Hym’s replies 7

This is long, please bear it ^^;

esexoeveryday said

Hi there! sorry to bother hmm I was wondering if you take requests? I absolutely love your drawings and recently started following you. You’re very talented btw.

I don’t take request, I am sorry;; but Thank you <3

luladyin said

Could you please please pleaseeee do a Luhan fanart dressed up as Napoleon pretty please? :3 I really love your fanarts <3

Why Napoleon? but I don’t take request, sorry ;__;

Anonymous said

Hi^^ Can I make a request? If you don’t mind, I ask for kai fanart or comic ^^  Btw, I really love your arts and comics ><

I don’t accept request, but I am sure I will draw Kai :3

dyojjang12 said

If I may ask, Chen Xiumin and Luhan are your main biases?

yes they are *_* and yours is D.O right

btstanya96 said

hey i really love ur art…. i have one request… can u plzzzz dwar some kai’s pic…. if u can and want… ^:^

with others tooo…

I will draw Kai…if he does something interesting :B lol I am sure I will draw him, he’s climbing up my bias list *___* but drawing Kai is hard for me, I still can’t draw his face rightly

OMG! I love you drawings so much! It’s like.. Yhey look alike with the real boys! I make drawings too, but, I van only draw Jongdae and Minseok right. Sorry if I scared you kkk Baaaaii

‘kay bye lol, thanks tho :3

jazzieherzcc said:

Omg!! Your drawings are soo cute!!! 😘  I love them.💜

Thank youuu ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:Hi! I love all of your arts they are so cute! Do you make any of your arts into stickers? Bcs if you do, I would love to buy it! :3

I haven’t yet,  I have plan to make sticker sheet but I think I’ll wait after EXO next comeback ^^

yehet-bitches-ohorat said:

Why did I take this long to find a blog like yours?!?? PLS HIT ME WITH A BRICK!

Anonymous said:

Oh my gosh you’re baekhyun and Chen comic was absolutely adorable….I didn’t expect a foot massage lol!

What did you expect? :3

Anonymous said:Omg I’m loving these chenbaek drawings (≧∇≦)/

Thank you~!! ^^ More ChenBaek drawings will come~

Anonymous said

What app do you usually use for drawing? I really want to learn how to make a fanart ❤️

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, I hope you will enjoy making fanart ^^ ♥

Anonymous said:

I love your line stickers!!!! I promise if they make it (I’m sure they will) I will buy them!!!!!!!

Amen~ but It’s still in review orz, I have no idea it will take this long

Anonymous said:

First want to say I love your fanart^^  I also draw fanart and I am thinking of doing blog like yours~ Any advice you can gI’ve me? And you don’t draw on paper do you?

Yes I don’t draw on paper. Do you mean advice for drawing fanart or advice for running a fanart blog? If your drawing style is manga style too, I can give you some tips&trick, it works for me so I hope it will work for you too~

For drawing fanart :

  • draw the recent event of EXO, if you pay attention, most fanartists draw fanart of the recent event
  • give story/ funny thing in your fanart, if you familiar with EXO members’ characters you can imagine their reactions when something happens ^^
  • if you can’t do both, draw cool/beautiful fanart with details, beautiful fanart doesn’t need to follow the recent event and doesn’t need to be funny, you can draw randomly such as, Minseok in historical era outfit *___*

For running a blog :

  • make your tumblr’s layout fit as fanart tumblr, medium/ big thumbnail, for me I prefer not to use infinity scroll -personal taste lol-
  • idk if this works for tumblr or not, but for twitter, I usually post fanart when the my timeline traffic is high such as 08.00 PM- 11.00 PM
  • use hashtag, this works for both tumblr and twitter, I usually use #exo, #exo fanart, #exo fan art, #member’s name, #pairing name -if you draw pairing-

what else? hmm I think that’s it~! sorry if it sounds lame lol

Hi i love ur art! <3 how long have u been drawing??

 I started drawing since 2008~ but for fanart I started drawing it since November 2013,

wow-lovely-idjits said:

OMG, I’m in love with your fanarts <3

Thank you~!! ♥♥

rraviosa said:

I love your art omg but the other night a saw a repost of the xiumin and chanyeol comic you did, but on instagram I wasn’t sure if you were okay with reposting until I just now read your description just thought you should know

Thanks for telling me this, can you give me the IG link?

I am getting tired of this repost thing. Some time ago, someone told me that my fanarts reposted in weibo, tumblr, and twitter too. I have told some of them to take it down but they ignore me, mostly fanbase that has guts to ignore fanartist’ complain. I hate it so much when fanbases repost my fanart, like.. it will make a lot of their followers think “reposting is okay it’s sharing” =.= no it’s not sharing since the reposter took the credit from the fanartist and make it like it’s theirs

tbh it’s almost impossible to avoid repost thing until someday our fandom can appreciate fanartist more. That’s why I only post low quality of my fanarts and it always has my huge watermark lol

sorry I am ranting here .__.

soojinnie710 said:

good luck with the stickers <3 they are soooooooooooooooo adorable >“< I’m absolutely looking forward to themmmm :33

I am looking forward too ;___;

iseefairies said:

uM HI I just found out that you’re Indonesian and um yeah I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SO MUCH I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIVE NEAR ME (im in jkt but y'know) anyway I LOVE YOUR ART A LOT OK PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND HAVE A GREAT DAY♥♥♥

I live pretty far from you since I am in surabaya haha


Anonymous said:


;______; thank you anon~!!

bubbleteablupblupblup said:

HII!! I LOVE YOUR ART! OUO can’t wait for your line sticker :3

I can’t wait too orz, thank you for the support~! ;___;

Anonymous said:

What app do you draw your fanarts? :))

It’s Adobe Photoshop CS2 :3

Anonymous said:

how do you draw all your fanarts?can you list down the steps one by one? :)

by moving my fingers and hand *troll face*

I posted this gif in my ask.fm sometime ago

  • 1st pic : ugly rough sketch, only to make me sure their pose and position
  • 2nd pic : refined outline
  • 3rd pic : blocking, different colours mean different layers
  • 4th pic : coloring
  • 5th pic : add clothes pattern, headset cables, a lil bit light effect from upper right
  • 6th pic : give simple border, add watermark, and write anything on it

I did most of my fanarts like that ^^

captivatesme said:

Your art makes me smile 💛 thank you for sharing!

Thank you for liking it~!! <33

geenjae said:

Not gonna ask anything. Just wanna say that you’re AWE to the SOME!!!

Thank you so much~~!!!