Welcome to the 2015 Layton Carnival! This years theme is famous villains. Those participating in the carnival are encouraged to dress appropriately. Along with the standard fried food, ferris wheels, and other thrilling rides, our booths are run by the Layton college students. Below is a list of the different attractions that specify who’s running what.

Bobbing For Apples || Julia Farrell~Lucas Osborne

Tarot Tent || Deacon Forbes~Finn Knox

Have your fortunes and palms read to you.

Face Painting || Alice Campbell~Lily Andrews

Dunk Tank || Violet Norton~Mathilda Harrison

Date Walk || Henry Queen~Gwen Murray

Ever heard of a cake walk? Instead of winning dessert, you win a date with one of the best looking villains around! If you’re lucky maybe they’ll give you dessert too.

Confessions || Maverick Harrison~Giselle Eastler

You’re all villains; confess your sins and clear your conscience to our two heroes.

Funhouse || Patrick Sawyer~James Kelly