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30 Days of Fairy Tail

Day 12: Favourite Friendship - Phantom Duo (Gajeel & Juvia)



so i sold these little lyrics stickers at popcon and u know what, eventhough no one really knew joji (except the pink guy i mentioned in earlier post), some people actually bought them HAHA. but i still have some left over so yeah if you’re interested, just hit me up. they’re shiny chrome stickers and you can stick them anywhere indoor/outdoor. ps. i only have 2 for each :D

Imagine walking into hacker!Woozi’s room and finding him asleep on his chair with his head rested on his messy desk. You pick up his jacket that was mindlessly thrown to the floor a few hours ago and carefully drape it over his slumped torso. Before quietly making your exit, you place a gentle kiss on the top of his head, making sure to not wake him up whilst doing so.

Acquainted || Montgomery De La Cruz

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summary: the reader has some problems in the last time and monty helps her get through it.

inspiration and title: acquainted - the weeknd

word count: 2592


„Actually I don’t feel like talking to you, right now“, you muttered. It was early in the morning and there were no people outside, no one but the fresh spring air and the clouds looking down at you. You thought you could hear them laughing about you.

„Who said I wanted to talk?“, Montgomery asked with a sudden attraction in his voice. He came a bit nearer to you, so near, that you smelled his fresh perfume he had put on before he went out for a run.

„I said No, Monty“, you added, without looking him in the eyes. „And I don’t think we can keep doing this.“

His eyes widened. For a second you thought to hear a tiny, sarcastic smile by him. Then you decided none of this was worth thinking about it. You pushed the door a bit wider and waited for him to say something.

„That’s it?“, he asked impolite. You didn’t know if you had hurt him or if he was only very annoyed. Maybe he had known it would come this way. That’s how these friendships always turned out.

You hiked your shoulder against his unfriendly reaction. He had reacted in exact the same way you had predicted it before.

„That’s it“, you nodded and still avoided to look him in the eyes.

He took some steps back without even trying to convince you once more. You could almost feel something falling off of him, leaving his mind and his face, his body and his heart. You knew what this meant. You knew he was completely not giving a shit about you anymore. You didn’t know why, but you didn’t feel released at all. You bit your lip.

„I’m sorry, Monty“, you began softly but he shook his head.

„Don’t be.“

That’s all what he threw in your face, before he left and you saw his back vanishing down the street of where you lived. For some reason you felt worse than you could ever have imagined.


It was the second Tuesday in the summer holidays when you arrived. You haven’t been invited in an actual way, but a friend had mentioned to you that Jess was having a party at her house and that you come, too. You had spent the last few days thinking about almost every wrong decision you had ever made in your life. But now you had decided that it was enough. It was time to leave all this behind you and start all over again.

„How do I look?“, you asked, trying to hide how insecure you actually were. You haven’t been to a party, for at least the last two months. You had done nothing, but studying like a nerd and sometimes doing those little, dangerous and forbidden things.

Sheri lifted her pretty chin up and looked at you with wide eyes. She was wearing a brown-sugar-colored dress with pink roses on it and black high heels. She looked as beautiful as always.

Compared to her you felt like a sack of potatoes, eventhough you really had no need to. You wore a cropped jeans skirt and a dark blue top which offered a view or your skinny arms and collar bones. Your hair was open and fell long over your shoulders. The holidays hadn’t even started yet when you had begun to lose weight, slowly but strictly.

„You look stunning“, Sheri smiled when she looked up from her magazine. She had spent the last hour waiting for you to get dressed but you felt like you had forgotten how to go out. Depression had hit you bad the last year. It cost you many hours to come through the senior year in high school for all the things you had missed when you covered yourself in bed sheets, where you didn’t see sunshine for almost a week. But you had recovered – mostly. You had friends which had helped you through it, a loving family and the one person, who helped you the most…well, you had decided earlier that he only reminded you of the bad times in your life.

After half an hour the two of you arrived at Jess’ house. Strictly against your plans, Jess was very happy to see you there. She didn’t invite you herself because she wasn’t actually sure if you would come. You hadn’t been to her last few parties. But when she saw you decided to come to this one, she wouldn’t leave your side for a second. Jess is, what you might call a very special friend. Moody, rude, sometimes even mean, but at her heart she was a good person and she cared a lot.

Before you could even react you crashed against someones hard chest.

„Oh hi, Jeff“, you said friendly and smiled wide when you saw him. Jeff and you had been studying together often in the last year, before you fell so hard. Now you had heard that Clay Jensen helped him with his grammar problems.

