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MBC Gayo Daejun outside stages that were not aired. 

Seventeen – Mansae
Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb
VIXX – Desperate 
BTS – Save Me

I wanted to make this post for fans of all four groups who may not know that these fancams exist and who would enjoy seeing them. These stages not being aired does not mean one or any of the groups were “played dirty” as I keep seeing people say. They were literally not scheduled to be aired and were part of the show for those who were in attendance at the live event. 


2016 MBC 가요대제전 - 눈을 사로잡는 완벽 퍼포먼스~ 방탄소년단의 말하자면 20161231


[ENG] 161231 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun (Cuts)
Watch: ‘Ring Ding Dong’ Performance - 1, 2 | <2076 Idol Future Diary> VCR (Key & Onew)
Credit: MBC Entertainment, MBCkpop