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This week’s (21st to 27th of May) event is in affiliation with the @hpgalpalsnet net!
This is a fantastic new network for all your femslash needs! (cause we can all use more wonderful wlw in our lives)
So the event is:


How to get involved:

- reblog this post to spread the word! (optional)
- create anything you like based around the theme!
- be sure to caption the post like this:
@hogwartsgirlgang & @hpgalpalsnet event: Just Gals Being Pals 
- tag the network when posting it! (#hogwartsgirlgang) and tag #hpgalpalsnet too!

Find all the details for our events and how to get involved on our EVENTS PAGE



Inspired by a long-time tradition in many other fandoms, Femslash February has now come to the MGS fandom as well. Everyone is invited to come together to peacefully celebrate some of the best girly relationships the series has to offer.

There are no requirements for participation other than to post during the timeframe with the tag #mgsff or @ our tumblr handle. During February, I will reblog all submissions daily!

**We are now teaming up with @galentinesweek from February 8th to the 14th to make this month even more fun for everyone involved. Galentine’s Week is a smaller and more focused event that offers a prompt for each day of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. This is a separate event that we’re affiliated with. Please read through the full post and guidelines as they may differ from ours!

When is the deadline?

The event starts at 12:00AM February 1st and ends February 28th at 11:59 PM

What kind of content can I create?

Anything! The only criteria is that it is MGS femslash, or encapsulates/otherwise represents that in some way. Art, fic, poetry, songs, comics, interpretive dance… use your imagination!

I love creativity. However, OCs and “gender-bends” are discouraged during this event; it’s here to give attention to the super-cool and sometimes forgotten canon ladies.

NSFW and other heavy/questionable content is allowed, but I am unable to publish it using conventional means for the safety of all participants. I will be posting links to published adult themed works as I receive them under a read more with a disclaimer.

Do I have to follow or complete all of the prompts?

You can take or leave the prompts as you please. They are there to inspire you, that’s all.

Any questions? Send us an ask!


Lady Gaga, Artpop album cover

On November 6th, 2013, Lady Gaga released the album Artpop, which prior to its release, the star told MTV she wanted to mirror “a night at the club.” Despite relatively mediocre sales, both singles—“Applause” and “Do What U Want”—have definitely been played at certain clubs, though probably not at the same clubs where Gaga is used to her hits being in rotation. Ironically, “Applause” is perhaps her best song to date, reminiscent of a glammed-out Annie Lennox, but it certainly breaks the mold of the watered down Euro trance thumpers she became famous for as a runway-styled Butoh cyborg character just a few years ago. And now, the girls and the gays alike seem to be bored with her.

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A Brief FAQ about #BlackoutDay

While we’re looking through tags and notes, we have noticed a series of questions that kept popping up that were either already answered in the masterpost ( or through the updates on this blog. In an effort to help answer these common questions, we are making this post. We will provide brief answers with links to longer explanations.

This FAQ is current as of June 24, 2015. Please follow theblackoutofficial or visit our website for up-to-date information (you can sign up for our newsletter as well)

What is the purpose of #BlackoutDay?

It’s a call to action to showcase Black pride to show support for each other, no matter the age, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality or creed for a 24-hour period. If you identify as black and are from Africa or a black culture within the African Diaspora, you are welcome to participate. (Check the full masterpost for details.)

When is #BlackoutDay?

For the rest of 2015, the dates are Sept. 21st and Dec. 21st. We will be announcing our 2016 dates as our 2015 calendar draws to a close. Please follow our official channels at the bottom of this post or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on this.

Is #BlackoutDay seasonal or monthly?

This is a seasonal call-to-action event. It was monthly until April, when a Tumblr exclusive change was made to the frequency (original post link). Then in May, we made #BlackoutDay seasonal across all social media to keep things uniform. (original post link)

Will you consider making it annually or switching it back to the first Friday of every month?

After listening to feedback, we have decided that this is the best route to take for the immediate future.

Will there be additional #BlackoutDays?

While we will form partnerships with other organizations to help promote pride, unity and Black positivity, we have no plans to promote additional #BlackoutDays.

Why not just do #BlackoutDay any time?

When the first #BlackoutDay was created within a week, it was an idea. Now that it’s turned into a movement, we need to keep it organized so that it doesn’t lose the original meaning. You’ll notice that the selected days manage to make large waves across the internet; those days are for showing the world what unity around blackness can do. Those days are meant to be particularly special. You can, however, use the tags (#theblackout, #blackoutday) at anytime of the year.

