come to fall for Viktor as he does every other time.

Towards the end of his lifetimes, Yuuri would secretly plant objects that would remind him of Viktor in places his reincarnated self would stumble upon and eventually, he would piece together the information and be convinced to go out and search for ‘Viktor Nikiforov’, the man who loves him timelessly.

Bts reaction to finding out you had a sad past:

Anon requested: Bts reaction if they find out that their s/o never really received Lot of love in her live and had to go through a Lot of difficult times surrounded by hate ?

Its done and here it is. What I wanna say is that I am really bad with sensitive topics like that so I am wishing I didn’t mess up too much here.


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Being the oldest member, I’m sure Jin will be the most understanding. Not only will be know the right words to choose, but he’s also going to be by your side 24/7. You’ll forget all your unfortunate days as long as he’s around, that’s his charm.


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Don’t let the silence fool you, he’s keeping it in mind. Yoongi admitted to have faced countless difficult days, so he can understand the 100% what you’re talking about, he just wants to spare his words for the right time. Although, he is defiantly going to be saying I love you more, just to prove that while everything in your life may be temporary, his love is permanent.


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Once you started telling your story, hoseok’s eyes began to tear up and there is no end to the hugs. He is a sensitive one so he took it upon himself to give you all his heartu *I had to do it, sorry*, never giving you a chance to go back to the old days.

Rap Monster:

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Another one who is understanding exactly what you’re talking about, but while yoongi decided go keep his comforting words to himself, namjoon poured his heart into a delicate kiss. “Let me erase all those memories”


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Mixed emotions. Should he crack a joke to diffuse the atmosphere? Should he hug/kiss you? Should he be saying words of comfort? Eventually he’ll end up doing all three together. But one thing for sure is that you’ll be falling asleep in a tighter embrace every night

V/ Taehyung:

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He’s everywhere. In your place, at work, on the phone, taehyung will never leave you after knowing that you had no one to keep you company as you grew up. It broke his heart into pieces and now he feels like it’s his responsibility to fix things.


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“Let it out baby” he doesn’t want you to have regrets over the past, and while that is something he can’t change, he is going to fight hard, like his hyungs, to keep that smile he fell in love with on your face at whatever cost it was.
New Home

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @fiercefray:  Love the new jacket! You look as fabulous as ever! (One shot): your first day at home together after you and Scott move in together (TW)

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I Just Want my Fork Back

“Y-you have to hold them l-like this.” Sakura adjusted how the chopsticks in Corrin’s hand was being held once more. They had been going through the same routine for almost an hour. It was a rather good thing that Sakura was so patient.

Corrin let out a loud groan “I just don’t get it! How does an entire kingdom survive when they are using these complicated sticks to eat?” She waved the chopsticks around and once more messed up the position of her fingers.

Sakura let out a soft sight. It was understandable that Corrin was having such difficulty using Hoshidan utensils. She had grown up in Nohr from a very young age and was too used to silverware. Chopsticks, among other things, were a whole new experience for her.

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Masterlist - By Pairing - Katniss/Peeta - Updated 11/16

This is the masterlist of all of the Katniss/Peeta fics we’ve recommended.  Fics are listed alphabetically by title.  Fics in italics include smut.  

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  • All the World Drops Dead by Ellembee (2015 anniversary roundup - unfinished)
  • All This Could Be Yours by flyingcarpet
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  • Always a Blessing by IzzySamson (weekend reading)
  • And Eventually His Lips by arollercoasterthatonlygoesup
  • And I Will Stumble and Fall by Ameiko
  • And Your Bird Can Sing by Abigail_Snow (weekend reading)
  • Another Talk by sohypothetically
  • Ashes and Flame (Every You and Every Me) by freneticfloetry
  • The Ashes of District Twelve by SilverCistern (weekend reading)
  • Ashes to Ashes by webofdreams89
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  • & she dances by Jenwryn
Don’t call me broken.
You think you know what you mean but
you have never succeeded in seeing the
raw hand-me-down materials I have patched
together inside of myself. You have never been
close to touching my mind the way you want
to, so please remember that broken is a
relative term.
Broken is a shattered window hit
with just enough force that I break apart,
let my pieces fall to the ground and get
swept away again.
Broken is a wind-up toy that cannot,
will not move when it is told to even when
it has been wound as tightly as it can be
and will eventually move stiffly, gears all
sticking and only metal framework
holding the pieces together.
Broken is a baby bird pushed from the nest
too soon, breast to the sky as if trying to fly
back up with its bent wings to the only place
it knows, newly grown feathers now hardened with
mud and blood because of course it couldn’t fly,
when could it ever do anything but fall.
Don’t call me broken because you have no
idea what has broken me.
—  Break, A.U.
Imagine Fili telling you about the life he wished you two would have had as you lay dying after protecting him during the Battle Of Five Armies

Author’s Note: Well I wanted to submit this to imaginexhobbit, but they have it closed atm. Still, I think it’s ok to post it now? Enjoy!


