[What makes you most happy?] There are so many, but I always seem to associate happiness with water. I’m someone who can’t drive past a sign for a lake without diverting and going in it. I always, without fail, feel happy even if I’m in freezing cold water. A day of doing nothing makes me very happy if that ever comes about. Always getting back to London after I’ve been away and just putting my feet on pavement—it’s the continuity, knowing that you’ve trod the same path. Open roads, adventures, like traveling in a RV with my partner and our child off to Joshua Tree for Christmas. The spirit of adventure and doing something slightly different like you’re cheating time. I feel secure in knowing that I’m from London, I live in London, I love it and I find great happiness, especially now that I have children, doing the same things that I did as a child with my own children. It’s sort of like banking memories though generations; that’s a security, which is partially linked to happiness.