event: mmva

Funny story for you interweb:

So Sunday night was the MMVA’s and I was invited to the Universal Music Canada after-party. Had some drinks, made some friends… Pretty standard. I turn around and who is standing there talking to a man with a ponytail? Josh Ramsay. I’m not a fangirl, but there was no way after loving this man for the last 9 years I was going to say nothing to him… I turn around and lean in to say hello and he grabs my arm and whispers “save me from this creep!”. I grab ahold of him and spin him around to face me pretending we are long-lost best friends and pull him in for a big hug saying something along the lines of “josh, it’s been too long!” and his face lights up. The ponytail man walks away confused and I try to think of something clever to say. “Want to hear an awkward story?” I ask Josh after he’s thanked me for helping him rid the weirdo. “OF COURSE!” he says and I lift up my bracelets to show him my tattoos, which are of his song lyrics in his hand writing. We both had a laugh as he told me that I was a “fucking idiot” who undoubtedly regretted my decision and I reminded him that he warned me against it when he was writing down my quote last year. We continued talking, laughing and awkwardly dancing for a while, until someone else swooped in to take him away. He turned around and promised he would come back and talk again, to which I smiled and nodded believing that I wouldn’t see him again that night in the busy club. To my utmost surprise, he did come back for more hugs and laughs, going as far as asking where I was headed after the party. He left me in complete bewilderment. 

Long-story-short, if anyone tries to make you believe that Josh Ramsay is anything but the sweetest, most endearing, compassionate man I want you to walk away and never look back.