It had happened so quickly that it took you a couple seconds to realize what you’d done. Time slowed as the pain started to shoot through your body. Looking down, you tenderly touched the tip of the blade that protruded from your chest. Blood was seeping from the wound and your fingers became stained with it as you tried to process it all.

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A/N: so this one is Harry and Eggsy!! View it however you’d like! Enjoy! Let me know what you think?

It starts with a hand on Eggsy’s shoulder. Harry sees the slight flinch and shrug of his shoulders. Then it’s the squeeze of his knee that’s meant to be comforting. Perhaps Eggsy is more hurt than he initially believed and thus does not want to be touched. But then Eggsy is walking right beside him, paying no mind to the lack of space. So that can’t be the reason. Even when Eggsy sees the touch coming, he’s calm, only flinching when contact is made. Though not when he touches his arms or the one time Harry had affectionately ruffled Eggsy’s hair after he broke the mirror in training. No. Eggsy had responded eagerly, even pushing into the touch.

Harry looks down at Eggsy’s head in his lap. The recruits were given the day off to do whatever they wished on the property. The poor lad has walked into his office where Harry was completing paperwork at the table and proceeded to sprawl across the sofa, depositing his head in Harry’s lap. Harry stared for just a moment before immediately regaining his composure, asking, “What’s the matter, my dear boy? Shouldn’t you be off enjoying yourself?”

Eggsy mumbles, “Tired. Don’t wanna deal with the other recruits being wankers. If I try to sleep, they’ll just dump water on me again or some shit.”

Harry frowns at this. Eggsy has enough to deal with with his training, he shouldn’t have to put up with being treated poorly on top of that. However, he knows he can’t do anything about it. So he settles for allowing Eggsy this moment of reprieve. Harry continues with his paperwork as Eggsy begins to dose off.

As the day drags on and Harry’s paper work begins to dwindle, he becomes aware of the hand he’s been absentmindedly carding through Eggsy’s hair. Eggsy, still sleeping, nuzzles into the hand subconsciously, letting out a contented sigh. Obviously, Eggsy actually craves touch as the boy stands too close, deposits himself into his lap, and nuzzles into touch. Then why does the boy still flinch?

As Harry considers this, his hand continues carding through Eggsy’s hair, eventually dropping to fuss with the hair at the nape of Eggsy’s neck. And there’s the flinch. Harry’s eyes are drawn to where his hand lays. Why would this produce a flinch, even in sleep? Harry now really looks at Eggsy, trying to find any indication of why he continued flinching. That is, of course, when Harry noticed the small smile gracing Eggsy’s face. The pieces all fall into place. Harry was a fool. He was so worried that the flinch was due to his past, causing a lack of trust, aversion to touch, or flashbacks, that he never considered the very obvious truth.

Eggsy, the dear boy, is ticklish.

Harry smiles down at the young recruit, continuing his ministrations at the base of his neck. Eggsy shifts some more, smile becoming increasingly noticeable. His eyes open and look up at Harry and be can see a new warmth and happiness in those sleepy eyes. Softly giggling, Eggsy asks, “Haharry. What’re y'doin’?”

“Just thinking. But I do have to ask: do you enjoy being touched? Simple hugs, pats and such?”

“Yeheah. Who doesn’t?”

“For a while I was concerned that you didn’t because you constantly flinch when I touch you. Though now I realize that’s not the case. No, you flinch for a whole different reason. Isn’t that right, my dear boy?”

Before Eggsy can respond, Harry squeezes at the back of his neck, coaxing a squeal from him. Harry chuckles, “Well that may be an answer, but you didn’t answer me. A gentleman responds when someone asks him a question. So why do you flinch?”

“You fuhucking wank- AH!”

Eggsy’s insult is cut off by fingers quickly spidering over his neck. Struggling to articulate, he laughs, “Fihine! ‘Cahause I’m t-tihicklish! Fuhuck off!”

The fingers slow, going back to their earlier path through Eggsy’s hair. Eggsy melts into the touch as Harry snarks, “Oh are you? I had no idea.”

