Anthony Green . 02.26.2015 . Instagram
"@meredithgreen took the most bad ass picture of me and Jamesy climbing a tree today. We were supposed to fly home yesterday but decided to extended our trip because we are having such a wonderful time. I know I say this a lot but I feel incredibly lucky to have this tribe to roam the earth with. No picture could ever express how illuminated my heart is with they are by my side. #reallove #realmagic"

Rubus is a genus in the apple family Rosaceae. This group contains wild raspberry and blackberry species, including commonly cultivated varieties for fruit production. However, blackberries and raspberries are not actual berries. They are an example of an aggregate fruit, where multiple ovaries of a single flower are fertilized and merge together during fruit development! Follow for more plant facts and photos! #dailyplantfacts #plants #botany #flowers #florida #rubus