Hey all my horse people on tumblr. Our worst nightmare happened this week. The barn I keep my horse at and work at burned to the ground. We saved 8 out of the 9 horses in the barn but unfortunately we lost our sweet little stud billy. We also lost all of our tack, medications, blankets, and feed. We are trying to keep the business afloat while we rebuild. If you can donate even a few bucks that would be amazing! We have a gofundme setup http://www.gofundme.com/8k25uyrk


According to Michael Jung, it all starts with the education of his horses. “First dressage, then jumping”. And according to his dad, that is also the order in which Michael himself was educated. “He needed to have the basics down first. Only after he could ride most dressage exercises satisfactory, he was allowed to start jumping regular obstacles. After he was accomplished at jumping that, he began jumping cross country obstacles. This is the same way we train our horses. Until a horse is absolutely confident jumping a regular jumping course, we will not start with the solid obstacles. Since it is not without risk and we have a responsibility towards the horse”. (x)

German eventer Michael Jung is considered by many of his peers as one of the greatest overall rider ever.

I remember Kevin Staut saying that if he ever was to really get into show jumping, he would only need a few months before beating 5* Grand Prix riders.

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