event: hb13

Hard Bass: reclamation | Luna
Hard Bass: reclamation | Luna

Hard Bass: reclamation | Luna (Warm-up)


01. Zedd - Shotgun
02. Jacob Van Hage - Spotfire
03. Activator - Tepphar
04. Derb - Derb
05. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Physical Mix)
06. Geal - Losing My Feeling (The Beholder & Balistic Remix)
07. Tuneboy - Housensation
08. Zenith vs. Avex - Scream (Main Mix)
09. Lowriders - Don’t Get Back
10. K-Traxx - Hardventure
11. Zany - Sky High (Technoboy Remix


my ummer got me this as as early birthday present as a surprise technically because i had forgotten its my birthday this week :|

already played the first chapters of it and love it…hope it lives up to its reviews

p.s. i already love elizabeth

cause this is just what i needed another fandom to plop myself in