event: aa 2013

Auto Assembly is next week..

It only just dawned on me…

I am sooooo nervous as I am pretty much kinda going alone, I know a few Facebookers going who I am then meeting there and staying with but have never meet them in person so gotta put a brave face on and try and be myself xD

I have NO IDEA what to pack, clothes and cosplay of course and some cheap snacks, but whether to bring the laptop or not is the question. I love to draw (as you know) and would be awesome to meet other artist there to then possibly doodle with, but knowing me I will bring it and not use it or don’t bring it then cry from regret later ;___; 

……I could just bring a little sketch book I guess…..

But yeah, this is basically a shout out post for any of you Tumblr people going to AA (please do tell me :D) as I am very curious :) 

Also on the Saturday for sure (deciding for Sunday and can’t make Friday :’( ) I will be cosplaying as G1 Skywarp so I should be easy to find xD