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Vitamin Z 2012 Seiyuu Event - Morning Session

KENN interrupting Maeno because he’s afraid of monsters~ Note: This is just a skit that the cast of Vitamin Z are doing! (I’m not sure if KENN is actually scared of spiritual life xP)

Maeno Tomoaki: Oh yeah! This reminds me of an old story…When you see something flickering in the dark, that means there’s a monst…(monster)

KENN: AHHHH!!! I didn’t know that, I didn’t hear that! And I didn’t see anything at all!


Vitamin Z 2012 Seiyuu Event 

Ending comments! KENN helping out Maeno :) 
Or should we saying getting caught in the scene of being together again!

Koyama Rikiya: Yesterday, Maeno-kun forgot his mouthwash, right? “Oh no, I forgot my mouthwash!” as he (Maeno) said. KENN-kun pulled out his (mouthwash) from his bag. And said “Here, you can use mines.”

Yonaga Tsubasa & Irino Miyu: Congratulations! Congratulations!

KENN: No, no, no. Huh!!!

Maeno Tomoaki: Come on, it’s nothing!

KENN: It’s nothing, I just gave him my mouthwash because he didn’t bring his, ok.