What are the themes? How are they selected?

As of the time of this post (date on top), there are no themes for the upcoming dates, as we announce those at least a month before the actual day. We developed a theme selection process to keep the themes international. The themes are not influenced by the United States Calendar. However, they are suggestive. Here’s how we select the themes (original post link)

I want to participate in #BlackoutDay, but I noticed that certain people/aesthetics are preferred (or why am I not getting enough notes)?

The purpose of #BlackoutDay is to give everyone a chance to shine. However, it’s not perfect. The official tags for this call to action are #BlackoutDay and #TheBlackout, yet it seems that #blackout is preferred on Tumblr. Tumblr has limits that make scrolling the tags a bit tricky; the biggest of them all is the fact that “most popular” is the default option when searching. It is vital that people select “most recent” in order to give posts with fewer notes than the popular posts time to shine. We are using this project to help break free of beauty stands. However, there may be internalized ideas that contribute to certain aesthetics or types of #Blackoutday posts being preferred. Having these discussions within Black Tumblr should help us all be better to each other on the next #BlackoutDay. (We posted a “tips” post to help with this.)

I think #BlackoutDay should be more than just a “selfie day”? (or I have an idea)

The “selfie day” is just a start of #BlackoutDay. There will be more to it as we continue to grow. In order for us to move forward with more concrete plans, we need to be an official organization. At this time, we’re still in the planning stages. Once we have this done, we will be able to extend it beyond social media.

Also note that we cannot accept ideas at this time as we are still in the process of becoming official.

Are there any fundraisers/events that are affiliated with The Blackout?

Our only partnership as of the date of this post is and the #MicCheckRacism event on June 25, 2015 (original post link). Until we become an official organization and unless it comes directly from this Tumblr, we are not affiliated with any fundraisers or events.

We hope this answers your questions. If you have that wasn’t addressed, please check out the masterpost or simply ask us!

This Blog is Dark Side Positive.  This Blog...

- Celebrates characters and events affiliated with the dark side.

- Doesn’t use gendered language to mock, deride, and belitte (punk bitch, pissbaby, mama’s boy, pussy, any variation of milksop, etc)

- Doesn’t align being very emotional with being “difficult,” “a disaster”

- Acknowledges that Kylo Ren is a violent character with violent proclivities

- But never implies that he is deserving of violence (“needs a good slap in the face”)

- Avoids calling actual people “trash,” “garbage,” “sinners,” in a derogatory way (…though I sometimes do slip up)

No judgey on people who play by different rules but I super appreciate a reblog/boost to find like-minded blogs with similar habits!


Stream with Karen about Honey Badgers getting kicked out from #CalgaryExpo - Vee

At a panel on “Women in Comics”, they were telling everyone MRAs are this, MRAs think that, so Alison Tieman stood up and said basically: “I am an MRA and we don’t think that” and asked them if they’re against women being damsels then why are they damseling themselves to make the culture suit them.

They kicked them all out and banned Alison Tieman from any affiliated events for life. Comics are her livelihood and they called her a fake and blacklisted her.

A helpful guy tweeted this on hearing about it:

Boys weekend only. NO GIRLS ALLOWED

I received some information tonight that after checking into it, seems very credible. It appears Sam went to the rugby match with his buddies. All were the guests of a London based event planner affiliated with RWC. They have all been invited to attend the final match as well courtesy of the same event planner. It seems it really was a guys only weekend after all.


❅—A certain someone’s birthday just passed by, and I didn’t have nearly the time I wanted to celebrate it. This event is partially to celebrate them, and partially to celebrate a magical holiday that I’m basically working through, lololol.

                         So, feel free to participate in this roleplaying event!

❅—You’re welcome to affiliate asks, prompts, and posts in general with this event. I’ll happily answer any questions about the dates, activities, if anyone has an idea they would like incorporated into the festivities, yada yada. Canon characters, OC’s, crossovers, all welcome. Timeline is absolute trash - bring your dead muses if you wanna, I mean, it’s Christmas ffs.

❅—Law‘s is the other mun who is sort of guiding the event through, so questions and suggestions can be hurled at his face at whim, also.

❅—Happy Birthday you little spazz. PLS HAVE FUN WITH THIS THING.