Happy #ManateeAppreciationDay! Gentle and solitary, West Indian manatees, Trichechus manatus, wander through both fresh and salt water. They keep to warm regions because they have no blubber, which insulates other marine mammals living in colder climates. Manatees also lack hind limbs needed to maneuver on land; they are born in water and remain there throughout their lives. Most marine mammals eat fish or invertebrates, but manatees feed only on seagrass and other plants growing in shallow water. Grazing and resting just below the surface, these “sea cows” come up for air every few minutes.


Police officer discovers racist message on Wendy’s receipt

  • On Tuesday night, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was ordering at a Wendy’s in Orlando, Florida, when he spotted a receipt with a racist slur next to the cash register, News 6 WKMG reported.
  • “If my kids were here eating dinner, and I had to show them this receipt or say they saw it?” the trooper, who is black, told News 6. 
  • Even though the employee did not say anything offensive to the trooper, the trooper told News 6 he would not return to a Wendy’s until the restaurant improves employee training.  
  • The owner of the Wendy’s franchise fired the employee involved in the incident. Read more (3/27/17 10:45 AM)

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There’s more to Epcot than just drinking yourself around the world before throwing up in the giant golf ball.

The Crazy Story Behind Walt Disney’s Epcot Center