*** please do not delete the text or self-promote on this post ***

Hi everyone! Me and Sheryl (glossomly) are really excited to announce you our awards! We wanted to make something different, so here you have it our “UNIVERSE AWARDS”. I hope you all enjoy!

R U L E S :

★  You must be following me (pethal) and Sheryl (glossomly) - We will check.
★  Reblog this post - likes will only count as bookmarks.
★  Do not delete the text or self-promote as mentioned above.

C A T E G O R I E S :

★  MERCURIUS - best url 

★  VENUS - best icon

★  MARS - best color scheme

★  JUPITER - best theme

★  SATURNUS - best extras/decorations

★  URANUS - best posts

★  NEPTUNUS - best personality

★  EARTHE - best overall

★  MOON - best new discovery

★  SHOOTING STAR - Pethal’s favorite

★  FALLING STAR - Glossomly’s favorite

★  STAR 1 - honourable mention 1

★  STAR 2 - honourable mention 2

★  STAR 3 - honourable mention 3

★  STAR 4 - honourable mention 4  

P E R K S :

★  A new follow from us (if we are not already following you) - we migh follow other blogs even if they don’t win.

★  You will be featured in our UNIVERSE AWARDS page - under construction.

★  2 new friends!!

★  2 promo per week for 2 weeks whenever you ask! - solo, full blog rates, screenies, etc.

★  q4q’s upon on request.

H I G H E R     C H A N C E S :

★  Reblog a lot from us - this will make us notice you.
★  Enter my other awards/faves - this will also help you a lot!
★  Follow glossomly on her new instagram account @glossomly.
★  Reblog this post many times - this will make us notice you too.
★  Talk to us!

O T H E R :

★  Please, respect the rules or you will not be considered.
★  Banner made by me (PETHAL) - if you want me to do one for you, just ask, I’ll be happy to help you!
★  The winners will be announced whenever we are happy with the notes

Happy reblogging and good luck!  ❤

- Leonor and Sheryl -