„Y/N! I’m glad you came“, Jeff said politely and laid his arm around your shoulders. You felt his warmth flash through your body and it felt good. It was the hugging of a good, old friend and you found yourself, how you wished it wouldn’t stop. Jeff was the type of guy you could hide behind, because he would always be there and give you just enough space to always find yourself in no need to hide. You had a little crush on him before, but it has vanished – like all feelings you had before.

„How have you been?“, Jeff asked.

You nodded carefully, as you watched Jess fill up some bowls with snacks. A little smile framed your lips as you looked up to Jeff again who was patiently waiting for you to keep speaking.

„I’m good. As always“, you tried to sound persuasive but you failed and Jeff noticed. But he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

„I’d hope so!“ He placed a big smile on his face while speaking. „And you came here to have fun, didn’t you? I mean, we can always talk and we definetely should.“

„Right. Fun forward“, you added and felt relief when Jeff stood up and seemed very satisfied. He left for a second and came back with two big, red cups. You didn’t even think about it, you just drank and felt how the pain felt less and your feeling flashed over from hurting to absolutely numb.

„You’re a good friend, Atkins“, you said tenderly.

Jeff laughed. „As long as you’re happy.“ He took a sip of his beer and looked across the room.

„Wait for a second, there’s someone I need to talk to. I’ll be right back“, he promised and let you stand there. You nodded, you nodded even when he already left and sat back on the couch. Jeff disappeared outside to the beerpong people und it was very okay for you. You felt some space when you were alone, eventhough you felt like a normal person when Jeff was around. You forgot about your mental illness and were normal for a bit and that was worth so much more to you than feeling space.

„What up, cheerleader“, you could hear someone, talking more to herself than to you. You lifted your view up and saw Jess. She had finished her snacks and found now the time to sit down right next to you. She had a bottle of Vodka in her hand. A smile flashed through your white teeth and let you quiet for a second.

„What the hell, Jess?“

Jess grinned in your direction. „Hey, it’s a party, isn’t it?“

You nodded and watched Jess fill up some empty cups with Vodka. The water alike looking wet product smelled like disinfectant, but you didn’t care. When the drink reached your lips you found yourself feeling more and more normal again. Like two years ago. You were partying, singing, dancing and kissing like every other girl and Jess could best remember that. But after that last year…

You swallowed. Your eyes stood wide open when you saw him, pressing his back against the orange wall, looking directly at you all across the whole room. You could almost hear his reproachful voice in your head.

Don’t drink the hard stuff, Y/N. Who’s going to rescue you when you lose your head again?


But you took your eyes of off him and ignored his staring. It was more than a week in the past that you had ended your little, secret friendship and you didn’t feel like refreshing it in that moment. You wanted to be a new person, a new you. And when you looked at his dark eyes you saw yourself so weak as always.

„Are you okay?“, Jess asked suddenly and pointed at the Vodka. „Too hard?“

You smiled.

„Just hard enough“, you corrected her and swallowed the last bit.


The music was turned on, somewhere in the distance, but you didn’t hear it anymore. The sounds in your own head were way too loud to hear anything. You could hear different voices and people were screaming, you were screaming and the Vodka was screaming the loudest screams.

„Hey, Y/N, you okay?“, someone shouted.

„Yes“, you shouted back and braced yourself for falling down, but it didn’t happen. Instead you felt the rockhard wall on your cracked hands. You went out only to get a fresh head, but you didn’t know the nausea would get even more terrible when you left the house. You drank too much in a short time and now you felt sick. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The sickness was easy to handle. Two bottles of water, some puking, some salt crackers and you would be the old you. It were the voices. They were so damn loud and gave you a terrible headache.

„Stop“, you said yourself while trying to walk a straight line. You couldn’t. You fell down and felt a sudden pain breaking through your body, when your head touched the ground.

„I can’t do this anymore“, you said softly to yourself. You hadn’t even noticed tears were streaming down your cheeks.

Why couldn’t you be like Jess was? Or Sheri? Even Hannah? All the normal girls in there. They had drank way more than you had and they were still good, dancing, holding hands, laughing and having a good time. But you laid outside, somewhere next to Jess’ garden, with a bloody cheek and teary eyes.

„What the fuck?“

A voice behind you scared you for a second, but you didn’t care about it, actually. If somebody came to kill you now you would be totally unable to fight for yourself so you’d have to accept that this was your last day on earth.


Two very big and very soft hands covered your head and lifted it up on someones lap. You tried to see something through the dark but you couldn’t see anyone through the night, your tearful eyes and the blood, that shifted down on your temple.