Eggsy tries to call him a wanker but is cut off with a pinch to his side. Deciding he’d best keep his mouth if he wants to go back to sleep, Eggsy remains quiet. Harry pounders, “It seems as though keeping you in line should now prove easier.”

Muttering a half-hearted “fuck you”, Eggsy nuzzles his head into Harry’s hand, happily drifting off to sleep. Harry continued petting his hair, reaching up to his glasses with his other hand. As soon as connection is made, Harry fondly whispers, “Merlin? I believe I have some interesting new information on our favorite trouble making recruit.”

Imagine Alfred is on his way back to the States on the Titanic. The boat ends up hitting the iceberg and sinking. Ivan is part of a pod of mermaids/mermen that are migrating from the freezing water they’re currently in and see the people frantically trying to stay alive. Ivan ends up grabbing Alfred, who had stayed on the deck trying to find women and children to guide to the life boards before they were sent away. Alfred is close to drowning or freezing, whichever gets him first, and he’s positive he’s going to die, until he feels something remarkably warm grab him. Ivan takes him away from the wreckage and Alfred clings to him, shivering and begging for help. Ivan isn’t sure what to do the help Alfred further, because people are dying all around them from the cold and shock and finally Ivan finds a piece of the ship floating nearby and places Alfred on top of it. He stays by Alfred and wakes him up when he falls asleep. Eventually a ship Ivan was able to flag down a ship and get Alfred rescued. Ivan felt torn leaving Alfred and not being able to see if he makes it, so he follows the boat to the US and waits to see Alfred again.

vefanyar  asked:

I could cry reading your answer on finishing things. Though I do tend to finish what I write (not always, but often), being disgusted by my writing (10+ years at it, no talent or voice to speak of) struck home... but it never would have occured to me to affirm that I'm producing crap instead of just forcing my way through a process I do enjoy but can't put on the page right and lately thought about giving up. I haven't tried it yet, but "liberating" doesn't even begin to cover this. Thank you.

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CP#10: Introduction

Prompt: Alec and Magnus take their first Chrismas as a couple as an opportunity for introducing Magnus to Alec´s parents appropriately. Isabelle invites Simon in order to take the next step in their relationship. (I know this is focused on Malec, but I really like the idea of all of the couples being together, also Clace, pls)

by: Anonymous

Major Spoilers: Nope

Word Count: 1024

Author’s Note: Ahh, guys I’m so so so so sorry that I’m still not finished with the Christmas Prompts. I could give you a whole lot of excuses now but I just stay with my biggest appologize ever. There are only two left now, And I’m working on the next one right now! I’m really sorry for the delay but it just snowed here and some places still have their Christmas decor out and ah well,… I jut hope you can bear with me being late :(

Apparently, celebrating Christmas with a vampire and a warlock was fine. Thus, celebrating in the sanctuary was fine, too. Talking to said vampire and warlock was not a problem, either, but showing the tiniest inclination of having a romantic relationship with the vampire or the warlock was not fine. In fact, it was like talking about summoning Lucifer just to say hi.

Alec was squeezing Magnus’s hand, holding onto it to surpress his anger and frustration. He forced his breath to come regularly, his shoulders were tense and his throat was filled with words he wanted to say but couldn’t phrase.

The evening had started so well, the dinner Maryse had cooked had been delicious and the whole atmosphere had been very peaceful.

Now, Izzy stood up from her place to scream at her father madly. Alec didn’t really listen to the words she was saying, just the angry tone rang in his ears while his own mind was flooded with so many emotions. Worry, anger, disappointment, sadness, hurt.

Somehow, Alec felt heavily betrayed by Robert. His father had acted so friendly the whole day, and Alec even dared to believe his father had started to accept Alec’s sexuality but now he was proven that it all had been a mask. A perfect mask in the beginning which was eventually falling to pieces.

“I believe it’s time for you to go now.” Alec heard Robert’s deep voice interrupting his daughter. To underline his statement he pointed to the door on the other side of the Sanctuary. Immediately, Alec looked from Izzy to Simon to Robert and lastly at the long case clock beside standing in the corner behind his father. It was only a few minutes past eight, they had just finished their dinner and were about to bring it all to the kitchen when Robert had scowled at the way Magnus had pecked Alec’s cheek, telling him he should stay here while he took care of the dishes. Apparently, Izzy had seen it and had asked what was wrong with their father. And she had asked it pretty loud. So loud that the whole room was frozen in silence for a few minutes. Robert’s scowl had changed into a full-angered glare, directed at Isabelle. That’s when the storm break loose. Alec’s sister had pointed out how often she had caught his father looking disgusted at romantic gestures on the table except for the ones Jace and Clary exchange. His father warned her several times, each time his voice would get louder and louder. Every comment from Jace or Maryse had been answered with a stay-out-of-this-snap while Alec just held onto Magnus’s hand very tightly.

