I don't understand why some Darren stans complaining about Chris getting nominated for PCAs but not Darren.

Let me break it down for you. No one from Glee was on the initial voting ballots. However, they gave us the chance to write-in someone we think they deserve. We -as in Chris Colfer fans- took it and voted our asses off. Maybe you did too. But the fact that it wasn’t enough and you couldn’t get Darren a nomination is not Chris’s fault. And it’s not our fault either. So how about you sit down, admit that you tried but failed and congratulate Chris for his nomination instead of bullying him on social media, telling that there is no way he will win and bitch at us for supporting and voting for him?

This is not a hate about Darren by the way so don’t come and say nasty things because I tagged Darren. This is a “lol Darren stans” post. And “lol Darren stans” doesn’t mean I hate Darren. I just hate that you take your failure out on us.