„What the hell happened to you?“, a soft voice asked you. Suddenly the voice sounded very familiar to you. You had heard it so often, so hard on your head, whenever you felt good or bad. You felt even more tears streaming down your face when you realized who that was, sweeping your wet hair streaks out of your face.

„Monty?“, you asked with a dying voice.

„Hush“, he said softly with his lips near your ear. He tangled his arms around your upper body and pressed you as close to him as possible. His touch was intimitate that it made you cry even more, more and more. So much till your shoulder shook and your whole body trembled and shivered.

„I’m so sorry. I treated you like shit“, you said with a weak voice.

It was dark and you couldn’t exactly see his face but you knew that he was smiling. „I could write a song about that“, he playfully huffed. His voice was warm again and you felt he was pulling you closer.

„I had to come when I heard you were coming“, he whispered.

„I’m so stupid. This happens all the time. I can’t keep myself up reasonable like every other girl on this planet can.“

Monty smiled again and took your hand. You pressed it and closed your eyes. Then you pressed his hand against your cheek.

„You’re not like other girls“, he added.

You shook your head heavily. „Why not?“

Montgomorey thought about it for a moment, then stroked your head gently and you could feel the panic leaving your body. He had this done so often before that you couldn’t count it. He had been there, writing your homework for you every once in a while. He had held your hand and kissed your cheek and your forehead and slept next to you, doing absolutely nothing.

And when you had felt like it, he had done more than nothing. Everything.

Pressed you against the wall and kissed you.

Kissed your whole body. Kissed the spots where no one on this earth had ever kissed you before. That’s where he had become more than just a normal friend…where he became that kind of friend. And as one of your rebellious, crazy, stupid, dumb actions you had decided to throw him out of your life completely. For a little second you had felt like he would take advantage of your crazy mess of feelings, what he never had done and never would. And you had thrown him away like trash.

And there the two of you were. He had rescued yourself from yourself again, without waiting a second.

„I said myself so often I don’t run after people and suddenly I’d run a damn marathon for you. You still think you want to be someone else?“

You shook your head. „But I’m a mess“, you whispered with a warning tone in your voice.

Monty pressed your hand again and helped you to sit up, so that you could look him in the eyes while you were talking.

„Nothing that I couldn’t clean up“, he grinned.

You smiled, too. And for a second you could smile without any pretending again, without any forces…You just smiled because you wanted to.

„Come on, I’ll take you home“, he said and made a move to stand up.

You touched his elbow to keep you down on the street. You didn’t want him to get up. To go anywhere. To leave you, even if it was only for a second. Suddenly you understood it. There was only once person you wanted around. For last six months at least. And you would never treat him like that again. At least you’d try not to.

„Wait. Monty …“, you started, but he pressed his finger on your lips, before you could keep talking. He gripped the back of your head so tight and pulled you closer. You felt warmth coming up in your body, when he pressed his lips on yours. You opened your mouth to let his kiss in, to let all of him into you. Your tongue played with the tip of his and you wanted more, more with every second. Trying to catch your breath you pulled your head back.

„Monty“, you started again, rushing this time.

He smiled and said only one thing, before he pulled you closer, to kiss you all over and over again.

„Hush, baby. I love you too…“

Can we talk about Suvi’s faith?

Alright, now after playing Mass Effect Andromeda I’ve become a huge fan of Suvi, because she is so sweet and her eagerness to learn and discover new things is just fascinating. But most importantly I might have hit a pitch that is technically impossible for a human to produce when she talked about her faith and her understanding of God. Because I feeel like the exact same way and I’m celebrating Bioware for bringing this subject up. I am also incredibly annoyed by the fact that people seem to think that religion and science are two complete opposites or once they know that a person is religios they autimatically assume that they must be stupid or retarded in some way.

I’m also amazed that they made a homosexual character the most religious of the Tempest lott (since it is also seen as a contradiction to be queer and religious at the same time).

However, as I roamed the Suvi tag, I noticed that people seem to assume that she is christian. But we don’t really know if that is the case. She never mentions a specific religion, so I’m wondering what had people thinking she is christian without a second thought. 

So I’m going to throw in my own thoughts on the subject here:
I’m starting with the fact that Suvi’s family name is Anwar. Anwar is undoubtedly an arabic name. And what religion dominates arabic culture curently? That’s correct, folks. It’s Islam. 
So has anyone actually ever thought of the possibility of Suvi being, in fact, a muslim?

Suvi tells us in game that she found God during her teenage years. I’d imagine her younger self going through her parent’s stuff because she is interested and fascinated by their research, eventhough she doesn’t really understand all of it yet and accidently finding a translated quran copy of the Anwar part of her family (it is possible that the family may have taken the mother’s last name, as well as the father’s).

