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P1/2 Why are people acting like SC were ALL over social media these last two weeks talking to everyone but each other until banter today? Am I missing something? I remember Sam making a few MPC/work related posts-like at his agents Equality thing+a few w/ friends like at the bball game. But Cait was MIA until her award night, which Sam tweeted her first thing next morning. Besides that & posting promotional pics for events they attended & who styled them they've been pretty scarce online.

P2/2-we’ve seen a lot of Sam online this week but none of that was him posting it. It seemed like he was gallivanting w/ MM on his arm but every pic of them from wedding to Oscars came from someone else. If anything he ignored all MM on his personal SM, not Cait. He tweeted C when she was on she just wasn’t on much. W/ knowledge that he was w/ M I can see how it looks like he was ignoring Cait & strategically bantering w/ her now to fluff fans. If you think about it it’s actually the opposite.

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