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I think Renji regretted what he did to Rukia. I think he was talking about himself when he told that FB women that the man who hit a woman is a trash, and decided not to do it. Or maybe Kubo just likes to do epic moments without caring how it will effect on the storyline ( that's my opinion of him but this is a different subject) what do you think?

Yeah he was likely talking about himself, but…honestly? That’s not good enough, he never apologized to her, we never saw it – Sasusaku got a lot of flack for their “abusive” undertones, but Sasuke was sorry and we saw him express it to Sakura. Renji? Nope. Maybe, maybe he did regret it…but we never see it.

Just like Rukia shouldn’t have learned about Ichigo/Masaki off panel, and Ichigo shouldn’t have heard about Kaien off panel – these important things can’t happen off-panel, and I’m not going to assume they did…sorry, but…its just my opinion.

Renji had years of knowing Rukia, since childhood – and he still abused her, denied her agency to her own body and tormented her about her death? It just leaves me feeling ill…

I mean characters are subjective that way, everyone can have their views, but for me…Renruki is just a no-no because this reason, you don’t claim to care for someone adn beat them and abuse them.

Dear ANTI-FAN (of any group),

This isn’t just about the anti’s sabotaging BTS (it’s about any anti sabotaging any group.). When I heard about the ‘Break Wings’ project (here), I was appalled at the fact that this one anti called army’s immature, then went on to say she was going to vote against them (with anyone mind you) just to make sure they don’t win in music shows…please, help me understand the reason behind this?!!

1. Why? Why is your life so empty that you have such great joy from bringing other people down?  Seriously? What do you get out of it? Why do you do it???

2. Do you have that little faith in your own idol group that you need to sabotage another’s to make sure your own win? Do you think they want to win in such a downright devious way? How about they win on their talents? (and believe me, they do have talent)

3. You know,  you are allowed to NOT like BTS (or group whatever) and just ignore them? It’s okay to not like a group and just let them do their own thing and not interfere. Letting them do their thing does not mean you support them and does not mean that you don’t support your own idol group.

4. How do you think your idol group would feel to hear that you are sabotaging another groups sales, etc? do you think they would be proud to have a fan like you? Do you think they condone such behavior? (think about if all the other fandoms ganged up on yours just to sabotage their comeback…how would that make you feel?) You can be pro-your group without being anti- other groups!

5. You do know that idol groups respect each other, are even friends with each other and don’t  slam each other? and OMG - get this… they SUPPORT each other? Wow, what a concept, right?

6. What do you have against other groups winning? These groups work their asses off daily to bring this music to you, my groups, your groups - they all work harder in one day than most of us do in a week…Let them enjoy the fruit of their labor!  It doesn’t make your group any less special or talented!

7. It is possible to even be multi-fandom and if you’re not - you can still support your faves while leaving others alone. Respect is not a hard concept.

8. Instead of wasting time sabotaging others, why not dedicate that time to doing positive things for your own group? - instead of taking time out of your day to actually go do something ANTI - watch your groups videos and enjoy (get the count up for them, they would appreciate it), Make a fanart, write a poem, post on tumblr the 10 thousand reasons why your group is amazing!  In the time you took to be an anti- you missed streaming your own idols video…and you’re in turn, sabotaging your own group. Think about that for a second.

9. You also don’t have to bring a group down based off a couple troublemakers in their fandom - it is not the group’s fault that there are assholes that stan them. Just like we aren’t going to blame your group for you being an asshole…and trust me - if you do stuff like this just to keep a group down - you..are…an…asshole! 

I have seen so much shit against BTS, from people making up a fake rap song about rape and saying Namjoon wrote it, to plagiarism, to saying they came out of nowhere and took over (try reading about the struggles.)…so many BS things out there (even with your own group, you have seen the anti crap too I am sure! We all have antis that do stupid shit - it’s not cool when it happens to your groups either…you don’t have to like every other group, you may only like 1 or 2 - that’s okay - you do you, booboo…just while your doing you, let us do us…and just tell us congratulations when our idol does something good, or wins an award..I will be the first to congratulate yours on their accomplishment!! Just think about it!!

Anti: Shipping x and y is pedophilia

Me: I know

Anti: That is ship is abusive and unhealthy

Me: That’s why I’m shipping it

Anti: You’re sick

Me: You’re just now realizing that

Anti: You’re a pedophile

Me: I’m not really into little kids. I prefer mature companion

Anti: You condone pedophilia if you ship it

Me: If it’s in the fic world, why not?

Anti: Fiction affects reality

Me: No it does not. We see murder and gore in everyday shows, but does that cause people to become murderers??? We see drug abuse but does it show that drugs are ok??? People become pedophile by choice, not because they saw it in tumblr.

Anti: You are romantizing abuse

Me: If I’m turned on by the thought pf being beat up and tortured, then that’s my problem. I’m not telling people to be masochistic. I just want people to stop acting like a bitch when I’m one.

Anti: You are the scum of this world

Me: I know, now let me rot in peace


Mad Turbo Vette rolling antilag.