event: kid's choice awards

just had an idea

When the KCAS happen, the real battle is between The Loud House and Spongebob Squarepants for the ‘Favorite Cartoon’ award. Let’s face it: Spongebob is a titan. He’s only been beat once, and that was by Avatar.

So, if Nick REALLY wanted to go all out for the KCAs this year (IT’S BEING HOSTED BY FREAKIN JOHN CENA) then they could include this animated bit I thought of: 

In the ‘Toon Waiting Room’ the nominated cartoons and their extensive casts are waiting patiently for them to announce the ‘Favorite Cartoon’ award, all the while glowering at Spongebob’s crew, who are all-too confident. The only other cartoon cast not being envious are The Louds, who are also confident. The P.A system goes off, telling Spongebob to come out onstage. 

Spongebob, in animated form, comes out on stage, waving as everyone applauds him. As John Cena (or whoever is doing the ‘Favorite Cartoon’ award) opens the envelope, The Louds also come out on stage (ALSO IN ANIMATED FORM).

Spongebob, taken aback but still curteous, asks them why they’re on stage. Lori informs him that they were nominated for a KCA. Spongebob then reminds them that the other toons have a waiting room, and Lincoln replies that they might win. Spongebob, shocked, stops talking to them as he sweats uncontrollably at the thought of losing a KCA.

Cena/or someone else takes a painstakingly long time opening the award and reading it, and Lori, in a bold move, takes the envelope, and announces The Loud House as the winner. The Louds celebrate as the room fills with cheers, but Spongebob feels a different way. Hiding his tears, he runs into the toon waiting room and bursts into tears, along with the other cast members of Spongebob Squarepants.

Lincoln, noticing that the sponge was a little less than ecstatic, offers to share the award with him. He escorts Spongebob back on stage, and announces that the award not only belongs to both toons, but all toons that were nominated and lost. 

Yeah, it’s a bit lengthy and also a tad angsty, but it was a good idea that I would’ve died for if they included it.