Imagine Suvi opening the book on a random page and immediately encountering Surah 96,which starts with the words ‘Read in the name of your Lord who has created…’ - basically a call form God himself to seek knowledge - basically her first inspiration and argument to justify her belief and her scientific profession.

Imagine a Suvi who tries to figure out how to fast during Ramadan in a completely new galaxy (because the times of fasting are determined by the positions of the sun and moon, and in Andromed and especially on the Tempest she doesn’t have that, like she had it on Earth).

Imagine a Suvi, who instead of celebrating Christmas, celebrates the end of Ramadan by placing self made sweets for the entire crew, in a place where everyone walks by at some point of the ship’s ‘day’, so everyone will notice.

Imagine a Suvi who -like with Ramadan - tries to figure out the prayer times on the ship and on planets.

Imagine a Suvi who gifts Kallo with a charm that has a quran verse engraved on it. Kallo, who is not versed in human religion is confused at first, not quite understanding what it should mean, until she explaines that the verse is supposed to ensure him God’s protection and guidance during the flight, so he can maneuver the ship safely through the scourge.

Imagine muslim Suvi.
That’s my official headcanon now and no one can convince me otherwise!

home. | tom holland

If there’s one thing to describe Tom’s career, tiring was definitely one of them.

He loved his job. He loved making people happy his work. He loved getting to meet new people and travel the world. And mostly, he loved that you were apart of his crazy adventures.

But sometimes, it’d just be too much for him. He’d be dead exhausted after all his work that he just wanted to drop on the floor and sleep away.

Luckily, he was home for a while, which meant he’d get the sleep he deserves after his hard work. You obviously loved the fact that he’s home. You were quite upset of tired he was when he came home. You never dared yourself to question him so much because you’re scared he might snapped (eventhough you knew he wouldn’t really hurt a spider).

Now, he was on your bed with his eyes closing now and then. You were next to him telling stories that happened when he was gone, like the time you saved a baby duck from a mud puddle or when you visited Tom’s family. But, you can tell he was having a hard time paying attention.

“And it looked so cute and I couldn’t just leave it so I- hey, babe? Are you listening?” You asked as you watch Tom’s eyes slowly shutting. He nodded a little to tell you he was listening, but you knew he wasn’t.

You put your face close to his, where your noses were brushing against each other. You notice a bit of drool dripping on his pillow. He definitely looked much younger when he sleeps, his eyes moving under his eyelids to catch the little dreams he was having. God, he was adorable.

“Tom,” you whispered to him. You gently rubbed your nose against his, in attempt to wake him up. He squirmed against the movement and buried his face in his pillow, covering himself with his arm. You pouted at your failed attempt to get his attention.

Deciding to be a bit cheeky, you threw your legs over his and pulled him close to you. You tried to push your face under his arm, he seemed too strong for you to do so. Tom groaned in response. “Love, go to sleep,” he said sleepily as he covered his face with his arms. “But, I’m bored and I want to talk to you,” you whined, still attempting to push your face in under his arm.

“Baby, pleaseee,” you continued to bug him out. As if Tom couldn’t take it anymore, he turned you around so you were facing away from him and wrapped his arm around your head in a headlock position. He then wrapped one of his legs around yours. His arm covered half of your face and you squirmed yourself in the position. You tried to push his arm off to free yourself but Tom only wrapped his arm tighter around you, though not tight enough to choke you.

“Go. To. Sleep,” he urged you. After probably 5 minutes, you gave up knowing you’re never getting out of that position anytime soon. When he felt you stop moving, his grip around you relaxed. You moved around a bit to make yourself comfy in his embrace. You put one of your hands on his, holding it close to you as he intertwined his fingers with yours. He placed a soft kiss on the back of you head. “Good girl,” he said softly, as if he was satisfied that he got you to relax.

A few minutes later, you felt yourself getting sleepier and sleepier. You tucked yourself in his arms again to get more comfy. The cool draft in the room didn’t bother you as you felt warmth radiating from Tom’s body. In his arms, you felt warmth, safe; most importantly, you felt home.

Before your body could shut down completely, you whispered to him, “I love you.” You felt a small smile forming against the back of your head as you hear him whispered back, “I love you too, darling,”.

And that’s when you both felt most at home. Safe in the embrace of each other’s arms, holding each other close as you slept into the early hours of the morning.

