I’ve managed to pick 3 sketches and draw them, I like the one that @miyako47 did so far xD I’ll look some related to gaster and see where it goes from there, hopefully I can get a LOT more pictures done by before the anniversary.

All these pictures will be shown in the video and will be given the proper credits. I’ve been saving a lot of sketches and I’d LOVE to draw them all, I just wish I had more time

You may enter your sketch until Feb 25th so there’s still time if you wanna give it a try 

Imagine what Sunny Baudelaire’s first job interview would be like.

“Well, you’re pretty young, so I don’t expect you to have a lot or experience..”

“Actually, I’ve worked in a lumber mill, I was an administrative assistant at a boarding school, and I was a concierge at a hotel. Unfortunately, all of my former bosses died in a fire at the hotel, so I can’t give you any references.”