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Naruhina video message event!

To congratulate our beloved OTP and our favorite series of 15 years, I had the cute idea to get everyone do a video message then a compilation just like the anime. Never thought many people would support it and so guess we’ll make it come true! THIS WILL BE OUR WEDDING GIFT TO THEM AND FOR OUR FINAL MISSION! 

The rules are as follows:

- Film a short video of yourself congratulating Naruhina or thanking the series overall. (You can include how Naruhina affected you, your favorite moments, your final thoughts on the series.) 

- Each video cannot be over 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter how short your message, even a thank you would be cute. 

- You can film the video in groups.

- Mention of other ships are welcome as long as you stick to the time limit. 

- You can record your video via Phone, computer, camera. As long as its able to transfer into PC and edit on Windows movie maker. 

- If you are mute, deaf or camera shy, you can hide your face or show your message on paper, any other ways to show your message is also welcome. 

- Send your videos to my email. and link your Tumblr so i can credit you. 

- Deadline is 15th April, GMT + 8 hours. Video will be done in about a week after. 

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Konohamaru will do the filming so everyone is welcome to take part! I hope it turns out cute or even more than the anime. 

Message me on @tasuke101 for any enquires

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48% (I'm on mobile so it doesn't show the decimal) Magnus taking Alec clothes shopping for a formal event?

between the warm wood, the soft glow of spotlights, the bustle and murmur of the store outside these walls dampened by a heavy curtain across the doorway, alec couldn’t put a finger on how he felt. all he knew was that as he stood there slowly buttoning one of the shirts magnus picked out for him, he couldn’t stop staring at him in the mirror.

magnus was leaning up against the wall, his hands in the pockets of his pants and he had a pensive look on his face. his lips were pursed, his dark brown eyes catching some of the light, lit up at the sides showing just how rich that brown was. he was so stately always, he fit right into a place like this, with his fitted waistcoats and his beautiful button up shirts. he looked like a gentleman, like a tailors dream and he knew so much about all of this.

alec could remember the last time he had gotten fitted for a suit and the memory turned his stomach. the dread that had twisted his insides as he stood like this, but instead was staring at the impassive calm of his mother in the mirror, knowing that when this suit was done he was going to wear it to an event that might as well have been his funeral.

which was why when magnus brought it up, he hadn’t been too keen. 

but this day had been nothing like that. this day had been warm and full of laughter. this day had been magnus pulling him in to show him fabric and pressing cufflinks into his palm. this day had been magnus circling him as they took his measurements and winking, laughing so big and bright every time alec beat him to an innuendo. this day had been nothing like any of the other suit fittings he had ever been through in his life.

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Do you, Killian Jones take this woman to be your wife and love her for all eternity?  Do you, Emma Swan, take this man to be your husband and love him for all eternity?

Archie during the CS wedding ceremony.

This gave me Chills.  (Yes, Chills with a capital “c”).  Could not have come up with a better wording if I tried.  For this couple, this amazing, wonderful, couple of dreams, “till death do you part” just doesn’t cut it, because death can’t destroy their love.  Death can’t break their bond.  Their hearts are united for all eternity.  

If anyone needs me, I’ll be busy ugly sobbing uncontrollably from the sheer perfection of it all.  

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Ok, now I’m going to bed for real.