Imagine going to school with Vernon

  • everytime he sees you, he runs towards you
  • one time he even fell down the stairs (and broke his arm but nevermind)
  • taking ugly selfies on your way back home
  • he takes you home EVERY DAY
  • seriously
  • even if you had a fight or something
  • he never officially asked you out
  • it just happened somehow
  • one day he took your hand 
  • BOOM
  • *couple* 
  • he doesn’t really care about grades, so he spends most of the time at your house chillin instead of doing homework
  • laughs at you for doing homework
  • laughs at yoou in generell, but just because he thinks you’re cute
  • gets waaay too many loveletters
  • doesn’t give one single fuck about other girls
  • you’re the only one who manages to not get boring for him (eventhough you don’t really do anything)
  • kisses you in front of your frineds, so that they feel uncomfortable and go away
First Mini Series : NCT members as your boyfriend :D

Johnny as your boyfriend

·      Back hugs is a must

·      Cuz you feel secure and safe in his arms

·      Sometimes he will kiss your neck continuosly until it makes you laugh cuz it tickles

·      He likes to stare at you and when you caught him, he will a wink

·      And you will die cuz asdfghjkl he’s super flirty still eventhough you guys are already dating

·      He likes to brag about you with the members

·      Cuz you are the best, everything about you is perfect for him

·      And sometimes he got too personal with the compliments

·      He sometimes even mentioned about those sexual reference

·      You need to stop him asap if he went further

·      He makes you chocolate cake randomly in any occasion

·      And you never get sick of it cuz it’s damn sweet, just like him :D

·      When you feel down, he immidiately comforts you, hugging you tight and tells you everything will be okay

·      Late night movies and cuddling

·      You both like to watch horror movies, though you are actually a scaredy cat

·      He will laugh at you cuz you will be hiding behind his back eventhough the scene is not really scary yet

·      He finds that cute

·      He will play piano for you and sing you a song

·      Sometimes he will teach you to play piano

·      Just to hold you hand secretly cuz he’s cheesy af XD

·      When you go on a date and ask him about your outfit he will start his….

·      ‘Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation’ show

·      He mostly will describe every freaking thing on your clothes

·      Unecessary details which lead along rant and you both late for you date

·      You just left without him and he will chase you after

·      You have to deal with his parrot immitation

·      Cuz he believe he will improve that worthless skill he called ‘talent’

·      Will annoy you with that if you are doing something important

·      You will get angry for awhile and laugh out loud after cuz he sounds like a dead parrot tbh

·      Be silly with him 24/7 cuz you get along with his stupid jokes so much

·      Clingy to you cuz he’s always busy with his schedule so when he sees you he will never let you go

·      Overprotective and jealous sometimes which you find him cute

·      Morning and goodnight texts is a must

·      When you guys are on a date, he will take selfies of you both together and record every lil thing you do cuz he likes to watch it when he’s misses you

·      Eventhough you are a dramatic girlfriend he always tries to deal with you in a calm way cuz he doesn’t like to shout and hurt you

·      He’s the best boyfriend we could all ever had T_T

Tell me if you want more of this BF series by sending me another member’s name!  - Cuppy

anonymous asked:

hey! for a while now i feel really sad and unhappy for no reason.. do you have any ideas how to be happy again or feel more relaxed? love your page btw💓💓

anonymous said: These days I feel very down and I don’t feel like doing anything. I just can’t push myself to do anything eventhough I really try.

i got two kinda similar asks so i thought it would be more efficient to combine them into the same answer. firstly, i’m really sorry to hear that you guys are going through a hard time 😞  i hope you both feel better soon!! in the mean time, here are some links that may be of use for you. i hope they help~

additionally, i recommend you guys to talk to someone you trust/feel comfortbale with about how you feel, or even go to a professional if you think it will help. please don’t keep things to yourself or bottle things up inside of you. even if it’s through writing things out in a journal, i really recommend that you guys talk about what you’re going through as i’ve found that it’s v cathartic. also, please remember that you’re valuable people with so so much potential. don’t give up on yourselves!! as hard as it may be, please keep going. you’ll make it through this, i promise. you’ve already come so far and you’ve made it through 100% of your bad days - i know that you have it in you to get through this too.

dorian: you cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love
aelin herself: celaena sardothien doesn’t exist anymore
rowan and aedion: *thinks that celaena, a part of who aelin was, is a horrible monster*

MCL Hogwarts Tag

Rules: This is for your Candy. Fill with what your Candy could answer. If you have more than one candy or a genderbent, you can do this for them too.

I was tagged by @killdondan thank you hun!! ♥

Note: I dont really know much about HP so if I wrote smh wrong, I’m sorry ;; @vanillaamoursucrethings thank you so much for yout help ♥

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Say “Hi!”:  Hello, I’m Zury Phoenix Salvatore, nice to meet you~

What house did you get sorted into: Slytherin and I’m proud to be one of them

Are you a muggleborn, an half-blood or a pureblood: I’m a half-blood, my father is a wizard and my mother is a muggle.

