El Retiro Park. Madrid 2015.

We love visiting the stray cats that live in this Madrid haven.

Caregivers bring them water and food.

I love this picture where mallards appear in the background and share territory with their potential enemies the cats.

El Parque de El Retiro. Madrid 2015.

Nos encanta visitar a los gatos callejeros que viven en este pulmón de Madrid.

Sus cuidadores les traen agua y comida.

Me encanta esta imagen donde las ánades reales aparecen en segundo plano y comparten territorio con sus potenciales enemigos los gatos.

anonymous asked:

Yo pensaba que madrid tenia el acento standard! (Viniendo de una no madrileña) como es entonces el acento madrileño? Tiene algo "cambiado" respecto el "standard"?

Dice ‘ejque’ y cosas con la garganta por lo que se. Yo también creían que hablaban el ‘estandar’


Pursuing real dreams with @_casta_

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(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

“#hellomynameis Sergio Castañera Gómez (@_casta_). I’m 17 years old and I live in Madrid. I like to take my camera when I go out with my friends and photograph the place we’re visiting at that particular moment. In the last year, I’ve realized that simplicity makes me feel good, so I try to show that in my pictures.

My family life is pretty normal. My parents go to work, come back and we all have dinner together. Some adults may think that young people only dream, but it’s not true. I dream about traveling and taking pictures for a living, but I know there are two kinds of people: the ones who dream and the ones who make it happen. I want to be the latter.”