LGBT health center to open in New York's South Bronx
Callen-Lorde will open a health center on the ground floor of BOOM!Health's new wellness center.

There’s a new LGBT health center coming to New York City, and it will be stationed in one of the city’s most underserved communities. 

A nonprofit called BOOM!Health is renovating an old furniture store into a health center, and they decided to bring on Callen-Lorde, an established LGBT health group, as its primary healthcare provider. 

The five-floor building will house all BOOM!Health’s needs and the third floor will serve as a youth drop-in center. Youth who work with BOOM!Health can also undergo training to work at the cafe that will be located in the building’s ground floor in order to get job experience. 

Callen-Lorde currently has two sites in Chelsea, and Stark estimated that about 15 percent of their patients come from The Bronx.

She did not single out The Bronx for having a lack of LGBT health services but rather described this as a problem all across New York and the United States.

“I feel like all of NYC and the nation are in need of more LGBT-competent services,” she said.

So, so, so important. Reliable, affordable and affirming healthcare is a right.

Elizabeth Burgin

Art by Marietta Gurk (tumblr)

During the American Revolution, British forces held scores of American prisoners of war on boats in New York Harbor.  These ships were overcrowded and unsanitary.  Disease ran rampant and food was in short supply.  No men were permitted to visit the prison ships, but a small number of women were admitted in order to distribute donated food to the prisoners.

A widow named Elizabeth Burgin was among those who visited the prison ships and in 1779 she was enlisted to help prisoners escape.  How exactly she facilitated these escapes is unclear, but she she is believed to have helped over 200 men.  The British put a bounty of £200 on her head, the equivalent of 20 years pay for a British solider.  Under the fear of imprisonment, Elizabeth fled Manhattan without her young children.

After four months on the run, Elizabeth was reunited with her children.  However, the British Crown had seized all of her possessions and the family was thrown into poverty.  With the help of George Washington, Elizabeth was granted a small yearly pension in 1781.  She collected this pension until at least 1787, but no further details of her life are known.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

- Oscar Wilde

I visited my friend in Lyonsville last week. Although it rained whole weekend, felt so fresh and rejuvenated. I picked these wild flowers while I enjoyed strolling around one of New York’s water resource, Ashokan Reservoir. I met several deer hopping and having fun in an open field, and a couple of goose families were having Sunday brunch at the shore. Lovely birds flew over my head and greeted with such a pretty singing voice. Trees, flowers and greens spread the fresh scents under occasional showers. I received amazing gifts from nature! Can’t wait to get back there again :)))

Here in the US, we’re celebrating America’s birthday today. I celebrate freedom, being free to be who we are, what we become. Happy Birthday America, Happy 4th of July!!

Much love & gratitude,