Of which elements your wand is made: Aspen wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ¾" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

  • Aspen: Wand-quality aspen wood is white and fine-grained, and highly prized by all wand-makers for its stylish resemblance to ivory and its usually outstanding charmwork. The proper owner of the aspen wand is often an accomplished duellist, or destined to be so, for the aspen wand is one of those particularly suited to martial magic. An infamous and secretive eighteenth-century duelling club, which called itself The Silver Spears, was reputed to admit only those who owned aspen wands. In my experience, aspen wand owners are generally strong-minded and determined, more likely than most to be attracted by quests and new orders; this is a wand for revolutionaries
  • Phoenix: This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

What pet do you have (owl, cat, toad):  I have Snowy Owl called Dazzle

What is your favourite class: Dark Arts and Defence Against the Dark Arts, but since they are not existing anymore in Hogwarts I’m self-tutoring it. Other than that I’m interested in Potions, Astronomy and Study of Ancient Runes.

What is your patronous: White Swan

You are in any extra curricular activites (quidditch, dueling club, herbology club, potions club, gobstones club, chess club, Lumaclub…):  Dueling and Potions Club, my two field of interest~

You are or will be a prefect/headgirl/captain of the quidditch team/ecc: I would love to become one of Dueling Club’s leaders one day

Do you have any special ability (parseltongue, divination ability…): I’m a parselmouth, spell inventor, legilimen and occlumen

You are a troublemaker, the first of your class, both, the one who blows things: Eventhough I’m really good at my classes I can called as a troublemaker, I love messing with people.

Do you often get detention: No? I cant say I dont get into detention tho

What do you want to do after Hogwarts: I would love to travel a bit, learn or crate new spells and go great guns

Would you participate in the Triwizard Tournament (without Voldemort and Harry Potter of course):  Definitely, I love demonstrating and challenging myself

Your favourite teacher: Severus Snape, I admire his wisdom in dark magic

Your favourite fantastic beast: Phoenix ♥

Your favourite spell: Cascading Jinx, Cracker Jinx and Crinus Muto, I love playing with my hair~

What would Amortentia smell for you: Rain, Jasmin, Lavender and burning wood

Create an outfit with the color of your house:

Orihime > Hinata

My favorite ship is IchiRuki and my favorite female character is Rukia. But I have great respect towards Orihime as a character. In my opinion, she is not just pretty face, she’s one of the most important characters in the series, while Ichigo and Rukia is definitely the main. Despite of the fact that Orihime has so much haters, Kubo never stop to make her play important roles and don’t give a damn to the haters who wanted him to lessen Orihime’s part in the series. 

In Naruto, Kishi actually lessen Sakura’s story and even decided to not include her family background just because she wasn’t well accepted when she was first introduced. Eventhough he really wanted to, he followed the editor’s order instead of convincing them that Sakura worth some more spotlight as heroine. 

Kubo simply made her female characters have amazing roles, both Rukia and Orihime. I didn’t like Orihime at first, I was one of those fans who wanted Kubo to show more of Rukia than Orihime. But because Kubo continued to include Orihime in every arc, I grew to like her little by little and it didn’t surprised me as much as NH, when IH became canon, although I was a bit disappointed of course, because IchiRuki will always be my favorite (The Black Sun and The White Moon poetry will forever remain in my heart!!). 

Orihime was always there in every arc, while Hinata only appeared in 15 chapters out of 700. And all she did when she appeared is admiring Naruto and unable to talk to him properly. 

It’s really different with Orihime who even hung out with Ichigo when they don’t have to fight hollows, and this is in the canon manga, not fillers anime episodes. And moreover, Orihime has something else to think other than “Kurosaki-kun”, unlike Hinata whose life and story are basically only revolves around Naruto. 

Orihime awakened her power to protect Tatsuki, while Hinata only wanted to be noticed by Naruto. She lacks the willpower to win too and once she was lost, she didn’t push herself to limit to fight, unlike Sakura and Rukia and even Orihime when they have to fight and protect their loved ones. 

Orihime understands Ichigo’s will not to interfere his fight even when she’s willing to help, she knows her own capability and decided to believe in Ichigo, while Hinata selfishly jump into the scene, knowing that she had no chance to win, without even thinking about Naruto’s feeling if he witnessed a possible death of his comrade.

I don’t understand when people compared Orihime to Hinata when they are completely different in personalities. The only common thing about them is their big breasts. Orihime becomes one of Ichigo’s important friends and she could be herself around him while all Hinata did is fainted or run away when Naruto appeared. She still do that even in The Last. 

