event: stuart house

...I wonder what it's like for people who don't read Dalton.

Just…having never fallen down the rabbit hole.

Never hating Logan. 

Never dropping straight into the Windsor madness and thinking “…What!?”

Never wanting to try Kurt’s cookies. 

Never wanting to be best friends with the Tweedles. 

Never wanting to live in Windsor or Hanover or Stuart. 

Never relating to any of the characters.

Never falling in love alongside Reed, or Kurt, or the others. 

Never longing for someone alongside Julian, or Logan, or on a rare case, even Adam. 

Never growing to admire and idolize Dwight and his strength.

Never sure on whether you want to semi-pity Adam or slap him on the back with the blunt end of a fire ax. 

Never diving into the shipping wars.

Never finding their Ship. 

Never knowing the real significance of Nerf Guns, Coffee, Hedgehogs, Rooftops and Sunglasses. 

Never falling in love with Julian, his courage and everything he is.

Never knowing what it really means to be Alice.

…..I really don’t want to be a fanfiction snob, but am I totally evil in saying I feel bad for those people?

My Favorite Things...

Reed kissing Shane and Jogan so damn smitten. 

Justin and Chaz making out back in Britain. 

Kurt’s magic cookies and his voice when he sings. 

These are a few of my favorite things…

Huge cups of coffee from over at Stuart. 

Chaz fed up with nerf and on his last resort. 

Derek with more of his bi-weekly flings. 

These are a few of my favorite things…

When Murdoch gripes,

The Gondola swings…

When I’m feeling sad…..

I simply remember my favorite things,

And then I don’t feel so bad.

Wes: (in the cafeteria, reading) You know…if you think about it… Hanovers are actually the highest rank in the school.
Charlie: Excuse me?
Wes: Gold. Blue. Red.
Blaine: I don’t–
Han: (starts cracking up)
David: I don’t get it?
Wes: It’ll come to you. (keeps reading, grinning)
Charlie: No really, how?? (confused)
Justin: I don’t understand either?
Wes: In contrast, being a Stuart must really really suck, I don’t know how they keep their numbers up.
Reed: ….HUH???
Han: (laughing even harder)
Danny: (brow furrowed) What do mean, it’s not like there are any less than– (long beat) ….oh. Oh! XDDDDD
Wes: XD Yes, you’ve got it now.
Han: (falls off table)
Bailey: What about Stuarts? x_X What’s so funny?
Danny: XD Well…maybe they just keep getting replaced?
Wes: I’d like to hope Justin’s driving this ship better than the dude he relieved.
Justin: That DUDE is Avery.
David: (staring, perplexed) What…oh. (starts to grin) XDD Oh, I get it now.
Charlie: >_> Would you like to tell us now?
Wes: Hanover is gold. Command Gold. We’re Science Blue.
Charlie: ………………………..oh. XDDD So that makes Stuarts–
Han: (blogging as they squabble)


(over the sound of ongoing over-caffeinated riot in Stuart House)

COFFEE’S FREE-FLOWING~! Watch out for Stuarts going wild! XD Also, don’t piss off Logan, he’s having a hard enough time controlling the madness. XD

Windsors: (are the calmer ones for once, watching in vast amusement)

…is that…what I think it is?

Bailey: (deep sigh) A washing machine full of coffee? Yeah.

Logan: (narrows eyes at it) And…why do we have a washing machine full of coffee…?

Derek: (arms crossed, double takes at them) Well don’t look at me, I wouldn’t do that!

Thad: For the record, I had nothing to do with this. (glares)

Nick: No one did…(stares)

Logan: (deep, exasperated sigh, puts a hand to his face) I’m going to make a call… (walks off)

Thad: ………………………we’re not gonna waste all that, are we?

Derek: Man, shut up.

Logan: (on the phone) Amos!

Charlie: (sighs deeply) I’m going to go ask.

Derek: You’re not actually gonna–

Lawrence: (scoops a cupful out) Hey, this smells like the good stuff, we can’t drain this.

Marcus: Hey, give me one…

Bailey: (in a “the lord is testing me expression”) And they say WINDSOR is the crazy house. The CRAZY house, they said…(grumble)

Charlie: Yeah, so. It turns out–


Logan: (sighs like everyone is too stupid to live) Yeah, s'all I needed to hear, thanks. (hangs up)