Different ways to draw trolls: A Chart

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“There is waiting, there is pain, there is blood, but it is joyous all, for we are in the sorrows of a travailing woman, from this arbor is the place of the breaking forth of yes, the children of hell, but also the opportunity of our salvation.”


Mark vers.

Soulmate AU

Ok so imagine a soulmate au where you don’t physically feel anything until you and your soulmate first make skin contact.

Imagine people never feeling pain and calmly going to hospital with a stab wound only to start screaming in agony after they shake hands with the doctor that stitched them up.

Imagine a little girl tripping over and being helped up by another little girl only to start crying because her knee really hurts.
Imagine someone being really paranoid about ever touching anyone and always wears gloves to avoid being touched.

Imagine someone taking their fiancées hand at the alter only to feel nothing.

Imagine overly touchy people who are desperate for love and are searching for the one.

Imagine someone High-fiving their best friend only the feel the sting and look at them all excited and ask if they felt that, only for their friend to say no.

Imagine two people being platonic soulmates and constantly cuddling or touching each other in some way.