event: skate america


Shoma getting his “lesson” at senior world.

Skate America 2015: Shoma’s music was on, but another skater (looks like Konstantin Menshov?) happened to be in his jumping route for 3 times. Shoma finally showed some frustration on his face. In an interview, he said that Higuchi sensei comforted him by telling him that it happens often and he would eventually get used it. He said what happened during his OP had stirred up his fighting spirit and enabled him to perform well at his LP. (video)


Skate America 2013 Free Skate - Romeo and Juliet


                                               TBT ~ Skate America 2010 - 2013

                                                         Ice Dance medalists


So I don’t know if it was just me, but the entire time I was at SkAm I was thinking how much Tatiana Volosozhar looks like Angela Martin from the office, and spent a considerable length of time wondering if she’s as much of a tight-ass.

On a side note, Tatiana and Maxim looked so classy and coordinated everywhere they went. Obviously their costumes, but also their practice attire and even sitting watching the other events. It was incredible.

On a side-side-note, if my opinions are boring you and you’d rather me just reblog stuff, let me know.