“I’m still kind of speechless about it! I couldn’t stop laughing. I wasn’t expecting it– I so was not expecting this, genuinely. I was really hoping that the film would be nominated, and Tom [McCarthy] and Josh [Singer], and I’m so glad all of that happened and it feels like that was right, like everything was right in the world. But I didn’t know when the nominations were happening, I wasn’t really thinking about it. So I got a call at quarter to six in the morning from my publicist– which has never happened. And I thought, ‘Oh no, I’ve done something!’ or ‘Something’s happened.’ And I saw all these texts and I thought, ‘Something horrible has happened in the world, something *really* bad.’ And then I saw, ‘Oscars,’ ‘Congratulations,’ and still I thought, ‘Oh, yay! The film got nominated, yay!’ And then I saw, ‘Congratulations on your personal nomination!’ And I was like, ‘WHAT??? WHAT?!’ And then yes, I started laughing. I will never forget laying in a hotel room in LA by myself in bed at six o'clock in the morning laughing my head off just trying to comprehend it.  It’s such an honor.“