John was kind enough to sign my painting at Leakycon- thanks John! It’s so awesome to share my art with you in real life. Anyway I hope you’re feeling better soon and that your extreme case of tiny chicken disease isn’t getting you too down

Note: I put another version of this on tumblr ages ago but in case you didn’t see that, this is a nerdfighter/harry potter fanart based on the UK book cover of harry potter and the philosopher’s stone

Snape: Not The Hero We Deserve

Snape has largely been considered a heroic character within the Potter fandom, with apologists going so far as to suggest that he did nothing wrong. However, anyone who reads the books with a critical eye knows that Severus Snape, one of the most well-written and interesting characters of the series, was a complete toolshed. This panel, which will be open to screaming and boos from the audience, is designed to separate impressions of Snape’s value as a literary character from his values as a person within the books.

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“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

I spotted john green at Leakycon while going out for a cigarette. I didn’t have a lit pass and didn’t think I would get to meet him. I think it was fate. He drew a heart and wrote ‘hurricane’ for me. Alaska will always be my fave.

To my starfish-

Sooooo I’m going to open up a little here. These past couple of months have been kind of rough for me. It was weird. A lot of times I just wasn’t ME. I was worrying about what other people were thinking of me and comparing myself to anyone and everyone. I was in a funk. Especially with my YouTube videos. Sometimes I got so frustrated that I just wanted to give up and delete it all. Why am I telling you this? Because every time I started to feel this way I would go into my Starfish Box where I keep all of the mail that you guys send me. When I read your letters and look through your gifts, not only do I feel loved and supported by you, but I see ME. My spirit, my passion, my love for life both real and fictional. You are all so beautiful, so unique, so caring. You aren’t afraid to celebrate the things you love. When I feel lost, when I need to find myself, I just need to look at you. You aren’t my fans, you are ME. You are my best friends and my inspiration. Thank you for reminding me who I am and what I stand for. I will always be here for you too. I love you all so much. We are ALL fangirls dammit and together we are unstoppable. 

So i got this Tattoo on Esther Day with my friend Jill. We had just been at LeakyCon for 5 days which was amazing. We had cried together at midnight at Esther’s ball (which was an awesome experience, even if many tears were involved. many hugs were involved too. and so. much. love.)

I wanted something to honor both Esther and the amazing community that we both love. I admire the person Esther was so much and it’s not fair that she only got 16 years but damn, she made the best out of the 16 years didn’t she? <3


It’s ONLINE NOW and it features names like Tessa Netting, Jon Cozart, Amber Benson, Curt Mega, Dylan Saunders, Brian Rosenthal, Brian Holden, Mary Kate WilesEllie Darcey-Alden, an many many more! 

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On the first few days of BroadwayCon being public

What an incredible couple of days. I’ve been monitoring the response to BroadwayCon (as best I can) and god, it’s been great, more than I can even share. I wish I could just pull back a veil and show you our inboxes, the people who have been writing in who want to be a part of it, the ideas that they’re bringing to the table, the spirit and excitement that’s coming in all over the place - BroadwayCon is going to be epic. Anthony and I were talking the other night and he hit it on the head: there’s been a want, a need for this. A vacuum has been filled, and the energy is rushing in around it. We’re very lucky and feel very excited about the future - for this AND GeekyCon and LeakyCon.

There are two persistent questions I see coming up, and while this isn’t official language because I am the only one who has seen it (so I’d appreciate talking to me before quoting me for an article - I have an ask box and it’s open, shoot me a message there, or at melissa@broadwaycon.com), I thought I’d do one of my occasional posts that makes my staff wish they could just tell me to shut up. Honestly, they’re cringing right now, but I like just opening up my Tumblr page and saying what needs saying because I always wish people who are doing things I want to go to would do that with me. Also, I take a lot of career tips from Hank Green, and he would do it. So. We’ll be as unvarnished with you as humanly possible because it’s the fans who are the most important here and we don’t want to forget that.

SO: January. And price.


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I’ll be heading down to Florida on the 29th of this month for GeekyCon (formerly LeakyCon)! I’ll have pins/buttons, t-shirts, con-exclusive Harry Potter stuff, pillows, leggings, stickers, prints, tote bags, and more! (if you want an exact price on something please ask me!)

I’ll be at Artist’s Alley booth #AA10 in the Marketplace!

here’s my (tentative) cosplay list so you can find me at the con!

  • thursday: (NBC) Hannibal Lecter
  • friday: casual daredevil
  • saturday: matt murdock
  • sunday: casual bill cypher (look for the yellow jacket)