Silence had come over the table again where Isabelle and Robert were satring at each other, none of them wanting to give in. Jace wanted to say something but was firmly hold back by Clary.

“I’ll go.” Simon finally said, standing up and turning to Izzy. “It’s okay, I can go.”

Alec saw Izzy open her mouth but it wasn’t hear voice that spat out an angry “No!”

It was Alec himself, the knot in his throat loosening as he spoke. “You don’t have to go anywhere, Simon.”

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When you fail this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Failure is a like a longer detour where you can reflect and try again,you can use a better method until you find out how to make it work. Remember that eventually all the pieces will fall into place, you just have to tell yourself each time that maybe you should give it one more try. Never be afraid to fail and don’t give up!!


The effervescent Slivka101 requested: “Mystic Falls gang holds reunion in the future and Caroline surprises everyone when she arrives hand-in-hand with Klaus. I would like to read Klaroline preparing for the reunion and then reactions of the gang. Btw this is how I imagine perfect ending of TVD.” Thank you for entrusting your perfect ending to me, I hope I did it justice.


Caroline Forbes was a planner. Others may see organizing as a hobby or a pastime, but to Caroline it was a way of life. Everything around her had to be just so, and anything that could possibly jeopardize her desired outcome would be swiftly dealt with before any problems arose.

Perhaps it was this intense need for control that kept Caroline away from Klaus for so long. After he left Mystic Falls and promised to never come back, the blonde put her life back together in the way she thought she had wanted it. Life at Whitmore was inspiring, and Caroline wouldn’t have traded the experience she had in college for the world, but there had still been days when she would miss Klaus.

The hybrid was definitely under Caroline’s skin and she couldn’t seem to shake him. There had been other men that she grew to care for, maybe even love, but none of them felt like forever to her. At first she tried to convince herself that the only reason he felt so eternal was because he had lived for a thousand years, but eventually Caroline couldn’t even believe the lies she told herself.

It was after the town heroes had settled their last battle in Mystic Falls, making a promise to reunite in fifty years, that Caroline went to him. Just as he had said, she ended up at his doorstep wanting him to show her the world.

Unfortunately for the first few years the world was constricted to the limits of New Orleans, not that Caroline minded. She loved the city, and she could see pieces in Klaus in it. The lively temper of the people, the artwork, and the culture fit him so perfectly there was no wonder he had such an affinity for the city. 

After a decade New Orleans was firmly under Klaus’s control and he willing to take a well deserved vacation with the woman he loved. They started with the basics—Rome, Paris, Tokyo—but eventually he took her to see the beauty of Tanzania, the wonders of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the depths of the Red Sea.

Often Caroline would joke of their relationship dynamic, trying to cover her obvious discomfort due to their rather legendary age gap. It was strange to Klaus that the love of his life could be so confident and insecure at the same time—she never felt as though she were good enough. He knew the truth, for every lesson he taught Caroline of the history of some small town located in the middle of nowhere, she taught him how to show mercy, forgive, love, and live every day like there was something even better just around the corner.

The hybrid knew that he would be forever in her debt, so when she asked to return to Mystic Falls for a reunion with her friends, he begrudgingly agreed. 

When he promised to arrange her flight, Caroline would have none of it.

“I love you. The whole point of this get together is to see where our lives have gone, and I am sharing my life with you. There’s no reason to pretend otherwise.” She’d said as she placed a kiss on his cheek and went to go pack.

That was how they ended up where they were now. All dolled up to go to the Mystic Grill, a restaurant that Klaus was almost entirely certain broke at least half a dozen health code regulations. 

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, love.” Klaus said when he noticed Caroline’s white knuckles holding on to her seat for dear life.

She shook her head, “they don’t get to dictate who I am anymore.” She flashed him her best Miss. Mystic Falls smile and then went back to silently worrying. 

Caroline used to ask herself “what’s the worst thing that could happen,” but in this case the worst possible outcome would end with a few wooden stakes and a couple missing hearts. Old grudges died hard, and after the carnage Klaus had caused while he was in town, well it was reasonable to say that the worst-case scenario was probably the most likely.

“I just wish we weren’t late.” Caroline mumbled.

Klaus flashed her a knowing look, “and whose fault is that?”

Caroline met his gaze before self-consciously checking her hair again, “I never placed blame, just wished that things were different. 

