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Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic - Premiere - YouTube
We had an amazing night, setting sail for the premiere of Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic! Want to join the adventure at seas? Catch the movie in theat...

Want to join the adventure at seas? Catch the movie in North American theaters June 12 (subbed) & 14 (dubbed)! Tickets at http://FunimationFilms.com/BlackButler


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Twas the night of the premier. Spider-Man Homecoming was finally coming out, your boyfriends hard work was going to be shown to millions of fans worldwide and you couldn’t be happier. In the car there, Tom’s nervousness was obvious. The way his leg bounced quickly as he chewed his bottom lip, wide, brown eyes full of excitement and fear. What happens if people hated this? If no one liked his portrayal of this iconic character? There had already been movies made by two brilliantly amazing actors, so what if Tom’s movie flopped? He would be a laughing stock, not able to get another job, shunned out of acting forever. You took his hand, squeezing it gently to pull his attention over to you. You saw his ragged breathing, eyebrows raised as his internalised panic leaked out onto his features. Slowly, you raised his hand to your lips as you maintained eye contact, and kissed each finger with ease, his eyes transfixed on your every movement. You flipped over his hand, kissing the pulse point on his wrist before leaning over and placing a small kiss on his lips. “I’ll always be here for you,” you whispered, watching as his eyes closed as he let out a shuddering breath. He blinked them open again, and in his eyes you only saw adoration.

As the car pulled up to the red carpet, his hands squeezed yours, looking for the support. You squeezed it back, rubbing your thumb over his. He gulped before letting go, and with a quick nod to himself, he opened the door and got out. The roar of the fans, the clicking of cameras, the desperate shouts of attention, it overwhelmed you. They didn’t know you were there, they didn’t know how you looked like yet, so when Tom reached back in to help you out, the shouting and clicking got louder with excitement. You stepped out gracefully, reminding yourself to take this one step at a time. It was now your turn to squeeze Tom’s hand, and in response, he leant over and kissed your temple as he murmured “my love” just loud enough for you to hear. You took a steadying breath before nodding, smoothing the black silk under your fingertips.

You both matched, both wearing black with white accessories. He looked as stunning as ever, wearing a white crisp shirt under a jet black fitted jacket. His shoes were polished to perfection, reflecting the lights surrounding the two of you as you made your way down the carpet, his tight legged trousers making his slim legs look longer. You wore all black, clutching a pearly white clutch in your hands. The bracelets which adorned your wrists matched Tom’s cufflinks, chosen out for this very occasion. Camera’s flashed from all sides as you both made your way over to the crowds waiting. Your heart was beating quickly in your chest, louder in your ears than any of the noises surrounding you two. It was only Tom’s warm presence next to you that kept you grounded, reminded you that, yes, this was real. Your really walking with your boyfriend down the red carpet at his premier. You couldn’t be prouder of him. He had achieved so much, worked so hard, and he is finally getting what he deserves, getting to live out his dream, and you’re right there next to him.

As you reach the crowds, Harrison rushes over to the two of you with the biggest smile on his face. Tom cheers, pulling him into a one armed hug as the two of them babbled over one another in excitement. You grinned, rolling your eyes at how the two seemed to bounce in one another’s presence. Tugging Tom’s hand, you nodding towards the waiting crowds, and with a pained smile, you let go of his hand. You instantly missed the warmness of it, how his fingers curled protectively around yours, how he squeezed your hand almost without thinking when you’d tense up. He pulled you into a full hug, arms pulling you closer as your chests met together. For a moment, everything else faded away as your two hearts beat as one, two bodies, souls, people, became one. But he pulled back, kissing you with as much passion as he could before pulling away completely. His hands remained on your waist as he squeezed one more time before guiding you towards Harrison. Your arm found the crook of Harrison’s elbow, and with a last blown kiss, you were whisked off the carpet, back to the shadows you seemed to love. You didn’t mind sitting back and watching Tom be adored by others, because you knew he was yours. You had stepped out together as a couple, had multiple photos taken as a couple, and you supported each other as a couple, which is why he didn’t argue when you asked if you could step out halfway down the carpet. This was Tom’s moment, and you were glad you got to spend it with him. 

 The next time you saw Tom was when he stepped out onto the stage before his film started. You cheered and clapped, both you and Harrison on your feet as you showed the support the best you could. Instantly your eyes met, and his smile grew, taking over his whole face as his nerves melted away. He waved back, laughing at his two best people. With a quick “hey everyone”, Tom won the hearts of the guests present. And you couldn’t be any happier.

How I first met Christoph Waltz

…so you want a romantic tale, eh? Well, here it is, and prepare your napkins because it’s a true story… I was a 12 years old lass, and I was at the Ischia Film Festival in…uh…Ischia. Pretty famous italian island. And there was this big event, with movie premieres all around the place and free entrance, so I was extremely excited 😍 Now, there was a famous italian director, Lina Wertmuller, attending the premiere of a fantasy flick. I can’t quite remember which movie it was. This lady, anyway, was 70 years old and could’t walk on her own, so she had two handsome escorts (as Landa would say…). And guess who these escorts were? Christoph Waltz and Eli Roth! I didn’t even know who these guys were, I was there for the movies, and I was as tall as a penguin, so I could’t see the screen, and I was really pissed. Soooo…..I walked to the first row, found two empty seats next to this old lady, sat in one. Guess WHOSE SEAT IT WAS? Yep, you guessed right, I sat in the über-reserved SeatStoph. And nobody wanted to scold me, because I was clearly a little child. Long story short, I noticed this man with the beard behind the seats, staring at me and smiling sweetly. I smiled back, and made it back home thinking “that man was really nice to me, I wonder who he was” Sorry for the long post, here’s the famous smile I remember ❤

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