Madrid is taking a cue from NYC transit and asking commuters to mind their manspreading

  • Ah, yes. Manspreading: the delicate art of men splaying out their legs in public spaces to take up as much room as possible.
  • The phenomenon is thusly named because men tend to be its biggest culprits, a detail that hasn’t been lost on Madrid’s transit authority, whose officials recently announced a new initiative to put an end to the habit.
  • According to CNN, new signs are set to appear on Madrid’s buses, depicting a cartoon man intentionally taking up more than one seat with an “x” in the top corner. Read more (6/9/`17)

Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina [Spanish. c.1475-1536]
Santa Catalina c.1505-1510

“Our feet are our connection to Mother Earth. They ground us, balance us, take us wherever we choose on our journey to wholeness. They are the part of our sacred garment of flesh that allows us to move toward others in communion, toward nature in a quest for quiet, to other lands and cultures for adventure and learning. Our feet draw in energy from the earth every moment of our lives, as our lungs draw in air, our eyes draw in images, our ears draw in sounds. Heaven and earth converge in our bodies, entering in through the crowns of our heads and the soles of our feet. Our feet are sacred portals, thresholds over which great energy enters us from Mother Earth.”
— Jan Phillips ‘Divining the Body’