So maybe getting ready took a few hours, Klaus should have known better than to engage her in certain other activities when they’d awoken in the hotel that morning.

Pulling into the Grill parking lot, Klaus opened Caroline’s door for her and took her hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze as they headed into the building.

Caroline barely had time to look around before Elena tackled her into a hug.

“Care, I missed you so much.” Elena said as she cut off the blonde’s air supply.

When Damon and Bonnie had died it took Elena nearly a year to get over the pain. Despite all their efforts they were unable to bring Bonnie back—she had already found peace. Kol, Damon, and Katherine on the other hand were reachable. With the help of a few witches that had sought out to bring the original back to life, Stefan, Elena, and Caroline were able to pull out a few of the people who had been sentenced to the darkness.

Damon didn’t come back in one piece. His mind had been torn to shreds as he was forced to relive all of the pain he had caused his victims. It took him months to even look at Caroline again, but eventually his apologies turned to insults and everything was back to some sense of the normal they once had.

The girls never did find Bonnie, and that pain had only strengthened their friendship. Eventually things settled into something different, Katherine and Kol found a place within the small mystic falls gang—they filled in the void that had been left by Bonnie, and eventually Matt who was killed in a car accident a couple of decades back. 

There were times when Kol’s mouth was not appreciated, but it surprised the group the way that he had known Bonnie. On the other side she was the only person he could speak to, and during his time there he grew to care quite a lot about the little witch.

Seeing as the the doppelgänger was still strangling his love, Klaus cleared his throat, causing Elena to notice him for the first time.

“Oh.” She said, confused but not angry or disappointed as Caroline had expected.

Damon and Stefan walked over, and by the look on his face Damon looked like he had won the lottery.

“Well look who Blondie brought with her.” Damon said, smirking at Klaus.

Caroline tensed waiting for the verbal lashing that was bound to come her way.

“Looks like I win, as always, Stef. Guess you don’t know your best friend as well as you thought you did.”

Stefan marched off grumbling to himself about being only a few years off.

Caroline laughed. Of all the things that could have happened this was definitely the best; her old life and her new coming together in one perfect symphony—a great beginning to an entirely different story.

Derek in BH, post s4

Derek buying the Hale land back from the town and building a small house there with his own hands. (The McCall pack drops by sometimes to help with the heavy lifting. Stiles drops by sometimes to “help,” but ends up mostly sitting on the nearest stack of unused wood, chatting about everything and nothing.)

Derek planting a vegetable garden and spending quiet hours working the earth and watching things grow. (He sells the excess, sometimes, at the local farmers’ market. When Stiles starts seriously studying to be an emissary, he quietly sections off a corner of the garden to grow herbs Stiles might need for his work.)

Derek spotting a fallen branch on a walk through the preserve one day, remembering how his dad had used to build furniture from fallen wood , and thinking “why not?” (Stiles can’t for the life of him tell what the first few attempts are supposed to be – thinks the end table is a footstool, is sure the high backed chair is some attempt at abstract art – but Derek keeps working at it, and eventually every member of the McCall pack has at least one piece of rustic looking, handmade furniture decorating their house.)

Derek bowing out of pack hangout after pack hangout until Stiles tracks him down and forcibly drags him along, and being entirely surprised when everyone looks more or less pleased to see him outside of a crisis of the week situation.

The Sheriff popping in unexpectedly to look over Derek’s house and make sure it’s not falling in on itself (”I know it’s hard for your lot to get hurt, but with all the time my kid spends over here, I just need to make sure this place isn’t going to collapse on his head any second”), and then surprising Derek by inviting him over to dinner and also giving him the number of a friend who works construction jobs, because “he’s been looking for some new workers and you’ve clearly got a knack for this, kid.”

Derek surprising himself by actually following through on the lead, and getting the job, and actually being happy to have something to do with his days, a way to make a little bit of a difference in people’s lives. (The demand for good, fast construction work is high around Beacon Hills, due to the remarkable tendency for buildings to wind up with holes in them in the aftermath of one supernatural battle or another.)

Derek having a home and a job and friends and Stiles, and still feeling restless in his skin sometimes, like there’s something missing in his life, something else he’s supposed to be doing. And he’s not sure what it is, even when he starts drawing up plans to expand his house, even when he calls in his work friends and the McCall pack to help with the construction. It isn’t until the house is done and Derek’s walking through, going from bedroom to bedroom with a sense of contentment warm in his chest that Derek realizes what he’d been doing.

Derek creating a home for supernatural children who have been orphaned by hunters and pack wars, giving them the safe place and the pack and the home and he never had.