Will & Grace returns tomorrow with all new episodes!!!! This groundbreaking sitcom originally aired from 1998-2006. One of the first sitcoms to feature gay characters in leading roles in its main cast, the series tackled LGBT issues and shined a positive light on the community. Not because it was a “gay” show. But because it was a show everyone could relate to. And it’s damn funny. Now streaming on Hulu. Catch up on your favorite episodes, or catch it for the first time before the premiere Thursday on NBC. Welcome back old friend. We missed you. #willandgrace #sitcom #tv #cantwait #sthompsonart #justjack @nbcwillandgrace @seanhayes @meganomullally @therealdebramessing @eric_mccormack @nbc 🙌😍📺⭐️📺😍🙌

NBC dropped Trump and his Miss USA and The Apprentice shows when he made his anti-Mexican remarks in 2015.

Trump is a Russian-backed, petty, shriveled moron. Attacking black NFL players? Attacking NBC News?

Putin must be proud of his puppet.


‘Hamilton’ Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Pledges Long-Term Help For Puerto Rico’s Recovery

[This is the most vehement I’ve ever seen Lin.]

Here’s a Spanglish video from Lin’s press conference on day 1:

I’m not gonna lie, I thought Justin Harltey was kinda the weaker link of the Pearson crew, but he is finally proving me wrong by showing some solid acting chops in these past few episodes. Kevin is in a really dark place in his life right now and Justin is doing this character so much justice. Salute to Justin and the writers for serving up such amazing work tonight, on an episode that was highly intense from start to the very end.

Just on another note, i actually love how diverse The Good Place is. And it isn’t just tokenistic like the one black guy who fits the diversity expectations but these characters are defying the social stereotypes placed on them by Hollywood and the western world.

- Chidi is an intelligent black professor of ethics and moral. Not some deliquent as the media portrays black males to be

- Tahani is a successful Pakistani Muslim woman who has raised billions of dollars and was even a model. She’s not whitewashed or deemed less beautiful than the other characters just because her skin tone. She isn’t some “Cheap Indian” who’s a tightass but instead raises money. And most importantly she isn’t pinned as a terrorist, but a kind and welcoming woman

- Jason is an aspiring Fillipino DJ and enjoys EDM music. He isn’t immediately stereotyped as some smart Asian with only Law or Medicine as his career options. He’s breaking stereotypes that Asians only care about one thing, which is study

Idk if its only me but cudos to The Good Place for creating such a diverse show that breaks racial stereotypes!