Orihime didn’t and even insisted to go home by herself when Ichigo offered to walk him home, while Hinata disappointed and depressed when Naruto said she could go home by herself because she’s strong. I get it, she wanted Naruto to accompany her a little bit, but what did she expect? At that point, Naruto hasn’t fell in love with her and he’s basically dumb, he doesn’t understand how to treat woman. She should have understand that side about Naruto instead of being depressed. 

They are completely different and in so many aspects, and in my opinion, Orihime is much better than Hinata. Hinata’s one and only goal is to be noticed by Naruto while Orihime has real and many dreams, one of them is having her own cake shop and being able to do many things, but Ichigo is one of her precious dreams, which she decided to let go for the sake of other people’s safety.

I had hard time to accept NH and I probably will never be able to see NH as couple even when they become canon, they just felt so awkward because Kishi’s lack of interest in writing more of them, and Hinata’s obsession towards Naruto is really too much, she couldn’t think of anything else except Naruto, even in the war, she was willing to fight so she can be closer with Naruto. While with IH, I don’t really have to look for reasons to accept them because the development is there, in the canon materials, not filler episodes.

I believe that Ichigo and Rukia are soulmates, they have their own poems and Kubo stated that he can’t draw one without the other. But Orihime and Renji played important roles in their lives, not just as someone who admired them, but do something real to protect them and have real friendship with them, it is easier to accept them together. 

I just wish Kishi would at least give Hinata proper development as a character instead of making her all “Naruto-kun”. I like Hinata in pre-shipuden, I even shipped them a little and posted some of NH arts in pre-shippuden. But Kishi really downgraded her character by making him all Naruto-kun even in the critical moments like The 4th Ninja war. If Kishi really did plan NH to happen since the middle of series, he should have put Hinata more around Naruto and develop their friendship, therefore it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Maybe that way, I could have liked her a little bit more.

170507 Party Baby! Budapest Boom

So Jung Daehyun said Hi~ to me and casually (probably unintentionally though but still) touched my hair during the photo event, eventhough one must be really close to me to be allowed to do that. Gosh, no, I’m not okay, I truly felt like melting there! My biggest achievement in life is probably that after taking the photo I managed to say “Kamsahapnida” to Daehyun… That’s it, his smile and slightly surprised face have now become something I’ll live for. Each of them thanked me and gave me a high five while I gathered up all my self-control only to say a shaky “Gomawoyo” lmao. I was trembling like no tomorrow, not even kidding. But their hands are so soft and they smiled so brightly that I felt something really warm inside my chest. ._. Especially when Yongguk smiled. How is this even possible? They are the definiton of flawless! Shoutout to my parents for helping me experience something like this… I mean, I got the chance to see those six role models, who are just awesome af… TT

Thank you, just thank you for giving me such a perfect day during such shitty times T~T <3

Eating In A Lucid Dream

A few days ago I decided to try eating in lucid dreams (I couldn’t believe it didn’t cross my mind earlier either)

Here’s a list of what I ate in my lucid dreams and how they were:

Macarons: Really good. Perfect texture and taste. I’m pretty sure it’s from my memory of the best macarons I ever had.

Pizza Marzano’s Dough Balls Formaggi: Crunchier outer, soft inside, cheesy. Better than the real one.

Nutella straight outta jar: Tasteless. Bland.

Choco Lava Cake: Good just like the real one.

Meatballs: Felt the texture but they tasted bland.

My Conclusion:

1. The results of eating in lucid dreams are quite unpredictable. But most of the time the food would taste just ‘as good as you imagine’. Even better than in real life because your mind might be giving you the taste from your best memory of it.

2. You can make any food (that you can imagine) appear out of nowhere.

3. I found that eventhough I could really taste all those types of food, I wasn’t really satisfied when I woke up. I ended up getting some real dough balls the next day. This however, may be different for you. But that’s how it is for me (so far).

That’s all from me for now. Wishing all of you the best dreams!


I haven’t drawn Naruhina in years. It’s actually nice to get back into drawing them again. Go get your man Hinata.  is the color too dark?

BTS asking you to prom

“May I request a reaction in which the BTS boys ask you to prom, if it’s not too much trouble?” Here you go sweetei, as it can please a lot of you, enjoy you all! :D♥


Jin: I think this guy would be acting as a gentlemen. He would also be pretty cheesy yet pretty confident when he would be walking over you to ask you out. He may not even wait for you to be all alone to ask you out. He may come to you when you’ll be around your friends, not wanting to have many people attending his demand either. He would have bought a red rose, or even a bouquet of red roses and would give it to you while saying. “Would go to prom with me?” He would flash you is best smile and make your heart melt.

