event: movie premiere

Humiliated Love (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Jealousy

Request: Chris and reader are good friends, but he’s going to an event (movie premier, award show or whatever-you decide!) and is going with an ex he is kinda thinking of getting back together with maybe. And the reader is going with Sebastian Stan because they’re friends as well and both single so he asks her to be his date as friends.  But once Chris sees her and Sebastian together he gets jealous and after some drinking goes over to them at the after party or whatever, and says some mean things to her because he’s just so jealous and mad and takes it out on her- to the point where she has tears in her eyes and she just leaves. Later he realizes how much of an asshole he was and he goes to her place to apologize to her and she snaps at him because he embarrassed her earlier in front of everyone and upset her and she doesn’t understand why he acted like that toward her and in the middle of them arguing he admits he’s in love with her.

Requested By: the ever beautiful @missecharlotte

A/N: I did give them “friendship pet nicknames” because they have been friends for a long time but it is still a Y/N reader insert!

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Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic - Premiere - YouTube
We had an amazing night, setting sail for the premiere of Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic! Want to join the adventure at seas? Catch the movie in theat...

Want to join the adventure at seas? Catch the movie in North American theaters June 12 (subbed) & 14 (dubbed)! Tickets at http://FunimationFilms.com/BlackButler


Dunkirk, global premiere. Aneurin Barnard on being at the premiere:

“I know! Look at this, it’s great, it’s wonderful! You know I walk through here all the time with my head down and you know, walk very quietly so to be here now is quite thrilling, actually”

Little bonus for the proud smile right at the end.

Impatience is Key

Pairing: Tom Hardy x Reader

Rating: Mature ( Dom Sub Kink, Climax denial)

Word Count: 675

This was inspired by @sparklemichele and her imagine from this morning! 

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Imagine Tom is feeling rather impatient while he waits for you to undress. 

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