anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm looking to get a job at a Publix in an FL town outside Tampa. My two questions are 1) if anybody has any experience working there as a trans person (trans guy, if it makes any difference), if they're trans friendly or not etc and 2) I'm not accepted at home, but I am in other areas of life like school. How would I go about my job with this in mind (name on name tag, stuff like that) Sorry if this is a lot, and thank you for anything you have to offer!! :+)

Kii says:

I personally know someone who works at a Publix (not the one you’re thinking of) and they reported that it was not a trans-friendly environment and ended up being fired for being trans (because that was legal in my area of FL until recently). It definitely depends on the store and followers are welcome to share other experience, but from what I’ve heard, proceed with caution.


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