SUGA: It would be quite embarrassing to him to do such a thing but I guess he would try to behave as a gentlemen anyway. He may ask advices from his friends and his older brother because he would be so shy when he would come over you. Though he won’t admit it, he would have been preparing for days. He would be stressed you on the big day and he would give you the bouquet he struggled to choose. He wouldn’t even be able to look straight at you when he would be giving it to you. He would stutter a sentence such as “I was wondering if… Y-you would want to go to…er.. prom with me?” He would only be able to look at you if you would accept his proposition.

J-Hope: He would also be pretty shy but he would try to push his stress away, and walk over you when you’ll be alone. He would surprisingly come out casual and really friendly even though he would be blushing furiously while asking you out. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling even when he would be waiting for your answer.

Rap Monster: He would be a bit stessed so he may giggle for nothing before asking you out. “I would really appreciate it if you would like go to prom with me.” He would smile, his dimple showing up and you would be really embarrassed, your cheeks becoming as red as your tee shirt.

Jimin: He would use all of his weapons to get you. Eventhough he would not really be confident, he would make his best to come over you with a cool way of walking. He would look down, probably biting his lip as he would pretend to find his words while his hands would be running in his fluffy hair. He would eventually ask you out and smile at you as he would finish his sentence.

V: I think Taehyung would be a mix of Hobi and Jimin. He would be pretty friendly and casual since he is pretty sociable but he would still be really shy and kind of insecure. So if he wanna have biggest changes to get you, he would slighly bite his lower lip while showing you his perfect squared smile and his crescent eyes when you will be trying to give him an answer.

Jungkook: He would be so shy his friends would push him in front of you so he would be forced to ask you to prom. He would be so lost he would be awkward and beyond cute. “Would you go to prom with me?” He would simply ask you. When he would realize you would be staring at him even though you had a smile on your lips, he would be afraid and add “Please, (Y/N).” with his hands gathered together as if he was begging you.


I hope you have all enjoyed this cute reaction of mine? Please let me know :( I’m really willing to know your reactions. Also, who do you wanna go to prom with? :D

Jealousy can break the moon Part 2

Moonlight belongs to @reyindee

Lucid belongs  to @inashibe

NaJ belongs to @blogthegreatrouge


Lucid ran. He never ran this fast in his entire live. He didn’t know why he said thos things, they just came out of his mouth and before he knew it he had hurt his one true love.

The halls weren’t empty anymore, wich made it harder for him to find Moonlight. He was searching everywhere, till his eyes caughed someone.

“Incubux!” he screamed. Incubux was talking with Whippet.

“You two can flirt later, I have to know something and it’s really important” he practically shouted. He really had to apologize, before something bad could happen.

“Yeah, yeah what is it?” Incubux asked a little annoyed.

“Have you seen Moonlight?” he was shaking, please tell me he’s okay, he silently prayed.

“Yes, he didn’t feel well, so he went home. What’s so important anyway?” Incubux asked, eventhough he didn’t really care. But Lucid didn’t hear him, he had already ran out of the school. He didn’t care if he should be in class, right now all that mattered was Moonlight.

He was infront of the house now, but he didn’t know how to come in. Moonlight’s whole family was in school, so he was the only one at home. Lucid was sure Moonlight wouldn’t open the door but it was worth a try. He pressed the door bell. Silence. He pressed the button again. Still no answer. If he wanted to talk to Moonlight he had to do something very, very stupid.


“Why don’t they just leave me alone?” Moonlight mumbeled into his pillow. He didn’t want to talk to anyone, he just wanted to be left alone.

“Miau?” Sebastian was climbing on the bed sitting next to Moonlight. He chuckled.

“At least I know you won’t hurt me” he began petting the cat, cats really are something special, they are- “Ahh- why did you bite me?” he asked. Cats are sweet, but they could always just bite you if they feel like it. Sebastian just looked at him with a stern look.

“What?” he asked a little confused.

Sebastian walked over to Moonlight’s nightstand and motioned to the picture standing there. It was a picture of him and Lucid. They were on the beach together, Lucid was holding Moonlight, who had leaned his head agaist the others chest, in his arms. It was a sweet memory wich caused Moonlight to let a single tear roll down his cheek.

*Crash* “W-what was that?” he asked. Sebastian only gave him a ‘What makes you think I know the answer’ look.

Moonlight looked out of the window, only to see “LUCID!” he was lying on the ground and had a bleeding skull. Moonlight quickly called the ambulance.