event: welcome to our dream

OK SO I’M IN THIS PICTURE WHERE THE RED CIRCLE IS YEAH THE TALL GIRL THAT IS TOWERING OVER EVERYBODY (because I’m quite tall and Japanese girls are small of course XD ) like I had the nicest view :D (everybody over 1m72 should have a nice view, I’m 1m77 so yeah…. best view XD lots of girls complaining behind me though… I CAN UNDERSTAND JAPANESE YOU KNOW ugh I CAN’T SHRINK for fucks sake, I understand that people are not as tall as me and yeah that sucks that sometimes there will be a tall person in front of you, but if I’m always forced to the back then I can never see anything at a concert ever, I’m already nice that I never wear heels while like everybody there had at least 7cm heels )

But I’m so happy that I can see myself in this picture you don’t even know ; _ ;

I don’t know if Infinite noticed me though ; _ ; I think sungjong and woohyun did, and there was like this moment dongwoo was staring right in my direction but yeah *wishful thinking* ; _ ; (still didn’t manage to scream his name not even once *shy*) also forever jelly at the fans that got picked out by their ticket numbers, I NEVER WAS THIS JEALOUS IN MY WHOLE LIFE THE 2 GIRLS THAT GOT DONGWOO OMG he gives the best hugs ; A ; and his face was like right in their face and he actually dared to touch one of those girls in her waistline to get her closer to him I FLIPPED SHIT (the girl next to me too and her bias wasn’t even dongwoo, I think a lot of the Japanese fans that were there are appreciating him more now because I had the feeling that a lot of them were either sungjong, woohyun or myungsoo biased… but everybody was flailing when dongwoo was all cute and sexy and touchy feely with everyone ; A ; )

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130324 INFINITE - Welcome To Our Dream & Still I Miss You & Man in Love (Comeback Stage)