I’m sorry, but have you guys seen this masterpiece????

Snape: Not The Hero We Deserve

Snape has largely been considered a heroic character within the Potter fandom, with apologists going so far as to suggest that he did nothing wrong. However, anyone who reads the books with a critical eye knows that Severus Snape, one of the most well-written and interesting characters of the series, was a complete toolshed. This panel, which will be open to screaming and boos from the audience, is designed to separate impressions of Snape’s value as a literary character from his values as a person within the books.

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“So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

I spotted john green at Leakycon while going out for a cigarette. I didn’t have a lit pass and didn’t think I would get to meet him. I think it was fate. He drew a heart and wrote ‘hurricane’ for me. Alaska will always be my fave.

What’s in my convention bag? Tips from a Geekycon & Broadwaycon Vet

1.     Bag. I use a backpack or messenger bag with a foam insert to protect my camera. I wouldn’t depend on the cute con bags they give you, because they’re not made particularly strong. Pack your day bag light, so there’s room to acquire papers and vender room merch.

2.     Snacks. Make sure you eat breakfast and snag an extra fruit from the breakfast bar. The con will keep you busy and you will get hungry running around. I recommend packing  a protein bar from when you need an extra kick and something sweet for the afternoons. These are very important. No one is fun if they’re hungry and cranky. I suggest stopping mid-day for an actual meal, to keep your energy up.

3.     Medications. Also, extra pills, in case I don’t make it back to my hotel room in time for my doses. Cons will not be fun if you’re feeling withdrawal symptoms. Since stress can trigger an anxiety or asthma attack for me, I carry supplies with me in case of an emergency.

4.     External battery pack. This gem cost less than $10 at Best Buy has saved my butt on multiple occasions. Also pack a wall-charger, for when there’s access to a wall- plug. I recommend charging your phone when you have access, even before it’s empty, since no one wants to be separated from their friends with a dead phone.

5.     Headphones. Public transport can be boring or sometimes you’ll want to share a song with another con-goer.

6.     Wallet! This is one is obvious. Inside, I keep personal and professional contact cards for any new people that I may meet or want to stay in contact with.

7.     Knick-knack bag. Here I keep ponytail holders, a mini hairbrush, make up, hygiene products, and emergency chapstick.

8.     Glasses/ Contacts. I bring both. You could be the type of person that can wear contacts 24/7, but one ripped contact and a hotel 10 minutes away and a panel in 5 minutes, and you won’t regret bringing both.

9.     A pen. Seriously. You never know when you’ll want an autograph or take notes at an especially interesting panel.

10.     A water bottle. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and refilling it at water fountains throughout the day. Being dehydrated helps no one and feeling icky will intrude on your ability to have fun at the con.

11.     Camera. I bring a medium-sized one. Carrying all my equipment and a full-sized would be very bulky, so I don’t recommend that unless you’re actually covering the event. Professionals will be around, so don’t miss out on events because you want the perfect picture. I honestly go in expecting to take way more pictures than I actually do. But I don’t want to kill my battery on my phone recording renditions of songs or taking pictures of my favorite people.

12.     Your pass! Seriously. Don’t. Forget. This. Leave it in your bag if you take it off, so you don’t lose it anywhere or need to run back to your hotel to get it.

Uplift is going to this year’s LeakyCon, and we’re looking for volunteers to help staff our booth! 

Benefits include: spending time with other people who also think consent is rad, getting to talk about building healthy online communities, and generally helping make attendees’ LeakyCon experience as positive as possible. 

Shoot an email to volunteer@uplifttogether.org if you’re interested in volunteering or in learning more! 


Last summer when I went to LeakyCon, I found out that one of my favorite authors, Stephanie Perkins, was a big fan of the Betsy-Tacy novels, a classic series that takes place in my town during the early 20th century. So I brought her newest book, Isla and the Happily Ever After (the third novel in a fantastic series, by the way) to the Betsy-Tacy bench, right by the historical houses where several of the books took place. Stephanie Perkins, if you happen to see this post, I hope this post makes you feel slightly more connected to the books that you said you enjoyed so much.